Lebron James Caught Crying to Mama Ref After He Fails To Get Varejão Kicked Out of The Game

It’s no surprise that Lebron James is a decent basketball player and shady human being with lots of money. We all know he’s not the smartest of players in the NBA, but when he has to result to cheating and poor sportsmanship, that’s when the referees need to pay attention and call the right calls.

Lebron’s team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Steph Curry’s team, the Golden State Warriors, went head to head tonight to win the hearts of the people and play for glory and a fat commercial deal by Nike, Brita, and State Farm Insurance Company. As the game went on, the Golden State Warriors lost two players; Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut to injuries and vocal B.S.


Lebron tried his absolute hardest to eject Varejão out of the game as well and tried so very hard to dwindle the Warriors down to their bare bones bench players, but when the referees finally did their job and called the right call, who should go crying to the refs but Lebron James.

He was literally crying to them like he would to his mother. Things didn’t go his way so he cried and cried until the little side court boys had to wipe up his tears from the floor so he couldn’t try to injure any of the other Golden State Warriors.

Needless to say Lebron had paid off the referees this game and the Oklahoma City Thunder won unanimously. There will be another game on another day this week at 8:00PM.

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