Nintendo Confirms Zelda U Will Reflect Zelda The Wind Waker

This morning at the E3 Conference Nintendo confirmed one of the greatest things ever! The wonderful new Legend of Zelda adventure released for the Wii U and NXT consoles will reflect the adventures of the Zelda The Wind Waker.

The game will introduce new adventures, characters, and even ways of transportation for getting around the massive playing field. The layout will also reflect a little bit like Dungeons and Dragons. You will need to by special amiibo cards in order to trespass into certain areas of the game and even into some dungeons and main game boss battles.

Reggie announced that this would not be released until the holiday season of 2016. The E3 conference will be going on most of the day and will reveal more as we go further into the depths of the video gaming world of nerds and geeks alike.