• Michelle Bachmann Emerging As Nobel Prize for Physics Frontrunner for Pray The Gay Away Metaphysics

    August 5, 2014 11:06 pm 1 comment
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    Michelle Bachmann is quickly emerging the frontrunner for the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics. The Bachmann Institute’s revolutionary “Pray The Gay Away” metaphysical theory has allowed thousands of gay individuals to use science to cure their addiction to homogay lifestyles.

    Michelle Bachmann is emerging as the leading candidate for the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics.

    Bachmann has impressed numerous members of academia after announcing a metaphysical approach to relieve homosexuality in affected males.

    In 2011, Bachmann and her husband posited the theory that one could “Pray The Gay Away”, inviting a new concept that allowed researchers to fervently pray for gays and then see if after the prayers, the test subjects stopped having gay desires.

    Since the time of that revolutionary theory, thousands of gays who have mastered the science and have cured themselves of homosexuality.

    Dr. Russ Vincegill, professor of Homosexual Metaphysics in Prayer at Liberty State, reports on the evolution of the new metaphysical sciences:

    “I was happy to nominate Michelle Bachmann and in proxy, her husband, for the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics.  “Praying the Gay Away” is a new discipline of metaphysics.  When one understands the inner dynamics of the prayers that go into it, and then one attunes his mind to the correcting wavelength God sends out to match other hetero-normal men, then he is on the journey to mastering gay-curing metaphysics.”

    “Without the Bachmann’s, the complex inner equations and calculations that go into praying the gay away would not be possible.  It takes a genius level intellect to come up with the theories that power the specific prayer algorithms that are known to cure gay.”

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    Simple diagram reveals the Prayer Metaphysics model that is popularly used to turn gay people straight.  The model, created in 2011, has since saved thousands of gays and is definitely grounds for Michelle Bachmann winning the Nobel Prize in Physics.



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