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    Pat Sayjak Endures Gay On Wheel of Fortune (video)

    by Abe - View all comments

    Well known Republican and game show host Pat Sayjak had an uncomfortable show last week, as a bold gay merrily announced his boyfriend was in the audience and attempted to solve the final puzzle. One has to wonder why Pat Sayjak didn’t immediately order security to escort this misguided man from the show’s premises.

    Cloned Puppies are Evil

    Cute and Immoral Cloned Puppies (picture)

    by Karen Gray - View all comments

    Today scientists released the following photo of two puppies that they have cloned. Appearances aside, remember this: the puppies are evil. Their purpose is sinister and their existence is an abomination to natural order. Scientists are employing new forms of propaganda to further their agenda of human cloning, a trademark goal of the former Soviet Union and likely the proven socialist Barack Obama. Even though scientists cannot figure out how to clone humans, they are still trying to convince the […]

    Crazed Indian Hindu Pagans Are Marrying Their Children to Animals (frogs and dogs)!

    by Karen Gray - View all comments

    Indians adorn mall with pagan idolatry. photo credit: Swami Stream As a child you may remember fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast as well as The Frog Prince. Even though these stories involve elements of witchcraft and magics, it is well understood to more astute children of our culture that the moral of these stories is that true beauty is on the inside. The key thing to understand, however, is that these stories are make believe. Nowhere in […]


    The Godly future to come IV

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    Problems with whiny LIEbrals is discussed here. It is anticipated that once we have a theocracy in place the atheists and homers will start to make high pitched sounds of distress. Just shut up and listen to God ! YIC, Deacon Jethro


    The Godly future to come III

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    Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Here the issues of dealing with liebrals, atheists, and democrats are covered. The question being answered is: Can we really legislate the biblical standards of morality on non-Christians? The non-Christian doesn’t even believe in the Bible, so how can we even talk about building a society based on the Law of God? LIEbrals and the Law of God© YIC, Deacon Jethro


    The Godly future to come II

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    In this installment the ties between Christianity and our civil government are discussed. Christianity and civil government YIC, Deacon Jethro


    The Godly future to come I

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    Brothers and Sisters in Christ, We must focus on bringing a true theocracy to America. Christian Reconstruction is the only path to this goal. A great man by the name of Rousas John Rushdoony had the foresight to realize that we as Real Christians™ can in fact bring this to pass. God called him home some time ago but we can still carry his dream forward. The Obama cannot stop this as God has preordained it. Through our determined efforts […]

    Consumer Warning – FDA Peanut Recall

    by Dan Nordgren - View all comments

    photo credit: Dano Last week we learned that the Peanut Cooperation of America had to recall their typically delicious peanuts, as they were infested with agents of biological harm such as Salmonella. The dangerous peanuts are from their Blakeley, Georgia, plant but the PCA has now recalled all their peanuts through the Food and Drug administration. The FDA peanut recall is one of the largest in history. Now while this is speculation, it’s well known that illegals tend to try […]

    Satan calls another pervert to Hell

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    God smote him and Satan came to collect the goods. Man died after sex act went wrong By Anna Roberts 29/ 1/2009 A security guard accidentally suffocated himself in an autoerotic accident, an inquest heard. Ralph Santiago, 31, was found dead in the men’s toilets of the building he worked wearing Wellington boots, a wetsuit and gas mask. This deviant was probably a homer too, thier sodomite lusts know no bounds.

    Week in Review – Relentless Liberals, Confessions and Apology to Landover Baptist Church (and Pastor Zeke)

    by Adam Nelson - View all comments

    photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert Only several decades ago, the noble Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II (liberal Catholic, but had his heart in the right place) fought with all their might against the atheist threat of Soviet Russia. With great expertise, faith and reliance on blessed capitalism, these two men on a divine mission were able to topple the stronghold of communism and ensure security in America, and therefore, the world. But lo, the generations progressed and […]

    Pastor Fred Phelps of Westboro Reveals Truth About Comedic Trickster Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

    by Abe - View all comments

    After last week’s University Ministries night, several students from one of the local colleges came up to me for a conversation. They wanted to know the danger, if any, was posed by a new breed of journalism –sarcastic liberal media– as it appealed to the collegiate masses with humor, vivid color and biting political commentary that naturally attracts thinking minds. The most prominent of these new liberal pundits is a man by the name of Jon Stewart. He hosts a […]

    Soviet Putin Makes Friends With White Flag Waving Obama

    by Chuck Reagan - View all comments

    photo credit: azrainmanChristWire.org Russian Dictator Vladmir Putin today expressed kind words to his comrade, B. Hussein Obama. Putin’s praise for Obama came after the new ‘president’ announced that he would not continue President Bush’s plan to bring freedom to Europe by instilling fear and paranoia in the Godless Soviet atheists. Instead, an apologetic Obama is planning to remove our missiles from around Russia. As reported by the Fair and Balanced people at Fox News: Is Russia getting caught up in […]

    5 Florida Teen Girls Who Beat Cheerleader On Top Update

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    Several months ago there was a shocking story and video where five Florida area girls were caught on tape, savaging another girl with who they did not get along. Asked why they did it, one of the reasons purportedly given was that they wanted to post the video on internet video sharing community YouTube.com. While a natural reaction may be outrage toward the girls and their parents, it is important to realize that the hijacked American government shares great blame […]

    Stop The Freedom Of Choice Act! Join The Fight Against Murder

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    photo credit: °๋§ ợ§ღєηŧ ChristWire.org A Gloating Obama Watches Noble President Bush Depart from his Service in DC As you well know by now, the Dark Lord Barack Obama has revealed his global plan, yes global, to allow abortion. Barack Obama believes it is ok to abort babies, and that naturally makes your moral heart terribly sad and very troubled. Though this woven tapestry of evil can be undone with a GOP presidency in 2012, we must today take action […]