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    Taliban Terrorists Love Paliban.org, ‘It Deceives Americans’

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    Our informants have uncovered yet another sinister plot of Obama’s minions of terror, this time their machinations in the form of an internet site named Paliban Daily at www.paliban.org. Various reports indicate that Paliban Daily is a play on Palestine and Taliban (merged into Paliban), whose purpose is to create a cover site with seemingly moral stories. Any such organization is naturally sinister, as their true end goal can only be the destruction of Israel, America and all other things […]

    MORAL ALERT – New Sneeze Pornography Attempting To Corrupt Men

    by Chuck Reagan - View all comments

    Good friends, as we endure the dark reign of Comrade B. Hussein Obama, we knew all sorts of new evils would be borne unto our world. Every day upon looking at the noble and pious website DrudgeReport, the birth of new evils is always confirmed. Just today Barack Obama’s close brother and lifelong friend, Iranian President and chief terrorist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was emboldened enough to declare he’ll have nukes before 2009 is over. I’m sure Obama heralded his praises and […]

    The Gay Community Launches Evil Gay Alphabet Propaganda Video

    by Abe - View all comments

    photo credit: wili_hybrid Evidence of how comic books promote gay agenda. With hearts hardened after Pastor Rick Warren’s too soft yet bold inauguration speech last week, the gay community allegedly met up in West Hollywood to discuss ways to corrupt the minds and hearts of your kids. Since the noble Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to push Proposition 8 law to where it belongs only months ago, it seemed the forces of morality won a major battle in the war […]

    UFO Aliens at Barack Obama Inauguartion Claim Crazed Evolutionists

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    The cult of crazed evolutionists is at it again, this time heralding their dark lord Hussein Obama by saying his inauguration was such an important event that even ALIENS were caught in attendance. As we all know, there is only place in this vast universe were life exists and that place is here on Earth. There is no exception to this basic universal law, and no one can prove otherwise. Yet, evolutionists claim that every planet in the universe is […]

    Obama’s Communist America – Honorable James David Manning

    by Abe - View all comments

    photo credit: jurvetson As we near nearly a week into the reign of Obama, we’ve seen unprecedented levels of pain, suffering and terrible atrocities take place worldwide. You’ll notice that your gas prices are returning to record high levels. Warfare and violence is increasing worldwide. US businesses are failing. These are all happening for reasons twofold 1) Liberals both cheat McCain into office and tricked an fair number of gullible people into making a deal with evil incarnate 2) Sarah […]

    Top 7 Hipster Songs Your Teen Will Love

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    After a very encouraging morning service yesterday, I decided to stop by the local grocer to grab a few pints of praline ice cream for the family to enjoy. Exiting my car, my mind, body and spirit was suddenly shaken with the most forsaken sounds on the planet. As if taken by a tragic earthquake, my head and heart were jarred about with no remorse. Audacious audibles set upon my ears all sorts of unclean liberal urban horrors: curse words […]

    The pagan Hat of Aretha, as worn by a rightfully afflicted Dick Cheney

    Landover Baptist Church Backslides, Endorses Barack HUSSEIN Obama

    by Abe - View all comments

    photo credit: jurvetson B. Hussein Obama infecting masses with liberalism. The world grew a little bit darker today as none other than one of the old strongholds of piety, the good men and stay at home moms of Landover Baptist Church, were officially infected with the Liberal Agenda and quite possibly a full blown case of the atheism. Upon going to the home page of their world wide web internet site, the following shocking abandonment of faith and all things […]

    Emboldened Taliban Mocks America

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    Only days since President Bush’s guiding wisdom and inspired hand of protection left Washington, DC, terrorists are already emboldened. As we speak, the Taliban is creating a host of YouTube videos where they are waving around guns and speaking in their foreign tongues. From what our experts can make of these clips, they are saying something to the effect of, ‘death to American infidels, your numbers will grow weak since Obama is sympathetic to Muslims and will let us sneak […]

    Curing Those Infected With The Atheism

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    Dear friends, as we enter into one of the darkest moments in American history with B. Hussein Obama having hijacked a once noble presidency from the sage George W. Bush, it’s at this point that we must stay the most fervent and resolute in our fight against the liberal agenda. As seen today, the spirit of atheism courses strongly through the mind and deranged spirit of Obama. He has set his heart upon murdering innocent babies, pledging to endorse stabbing […]

    CoffeeMatte – Mixup

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    Two great tastes that taste great together.
    CoffeeMatte – Mixup was uploaded by: gordonmcdowell
    Duration: 69

    Script Doctors Make Movies

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    Who makes movies? Script Doctors make movies.Created for R4NT.COM:http://www.r4nt.com/v5/article/120/My Video Blog:http://OpenSourceVideo.BlogSpot.Com
    Script Doctors Make Movies was uploaded by: gordonmcdowell
    Duration: 106

    Fluffers Make Movies

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    Who makes Movies? Fluffers make movies.Created for R4NT.COM.My video blog is at OpenSourceVideo.BlogSpot.ComThis video released under Creative Commons.
    Fluffers Make Movies was uploaded by: gordonmcdowell
    Duration: 126

    Friendly Snowman

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    Life lessons, as taught by the Friendly Snowman.
    Friendly Snowman was uploaded by: gordonmcdowell
    Duration: 307

    10 Cents

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    Gord owes money, and he knows it.
    10 Cents was uploaded by: gordonmcdowell
    Duration: 242

    BM2K1 Excerpts

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    I made a 2 hour video about Burning Man 2001, here’s 10 minutes of it. Music by The Spiny Anteaters (used with permission).
    BM2K1 Excerpts was uploaded by: gordonmcdowell
    Duration: 582