• Naval Gunyard Shooting Proves Need For Video Game Registry, Not Gun Registry

    September 17, 2013 1:29 pm 15 comments
    No Video Games

    Not so fast, video games.  New laws could prevent children 21-year-old and younger from buying video games, and all adults to register for every video game purchased. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Washington, DC (ChristWire) – As America mourns the loss of life following the naval gunyard shooting in Washington, it is time to take action on violent video games.

    Aaron Alexis, the accused gunman in the naval mass shooting, was allegedly addicted to violent video games. It seems that every time there is a terrible shooting in America, violent video games are to blame. With graphic imagery that confuses the mind with realistic 3D graphics and commanding hours of detailed attention, it is hard to see how video games do not cause more gun crimes.

    In the field of psychology, we must get down to root causal factors. We know that people can kill people, and people can kill people with fists, knives and guns. And since it is just as silly to ban people from having their hands and guns, we have a situation where we must ask what makes people kill?

    The correct answer in this case is simple: violent video games. All children aged 21-year-old and younger must be required to register to play any video games. Before being allowed to buy a game, they should have to submit their IDs and have the game approved by a responsible adult. After their guardian approves, the game can have a ‘legislation pending’ status where a local board of video game product officers can evaluate if the game is truly appropriate for the person trying to buy it.

    It is important to state Aaron Alexis also had mental health issues. He should never have had access to violent video games. If a video game registry process existed, he could have been screened and evaluated, or if his mental status changed after acquiring the video game, officers could have visited his home and taken the games away.

    The Microsoft One proves technology exists to make all games digital and to use facial recognition software to make sure only qualified people are playing appropriate games.

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