Tragedy at Club Pulse in Orlando Reminder That We Are All Human, Deserve Better Than This

It is sad that at times it takes a great act of horror to bring us together to remember one thing:  we are all humans and at the end of the day, deserve happiness.


Not to dig too deep into politics so soon after such travesty, only weeks ago the political landscape of America was on fire as citizens argued over transgender rights in public restrooms.  Some argued they would not feel safe with a person of switched gender in the bathroom with their family, others brought out the point that being gay, straight, transgender or gender neutral does not make one a criminal.

But now, in the face of a shooting where at least 50 people have lost their life, there is a stinging reality:  we have bigger fish to fry in America.  In a world where weaponry and communication grows more sophisticated, we have a major issue going on.  One man can enter a place of recreation and cause chaos enough that a major US city is in a state of emergency and a community is left recovering after the deadliest civilian gun attack in United States history.

We have watched other stories of sweet people in a church being gunned down, a movie theater, a school and now a club that is popular for the LGBT community.

There is a new presidential election coming up and new legislative elections too.  It is time we stop focusing on issues that, yes, we must come to a consensus on as a society.  People have every right to feel uncomfortable about a certain subject, rally, protest and vote accordingly.  But there comes a time where we need to check ourselves and ask what is absolutely destroying us.  And when we are looking at repeated shootings where Americans lay shot and dead, I think we have found an issue where we need to pull our heads out of our collective backsides and start thinking of solutions.

If one man with an AR-15 can do this, just let’s not think of a coordinated attack.  The chaos, fear and pandemonium could cripple US lifestyle for years.  It’s time to stop alienating people based on their beliefs which are legal by law, and instead focus on the things that are destroying the security and freedom to enjoy life that make us American.

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