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August Weisz, D.Eng

Author Biography: August Weisz D.Eng (48,retired.)

I am a married father and regular contributor/member of the fellowship here at chrisTwire. My life’s work was bringing water and waterpower to the western United States. Some of my greatest accomplishments have been in the minimization of salmon mortality as smolts work their way to the Pacific and in the reduction of water evaporation in the irrigation canals used in the desert regions of central Washington State and southern Idaho. Now retired, I spend my time working some land in beautiful North Idaho with my even more beautiful wife.

B.Sc Civil Engineering, Minor inMathematics, University of Washington 84’
M.Sc Geology, University of Colorado 86’
M.Sc Construction Management, University of Idaho 87’
D.Eng University of Washington 91’

Activities and Interests
Baseball, Travel, Spreading my Faith, Skiing, Reading. Golf, and Boise State Bronco Football.

Current Projects
You can catch me on my speaking tour, my engagements focus on the sins of masturbation and dangers of immigration, woman’s suffrage, and affirmative action.  I also volunteer for many charities, often helping those who are too lazy to help themselves.

You can reach me via
Electronic Mail

Or right after Sunday service in the foyer.


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  1. He doesn’t deserve to be on here. He is all over Facebook making fun of people, calling them fat. I hardly think judging constitutes as a good Christian.

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