The Walking Dead: Hillary Clinton Orders Death of Glenn

Fans of hit television show The Walking Dead are in mourning today after learning the victim of Neegan and his bat Lucille is none other than series favorite Glenn.

[adinserter block=”1″]Insiders to the show reveal that originally, producers planned for only Abraham Ford to die in the season finale. ┬áBut they allegedly received an ominous phone call directly from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, demanding that Glenn be killed off as well and that she would be by the set to tell them who would be dying off.


Hillary Clinton is the harbinger of doom for Glenn on the Walking Dead, staring straight at him as she lets producers know who she wants wiped off the show so that she may destroy the morale of Trump fans who had a guilty pleasure in watching Glenn survive in The Walking Dead.

Moles within the Clinton campaign confirm that Hillary ordered the deaths of both Abraham Ford and Glenn, all because a new poll showed that for Donald Trump supporters, Abraham and Glenn were the two favorite characters.

Hillary allegedly wanted to send a ‘clear message’ to Donald Trump and his fans, that no matter where they try to relax and take pleasure, she can use her control of media to ruin their day. ┬áThe Walking Dead producers could not risk defying Hillary and having her win the presidency, then using the powerful FCC to make running the show a nightmare.