• The B.O. In Ebola Stands for Barack Obama

    August 8, 2014 12:50 pm 0 comments
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    My friends and dear readers, please etch those words in your hearts and minds, and share them with your friends.

    The B.O. in Ebola standard for Barack Obama.  Do you faithless skeptics out there need proof?  Here you go:

    ebola obama virus


    As I loudly proclaimed earlier this week, there is a war brewing in America.  The Moral Majority of this country are becoming a minority, Christians are becoming the persecuted few.  The latest polls show that a whopping 3% of America is actually atheist and as Mitt Romney proved, 47% percent of Americans are jobless pinko-apologists who adore Obama’s modern Trotskyism veiled as Obamacare.

    The Liberal Media is running a distraction campaign and is trying to make America forget about this new evolved Ebola that the World Health Organization, just today, declared was a “World Pandemic”.  It is also confirmed today that the evolved Ebola may be airborne, meaning it can be transmitted very easily.

    So why is it that these juicy details come out, confirming what I and other Ring-wing journalists wrote about, does the White House suddenly declare war on terror?  I thought Obama said we were supposed to lead from behind and that the terrorists could be our friends?

    It is simple.  Obama is suddenly interested in Iraq and ISIS right now not because 42,000 innocent Kurds are sitting on a mountain, ISIS ready to commit an unthinkable crime upon them.  If that was the case, Obama would have had our troops in Iraq months ago when ISIS first threatened to wipe out Christian-Iraqis and any pro-Western Iraqi.

    Obama is wagging his dog today, pulling a Clinton.  Remember when we caught Bill Clinton scrogging Monica Lewinsky, how he tried to suddenly act concerned about the ethnic Albanians?  Obama is doing the same thing, so the left-wing news rags can claim he is a hero and try to bury the truths about this Ebola virus that is spinning out of control.

    Something smells quite rotten in Denmark my friends and I shake a spear in protest!  Rabble rabble!  We must write letters to Mr. Boehner and start to look into impeachment.  I don’t know about you, but I am just not in the mood to get infected with Ebola, have the risk of sending my nephew back to Iraq, watch people get the Mark of the Beast and have the Tim LaHaye’s excellent Left Behind series play out in my lifetime.

    No thank you!

    Let us pray and hope that we can impeach Biden and Clinton.  If we can get Obama and Biden impeached, then Christian Speaker of the House John Boehner can be president until 2016, at which point we can officially vote him in for another term.  That sounds like music to my ears and my immune system.

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