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  • Now That President Trump Has Finally Declared War On the LBQT Community, What Minorities Should He Target Next?

    Today President Trump finally unveiled his true heart toward the LGBT community by unleashing the’ SN2 mechanism, the classic backside attack, by banning members of the LGBT community from serving in the military.  While some conservative gays were absolutely shocked that Trump would do such things, it should have been patently obvious with his administration […]

  • Confirmed: Gays Are Using Snapchat’s New Snap Map Location Feature To Hunt Down Straight Men And Turn Them Gay

    Moles within the gays community confirm that gays have used their technological prowess to exploit Snapchat’s new Snap Map feature to hunt down straight men and groom them into homosexuality. Earlier in the week, reports arose nationwide that straight fathers taking innocent morning strolls or late night jaunts to the supermarket were making up missing, […]

  • Video:  Wisconsin Woman Sets House On Fire, Killing 72-Year-Old Man

    Video: Wisconsin Woman Sets House On Fire, Killing 72-Year-Old Man

    A disturbing new video from Wisconsin shows the moment when a woman uses what appears to be gasoline to set a house on fire. While bystanders look, film cell-phone video and make commentary, a woman methodically sets fire to curtains through an open window. After the fire is set ablaze, it becomes immediately apparent that […]

  • The Walking Dead: Hillary Clinton Orders Death of Glenn

    Fans of hit television show The Walking Dead are in mourning today after learning the victim of Neegan and his bat Lucille is none other than series favorite Glenn. Insiders to the show reveal that originally, producers planned for only Abraham Ford to die in the season finale.  But they allegedly received an ominous phone […]

  • Gays Create Pokemon Go To Destroy Straight Marriage?

    Gays Create Pokemon Go To Destroy Straight Marriage?

    Sources are reporting a record number of couples are filing for divorce this summer and blaming the gay-power app Pokemon Go! “What many consumers fail to realize is that Pokemon was created in Japan as a dating game for homosexuals.  Pokemon literally means ‘Pocket Monster’ in Japanese, with pocket monster being euphemism for a male’s […]

  • Pokémon Go Player Finds Body

    Pokémon Go Player Finds Body

    A Pokémon Go player discovered a body floating in a brook in New Hampshire.  The Pokémon game lead the player to a secluded location where the body was located, according to officer Robert Giggi of the Nashua police department. Police do not suspect anything suspicious took place, but will release further details after an investigation.