Ayesha Curry: NBA Is Rigged

Following the Warriors’ defeat on Thursday night, many fans and critics became suspicious that unfavorable calls during the game may have been part of a larger conspiracy to ensure LeBron James and the desperate Cleveland market win a NBA championship.

One person who apparently subscribes to that theory is the wife of Golden State’s MVP Steph Curry, Ayesha Curry. Taking to Twitter, Ayesha Curry did not hesitate to let her frustration vent:


Ayesha quickly removed the Tweet, dismissing her frustration as part of an evening where her father was unfairly profiled as a possible intruder into the game and forced to remove his credentials by authorities.

Steph Curry went on to be ejected from Game 6 after being called for his sixth foul, a foul that many are now saying was the result of an Oscar-worthy flop from LeBron James, who by no coincidence is slated to star in Space Jame 2.

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