• Is It Time To Get Rid of Two Presidential Term Limits, So President George W. Bush Can Lead America Again in 2016

    December 12, 2013 5:46 am 5 comments
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    Jack Gould

    It was during World War II, that a great enemy to humanity arose in Nazi Germany.  America had to call upon its Greatest Generation to ensure the future peace of humanity, and that generation turned to one man:  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    Oh, yes, Roosevelt was a democrat and bit Trotsky in the tooth, but he was also one thing:  what America needed at that time.

    As a firebrand Republican, there is nothing more important to me and you than the welfare of our great nation.  America needed the guidance of President Roosevelt so much, that we called upon him three times to serve us.  It was only when he was called home to heaven, that America settled for a meek man named Harry Truman.

    But had we not been able to call upon Roosevelt for more than three terms, what would have become of this great nation?  Would a newer president have sympathized with the enemy, or played into their game of appeasement?  The thoughts send shivers down the spine.

    Today I present one simple fact before the great people of this nation and the fact is simple:  we need to call upon one of our former presidents yet again for a third term.  And that president’s name is George W. Bush.

    My friends, the world is once again in peril.  Obama’s ‘feel-good’ economic policies, where he lets everyone get free food, healthcare and housing without working, has cost us dearly.  Our businesses are being dried up, foreign powers are buying out our markets and the American dollar has grown weak.

    China is eyeing the moon, trying to hurriedly mine up all the H3 there so they can dominate the ‘new oil’ of the new age.

    The Soviets are trying to shore up all the ‘old oil’ in the Arctic, sending up their cold-war naval submarines to scare our good and innocent friends Canada away from land that is rightfully theirs and therefore America’s by virtue of the Monroe Doctrine.

    How long will it be that our schoolchildren are taught that the NASA moon-landing was a fake and that China owns the moon, along with the shirts they wear, their homes and daddy’s business?

    In this complex, intertwined world of cultures, America needs a strong maverick slingin’ justice and presidential edict like a rogue Teddy Roosevelt after a vat of moonshine.  We need tough bravery, not academic logic and reasoning.

    We need a man who speaks from the hips, not a teleprompter.  We need a man who is one of us, the kind of guy who knows that after Peyton Manning retires in Denver, John Elway will scheme to get Andrew Luck or RGIII as a backup quarterback to Tom Brady.  President Obama would not really recognize those names or the scheming ways of Elway, but President George W. Bush would recognize those names and say a little prayer for Tebow.

    It is a sad shame to see a man who is meant to lead his people, stuck drawing very nice Bob Ross paintings.

    If we want a future for America, we must remove term limits so a stand-up guy like George W. Bush can be elected once again, by a majority victory, into the White House in 2016.

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