• Cops Strap Black Woman To Chair, Cut Off Her Hair

    February 3, 2014 2:34 pm 5 comments
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  • Detroit, Michigan (TopNews) – Obama’s police state is showing its flagrant disregard for freedom yet again.  A woman in Michigan, identified as Charda Gregory, only 22-years-of-age, was accused of trashing a hotel room.  Instead of being cited, booked and having her day in court, the young American woman was allegedly pepper sprayed in mail, slammed into a wall and strapped down to a chair.

    Apparently thinking that this is ‘proper punishment’ for the young African-American woman, Michigan police then started cutting off her hair.  The officer that cut the hair can be seen holding a pair of scissors.

    As per custom, the department tried to brush off the antics as ‘the hair was cut to prevent suicide risk’, but there must have been a decent, normal person looking into this case, because the charges against the young woman were dropped and the officer who lead the abusive handling of this citizen was fired.

    That still is not enough and hopefully the young woman will look into compensation for the suffering she endured.  Detaining an innocent person and abusing them is a right that no person in this country holds.

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