• Zimmerman SUV Rescue Staged Boy Fox NewsCorp, Tried to Spin-off Zimmer Man Tv Series

    July 22, 2013 9:35 pm 4 comments

    Day Ninety SixFox News and NewsCorp are embroiled in a new scandal after claiming today that George Zimmerman rescued a family from an SUV.  Rachel Maddow came out blistering mad, claiming Fox News tells lies.  Allegations surfaced that Fox News and its parents company, NewsCorp, are trying to flush out the ‘Action Night’ timeslots by creating a new gritty hero adventure entitled ZimmerMan:  Stand Your Ground.

    The series is to star a young, gritty actor, worn down by a national witchhunt following an unfortunate incident requiring him to take the life of the young man.  After spending years in jail, the hero is vindicated by DNA evidence and witness testimony, set free to once again use his abilities to make the streets of his hometown safe.  Sounding familiar yet?

    The scope of the city has changed since the hero left, with the streets more violent, crimes more prevalent and criminals more threatening in his absence.  The hero’s pique physical condition was also damaged in the prison, as the guards force-fed him estrogen pills and fatty foods to make him weak and prone to attacks from other prisoners.  The tormenting moments the series’ anti-hero faced in jail will be recounted in flashbacks, in similar style to the Man of Steel.

    The controversy over the new, edgy series is not the source material itself, but that Fox News allegedly concocted a real-life event to draw public interest in the topic of a Zimmer-Man action series.   Insiders claim to have found documents detailing explicit orders from Fox’s head honchos to hire professional stunt drivers to stage the crash and to have none other than George Zimmerman in the right place, right time, right before a Hollywood styled explosion set the SUV aflame.

    Fox News Redeye Host Greg Gutfeld, who initially broke the Zimmerman SUV rescue story, has yet to respond to questions concerning the veracity of his report.  There are also talks that WWE founder Vince McMahon is interested in working with the backstory and source material to develop a new luchador.

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