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    Dread by Ours to Destroy

    by Adam Nelson - View all comments

    Ours to Destroy allowed me to make a music video for one of their tracks, and place it under a creative commons license. Check out OursToDestroy.com for more tracks!
    Dread by Ours to Destroy was uploaded by: gordonmcdowell
    Duration: 231

    IdeaWarz – BeeKeeper

    by Adam Nelson - View all comments

    One major requirement in beekeeping is keeping accurate records. It’s an absolute must for everyone who owns one or more hives. There are really no software record keeping programs for beekeepers today(who keep honeybees). The few that are on the market have been abandoned and are no longer supported, not to mention they were sub-par and too expensive for the hobbyist to begin with. There needs to be a record-keeping program that has the ability to track each hive individually, make notes, lists, and be able to provide total recall of the database.
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    by Adam Nelson - View all comments

    Ours to Destroy has a lot to answer for. Normally they hide behind their handler and their stardom, and avoid hard questions by having journalists sign contracts before speaking. Not this time… While their handler was bound and gagged in an alley, OTD had no choice but to answer a fist-full of questions!
    OURS to DESTROY vs R4NT at BROKEN CITY was uploaded by: gordonmcdowell
    Duration: 1148

    Canadian DMCA C-61 CBC Search Engine interview with Prentice

    by Adam Nelson - View all comments

    Jim Prentice interviewed by CBC’s Search Engine. Prentice took a 10 minute interview and I don’t think his answers will be impressing anybody.
    Canadian DMCA C-61 CBC Search Engine interview with Prentice was uploaded by: gordonmcdowell
    Duration: 457

    Penile Fracture, Hilary Swank, Dinosaurs and UFOs

    by Chuck Reagan - View all comments

    This week’s email inbox was filled with plenty of good but mostly odd questions. At this point I’d like to ask our readers, or more likely passer-byes, to at least be decent and not send gross, pornographic images embedded or attached to your emails. That’s just not right. On to a few of the more ‘out there’ questions from this week: Jack, Michigan: I have an odd situation and was seeking your sage advice. I ask you to please chance […]

    Heathen ShoutWire Liberals Detest Reaganomics

    by Dan Nordgren - View all comments

    In a very typical example of how the immorality of liberalism cannot abide in the same mind as sound logic, we were tipped to more ridiculous antics being spread by the liberal cabal of the very dangerously left wing web site ShoutWire.com, a place the encourages things like atheism, unbridled free speech and mounds of improper images and videos. For those of you who do not know ShoutWire but may be a bit hip to social bookmarking phenomena, it would […]

    Nice Christian Review of The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever

    by Amber - View all comments

    Perusing Amazon for new lesson material on this upcoming special week, I came across to very excellent reviews and responses to the book The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever. Truly awesome. You can find the original reviews and responses on Amazon, linked below. One user had this to say: If you haven’t found God yet then keep looking. Don’t Stop. Never Stop Looking. There is a lot of evidence for God = The Bible. There is a lot […]

    Comrade Obama Closes Guantanamo Bay Prison

    by Abe - View all comments

    Only a few days into office and Barack Obama is already forwarding the vast Liberal Conspiracy, this time signing an executive order WHICH WILL SHUT DOWN GUANTANAMO BAY. As you know, Guantanamo Bay is a nice facility where American diplomats engage in polite discussions with potential terrorists and informants from the A-rab regions. We’ve been able to catch literally millions of terrorists through these nice chats between America and Arabs at Guantanamo, and now for some reason Obama wants to […]

    Good, Noble President Bush Says He’s Proud of His Presidency

    by Abe - View all comments

    Sad times come upon the world as one of the most beloved leaders in history is finally taking his well deserved break from being the decider and bringing of freedom. Yes, faithful readers, President George W. Bush is finally set to retire on the 20th. This topic was at the fore of his most recent address to this great nation. Though he will no longer be there to guide humanity in body, his wise insight, eloquent words and clear thinking […]

    Krispy Kreme Abortion Donuts on Inauguration Day

    by Abe - View all comments

    Chaos and Armageddon in America only days before Obama takes office, and now even once quality businesses are losing any semblance of morality. It’s with a troubled heart that I came upon this press release from none other than Krispy Kreme donuts: “Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. (NYSE: KKD) is honoring American’s sense of pride and freedom of choice on Inauguration Day, by offering a free doughnut of choice to every customer on this historic day, Jan. 20. By doing so, […]

    B. Hussein Obama cannot deceive the eyes of the pure at heart.

    Barack Obama Terrorizes a Baby (picture)

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    Being emboldened now that he’s only days away from taking office, President-elect Barack Hussein Obama has now taken to striking terror and fear into the hearts of innocent, defenseless babies. Warning: A harrowing image of terrorism follows: My word. My word. Though we’re all born with original sin, the heart of a baby is the second most pure on Earth, right after someone who is born again. This baby was naturally overcome with grief and fear when placed within proxy […]

    Jesus Is My Friend…And So Can You! (music video)

    by Pat Heinkel - View all comments

    Ah, yes, music does not get much better than this. This week we’re taking time to review some of the more fine musical selections to which your young teen son or daughter should give a listen. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be thrilled by the musical prowess of today’s band, perhaps even more so than seen with the legendary Matt Gromwell. More funny videos like the “Jesus is My Friend” at Heavy.com The message here […]

    My Dogma Ran Over Your Karma

    by Adam Nelson - View all comments

    A Christian Response to Eastern, Non-Christian religions. Satire about Karma and an introduction to a recently published book entitled “My Dogma Ran Over Your Karma”. It can be found at: http://www.lulu.com/content/765789. You can also find products about Dogma over Karma at: https://www.cafepress.com/dogmaoverkarma
    My Dogma Ran Over Your Karma was uploaded by: dogmaoverkarmadude
    Duration: 275

    Christian cowards that hide behind Lawyers

    by Adam Nelson - View all comments

    I edited a video of Mike Mickey, Founder of the ‘Praise the Lord Challenge’, to appear that he took the blasphemy challenge.I also edited a video of all the people that took the ‘Praise the Lord Challenge’ with sheep and Jackass sounds dubbed over the last 3 people in which I called Christians sheeple.This was the response I got from Mike Mickey:”This had better be GONE – and pronto. Either that or my attorneys will be in touch. You don’t want that.”I also received this message from the Righteous Responders (a cheap Christian knock-off of the Rational Responders):”Take it down or face suit!”I know enough about the law to know I’m screwed if I don’t comply, so I took the two videos down.(I’m no coward, but I’m no idiot either.)These cowards hide behind Lawyers and threats of litigation at a little bit of harmless satire.They may have the law on their side, but they sure don’t have much else.They are cowards; Plain and simple.[Song: 'Time to Waste' by Alkaline Trio]
    Christian cowards that hide behind Lawyers was uploaded by: XiansDenyOtherGods
    Duration: 66

    Christian Film School – Deleted Scene

    by Adam Nelson - View all comments

    A deleted scene from the premiere episode of Christian Film School.
    Christian Film School – Deleted Scene was uploaded by: ChristianFilmSchool
    Duration: 36