• Colorado Man Catches Ebola From Smoking Marijuana

    August 5, 2014 2:38 am 5 comments
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    CDC scientists track Ebola virus down to Western Africa marijuana plants now being planted in Colorado.

    Denver, Colorado – Health officials in Colorado are racing against the clock to contain the state’s for instance of Ebola virus contamination.

    A young man, whose name is being withheld, was admitted to a Colorado hospital with a high fever and gastrointestinal pain.   Doctors immediately isolated the young man and officials arrived only hours later to interrogate the patient zero.

    The patient revealed that he had not recently been to Colorado, but that he was indeed a marijuana farmer and owns a small medicinal marijuana shop.  The seeds in his shop were shipped from Sierra Leone, the very nation where Ebola has suddenly killed thousands of people and infected even two highly trained American healthcare workers.

    Initial tests of the seeds will be available within a day, but sources indicate scientists fear that Ebola is being spread from marijuana to human.  The patient zero revealed he had his ‘first harvest’ of crop, seen at left, and smoked it to test its potency and hallucinogenic qualities.

    Within hours of smoking the plant, the young man immediately called his friends and asked them to drive him to the closest hospital.  The friends exposed to the marijuana are all experiencing the onset of symptoms as well.

    One woman in the emergency room at the time of patient zero’s arrival, Danielle Stinson, tells of the circumstances:  “His friends brought him in, wheezing and coughing.  You could smell marijuana all over them.  They all had bloodshot eyes and stomach pains, which they claimed wasn’t marijuana hunger pains.  The medical staff took them into a room and then immediately rushed them away.”

    Officials may issue a warning that effective immediately, all marijuana in Colorado cannot be smoked and that any crops of it will have to be burned and not inhaled.


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