• Grizzly Bear Evolves Ability To Walk Like a Human in a Neighborhood, Obama’s Monsanto

    August 7, 2014 2:23 pm 0 comments
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  • bear evolves ability to walk


    A bear has evolved the ability to walk on its hind legs.  The shocking new video from New Jersey shows a bear that’s hopped up on Monsanto berries that grow in the locale.

    Several years ago, we strongly slammed Obama for protecting genetically modified food companies who hamper farmer’s abilities to harvest naturally grown, God-evolved crops.

    Locals report for several weeks now, the bear emerges from the forest and goes about a daily routine of dumpster-diving, trying to procreate with parked car (causing numerous insurance claims) and terrifying small dogs and other pets.

    A report from local naturalists confirmed that several years ago, Obama ordered naturally occurring berry bushes in the area ‘ripped from the ground and burned’, because there was fear that local farmers would use seeds from the fruit of the bushes to start new crops.

    In the place of the naturally occurring bushes, Obama ordered Monsanto berry bushes that grow genetically engineered fruit to be put in their place.  This one bear has been seen eating regularly from the bushes and we can see the food caused it to evolve the ability to walk like a human.

    Today it is a bear evolving the ability to walk like a human and muffler-dallying cars, but tomorrow who is to say what this bear is capable of doing:  learning how to talk and then being trained to eat Christians?  Learning the concept of self and then demanding Obamacare ‘rights’ since it is not smart enough to hold down a real job for all its cubs?

    I see nothing but trouble in allowing animals to evolve like this and hopefully the authorities will go ahead and hunt this bear down and make some good jerky and winter coat out of it.  Humanity cannot take the risk of animals evolving all these human traits and being exploited by immoral liberals for whatever sick agenda they’d exploit this animal to do.

    The liberals are already trying to brush Obama’s little ‘Monsanto Berry Experiment’ under the rug and claim the bear is walking like this because ‘it has an injured paw’.

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