• Obama NSA Now Wiretapping the Prayers of All Christians

    August 6, 2014 11:04 am 1 comment
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  • obama wiretap prayer booths of christians

    Kansas resident Amy Grant noticed that every time she went to her local prayer booth to pray, she would suddenly develop ‘intense migraine’ pain.  New revelations from Edward Snowden reveal how Obama and the NSA have developed a way to ‘wiretap’ the prayers of all Christians and archive what people have been praying for in a large database.

    The END TIMES are truly upon us, my friends.   The Age of Liberal Darkness is here.  The Bible warns that the day shall come when Christians will be hunted down and persecuted by non-believers, forced to accept the Mark of the Beast lest they get tortured.

    Today when I woke up, I prayed for the usual:  1)  Obama to get impeached 2) The Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl 3) A safe upcoming school year without any tragic stories 4)  China’s economic demise 5)  A good breakfast.

    It is terrifying for me to know that my simple prayer, which maybe lasted about 2 minutes, was probably wiretapped by Agents of Obama and there is some government database that has an archived recording of my conversation with God.

    Fox News first reported of this technology in 2008, when newly President Obama immediately diverted funds into researching machines that could ‘read the thoughts of humans’.  As we can see in the leaked image below, Obama wasted no time turning this machine on Christians so that he could see if we are praying for things like him getting impeached.


    In the leaked image above, a “Prayer Wiretapping Machine” is operating on a computer.  One window in the bottom far right shows three people standing in the parking lot.   A powerful government drone is flying overhead and scanning the three people with the Prayer Wiretapping Machine’s sensors, which is mounted on the drone.

    The woman in the middle, wearing black, is a Christian.  She was walking in the parking lot when two foot agents immediately ran up to her and pretended they were going to mug her.  The woman immediately closed her eyes and started praying.  You can see the woman’s head brought up in a window on the top left of the screen.

    The Wiretapping Machine apparently has powerful MRI/CT capability , as we can see the woman is using the cerebrum to communicate with God.  The screen on the bottom left reveals Obama has somehow figured out an algorithm for prayer requests and God’s responses.

    For instance, the woman asks,

    prayer$ = Input(“God, am I in danger?  Are these men going to kidnap me and can you stop them? “)

      We can see there are no daemons required in this process and God’s response is virtually instant, he replies:

    > God, am I in danger?
    3) No.

    > Are these men going to kidnap me and can you stop them?

    4) Delete Previous Question; 1) Yes

    We can see God tells the woman she is not in danger. He then tells her to delete previous question (Are these men going to kidnap me) because they were just actors hired by Obama to scare her, so he could test out this machine. And the obvious answer to ‘can you stop them?’ is yes.

    We can see a graph above showing the woman’s prayers (lime green) and Jesus’ answers to them (words of Christ in red). But now what really scares me is a little piece of code, that shows just how powerful Obama’s prayer tapping machine truly is.

    prayer$ = Input(“God, am I in danger? Are these men going to kidnap me and can you stop them? “)
    Print “Hello God, thank you for answering my prayers ” + prayer$

    Above we can see the brain is wired to know that God is going to give an answer to this prayer. As I mentioned,there are no daemons involved in a prayer, quite naturally. The human brain is already programmed to give a ‘thank you’ response as soon as God delivers. God immediately answered this woman’s prayers and subconsciously her brain automated the response:

    “Hello God, thank you for answering my prayers.”

    This could be a great day for us all, having solid proof of how prayers work and the basic science that makes them operate. But this is a sad day, because Obama has tapped into heaven’s prayer algorithms and is using it to spy on Christian prayers, so he may persecute us and through us into gulags.

    My friends, these are truly cruel days and evil hours. Pray while you still can, for the thought police may be nearer than you could ever imagine.

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