Clinton And Sanders Meet To Plan To Take On Trump

After winning the Primaries, Hillary Clinton met up with Bernie Sanders  for almost two full hours at a local restaurant to come up with a plan to take on Donald Trump. The two have come together to take on this mad man and defeat him before he destroys the country and lead us to ruin.

When interviewed by Yahoo News and politics Hillary stated,

“We’ve talked about the “dangerous threat Donald Trump poses to the nation.” The Clinton camp said the pair discussed “uniting the party,” while Sanders’ statement omitted that phrasing. The candidates agreed to work to develop a “progressive agenda” for the party platform in July, Sanders’ statement said, while the Clinton campaign called it their “shared agenda.”

Hillary and Bernie talked about what the plan would entail and how it would be executed. Hillary has every chance to taking out Donald Trump and we have to save the country from this mad man who wants to build walls in the American Southwest, ban all immigrants from coming in the country, and gather all the riches in the great U.S.A for himself!


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