• Man Without Arms Praises God

    September 17, 2013 11:53 am 2 comments

    It is easy to be strong of faith when everything is going your way. When your body is healthy, your finances are strong and your day-to-day plans go unperturbed, you find yourself in a state of happiness as should be.

    But when you face challenges in life, when you must stand strong to overcome something or accept that there are some things in life you do not like but cannot change, what do you do? Do you stand defeated. To you betray those who you have vowed faith to, your wife, your friends, your God?

    The inspiring message is from a young man in Australia, who was born without arms and deformed legs. Yet, we see he is strong in faith and brings an inspiring message. Check it out.

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    About The Author
    Matthias Bornheim Matthias is a former Christian pastor and converted atheist. 'Through deep instrospection we realize the only God is that which humans create.'

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