• God Explodes Japanese Volcano 500th Time This Year To Destroy Fukushima Godzilla Creature Nests

    August 18, 2013 6:33 pm 6 comments

    Behold the power of God!

    Wammo! Here we see God is nuking Mount Mordor outside Fukushima, because within a fiery volcano Satan is using all the Fukushima nuclear reactant runoff to splice DNA and create evolved genetic abominations!

    Here in this evidence you can see Satan has evolved a winged Godzilla lizard!  Look at the vile beast bay its hay skyward and shriek in defiance to God!  There were no creatures like this on Noah’s ark so that means that no creatures like this should walk the Earth!

    I spit in disgust everytime I hear a new ‘species’ is discovered, because it just means that Satan and some group of hotshot scientists have played God and created trouble!  The only solace I get with things like this is to grab my shotgun, fly to Florida and shoot all the sin animals like:  African Rock Pythons, African Honey Bees, Tagoos!  You name it, I’ll shoot eat!

    But I am sort of jealous of God here, because I would love to wrassle one of these little monsters and feed it to my pet collie!

    God knows best though and to date, there is only one of these Godzilla monsters he must have managed to miss and just like the Loch Ness monster, people are uploading pictures of it to Twitters and I can tell you I would even be worried to tangle with these devil monsters full grown!

    It looks a lot like Satan, don’t he?  Whatever the case, glory be to the Highest for nuking all the nests of these, now up to 500 times.  And Japan, if you ever find a nest that God has missed, please feel free to call your friends here in America because we will gladly come and help nuke wherever in your country needs it!  Glory!

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