• EBOLA: Establish Barack Obama’s Liberal Agenda

    August 17, 2014 3:04 pm 0 comments
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  • establish barack obama liberal agenda

    A commentator named Carlos Jones blessed us all to know the titular line that brought you here today, my dear friends and brave readers.  No matter what walk in life from which you come, today you have gathered here with people from all around the world, because you are worried about Barack Obama and how he is ushering in a new era of Satanic liberal darkness for mankind.

    All last week, millions of readers tuned in after learning Barack Obama created a new, evolved EBOLA virus to destroy Christianity in America, then to usher in a new Godless Age of Liberal Darkness.  I have loudly warned about this brewing age of a Jesusless liberal darkness for over 5 years now.  We can see the New Dark Ages is finally arrived, as I warned!

    The last time an EBOLA-type virus killed so many people, it was known as the Black Death.    Many people do not know this fact.  The Bubonic Plague was actually caused by an ancient evolution of Ebola (Source:  Nature.com).

    During those ancient ages of liberal darkness, there was an anti-Christian leader named Vlad Tepes at the center of it all.  He used the ancient Ebola virus against Christians in Europe.  If a person refused to bow before Satan, Tepes would sling plague-infected bodies into their water supplies and towns, then impale the bodies of the innocent as sacrifices unto Satan.

    Just like Barack Obama calls his followers democrats or  liberals, back then Vlad Tepes called his followers vampires.   They are all one in the same:  Satanic followers of Satan who are given special powers and ‘abilities’ by their lords.

    So what do Vlad Tepes and Barack Obama have in common?

    Hang on to your pants, dear readers, for the revelations you shall read today finally tie together Obama’s association with the Order of the Dragon (Satan) and explains his supernatural abilities, but show how he plans to raise a dark army of the Dragon right here in America.  My friends, Obama has a Satanic-vampire agenda prepared for the world and only Christians voting in the 2016 elections stand in his way.

    Barack Obama and Vlad Tepes:  Both Dragon Sons of Satan using viruses to Destroy Christianity?

    I am still praying about this question and will write a sermon for you on it.  Below is the Vizio to visually help tie together the central theme and thesis.  Feel free to share this to your friends and prime them for the big reveal.

    ebola obama vlad tepes vampires

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