Poor People Don’t Need Good Health Care, They Just Need to Pray Harder

Liberals are up in arms now that Congress is poised to pass the American Health Care Act. Just because 22 million people will be without access to a primary care doctor and prescriptions, liberal elites are pretending like all hope is loss.

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Scientific studies reveal the power of Christian prayer is just as effective as going to the doctor, especially for poor people. ¬†Researchers found that a specific prayer technique called Proximal Intercessory Prayer unleashes a ‘divine healing’ upon the subject.

The best part of this medical treatment is that it is free.

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Beyond curing standard ailments such as cough, astigmatism and various pre-existing medical conditions, prayer has been proven to cure more pervasive ailments such as homosexuality and marijuana addiction.

Scientists with the Christian Defense League of Texas recently released a study in which various high-profile clergy in Texas were called in to administer 20 units of intense prayer to a man who had succumbed to homosexuality vis-a-vis homosexual chemtrail inhalation.

Soon after the full dosage of prayer was administered, the man’s body started to release a rainbow-colored smoke cloud consistent with that of homosexual chemtrails. ¬†Prayer was shown on film curing a man of his recently acquired homosexuality.

New images from the CDL of Texas show the moment a team of prayer technicians administered prayer in a high enough dosage to completely reverse a newly acquired case of homosexuality. The victim in the picture was able to return to his family and resume his duties as a heterosexual husband and good father.

The CDC further repudiates the success of prayer in keeping young adults from relapsing into a marijuana addiction. By doing such, this also decreases teenage pregnancy rates, obesity and poorness.

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