• Drugs, Racism, and Mostly Naked Trainers All In The Pokemon Games

    August 9, 2013 2:37 am 48 comments
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  • Dearest Comrades,

    Let me be the first to point out to you all that the Pokémon games have tempted and cheated your sons and daughters into tricking your eyes that they are noble and dedicated Christians! They have been lying and cheating you into thinking that they are well behaved little school children and obedient offspring to do chores and homework when they’re told to. It’s all a bunch of lies and deceptions!

    The years have come and gone with new Pokémon games and each one having a specially encoded message for each age group. As your sons and daughters grow with their lovable and adorable little Pokémon and their memorabilia, the messages become stronger.

    At first the Pokémon games seemed like the usual tempting and misguiding toys all children desire without realizing they’re a bad influence. But, When they come of age to where they turn rebellious and angry at you for being a good Christian parent, the innocence is disbanded and a guilty pleasure is revealed to parents all over the world.

    The first round of evidence I have to point out to you all is the recent and previous Pokémon games titled, ‘Pokémon Black and White’. At first it would seem that the creators of the games have run out of ideas of what to call the games. After exalting every other color in the rainbow they narrowed it down to Black and White. Seems harmless enough. Then once you get down to the details of the actual Pokémon the realization hits you like a ton of bricks! The two legend Pokémon featured in this particular game set called, Reshirham and Zeckrom. These two legend of the Pokémon world are specifically colored Black and White. See below the two legends:

    This legend is Reshirham the Black colored Pokemon to resemble the Black population of the Pokemon world.

    This is Zeckrom the White colored Pokémon to resemble the White population of the Pokémon world.

    Not only are the Pokémon color coded to send out a racist message, but there are other Pokémon as well who are both Black and White colored. Such is as this Dark/Shadow type Pokémon called Absoll:

    Other Pokémon games suggest other themes such as drug themes. In the Sapphire and Ruby games the theme was drugs. The legendary pokemon Suicune who’s name means “Crack Cocaine” in Japanese was the main focus due to its high legendary status. Look as it exposes it’s backside for Cune-Sploshing in it’s drugged and high on the Crack Cocaine it is widely known for leaving behind in it’s footsteps.

    This is the Crack Cocaine Pokémon legend, Suicune.

    There were other pokemon such as Cottonee whose goal was to represent the over the counter drug, Oxicotton.

    The Oxicotton drug pokemon, Cottonee.

    Now with the new generation of pokemon on the way and some already released to the public the theme is both drugs and prostitution. The first reason is obvious why I believe the them partially drugs, is because my evidence is so clear you can’t even deny it! The Japanese have used a giant Panda Bear(their national animal) and converted it into a pokemon. What makes this a drug theme is that the Panda bear pokemon called, Pangoro is blatantly chewing a piece of natural growing marijuana. my evidence is below:

    This is the Panda Bear Pokémon, Pangoro.

    To make things worse for the new generation of the pokemon games they’ve instituted prostitution in the little cities. The female trainers(player 1) have the choice options of wardrobe so they can seduce other male trainers, and/or if they choose certain answers to starting game questions, other female trainers and steal their pokemon for themselves.

    This is the player 1 option for attracting male trainers.

    This brings another pokemon to my attention. The pokemon Ninfia or “Sparkling Man Candy” as it translates into American, has the homosexual community pushing over kids and teens alike to try and get in on the pokemon action. Ninfia is seen in two forms as many of the new pokemon in the game are in this specific generation. One during the day which seems adorable and harmless enough. It looks like a cross between a pink feline and red fox who got tangled in a bunch of ribbons.

    The female form of Ninfia in the day time.

    The second form is at night time when it transforms into its mega form or Mega Evolution as the press is calling it. This is typically used with a consumable stone called, Mega Stone. When Ninfia takes on this night time form it becomes male. During the day time however it remains female.

    The male form of Ninfia at Night time.

    I hope you realize what I’ve told you is actual evidence and take heed when buying any video game for your children. Don’t let them deceive you any longer and bring them back to the good old fashioned Christian ways. If they need punishing, give them chores to do or have them help the elderly neighbor down the street. Open your eyes to the deception they’ve dragged you into. Take my advice and sell the games to your local game store and give the money to those who need it most. God Bless.

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