Sony Announces Crash Bandicoot is Being Remastered for Playstation 5

You know the excited feeling when the screen turns on for the live stream of E3 and you see your childhood games being remade and remastered into beautiful masterpieces for your children and your inner child to enjoy all over again!

Well, it’s happening to one of the timeless pieces of games ever in the history of all of the cruddy Playstation games (except Spyro The Dragon).

That’s right kiddos. Crash Bandicoot is coming to the all new Playstation 5! Sony announced hours before E3 actually starts that they are going to remaster the game for the new console coming out this fall of 2016.

Sony also said that they would add in some older levels for the older gamers to relive and enjoy from their childhood. Way to go Sony! Make sure you kill that Xbox One this year at E3 2016. Much to look forward to this year at E3 and this is only the beginning!