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    Bury The Hatchet – Part 1

    by Abe - View all comments

    http://www.comedydemon.com – Comedy demon brings you the tale of… Two Sisters, One Inheritance. One hell of a stipulation. And a truly dreadful lawyer. Starring Mighty Boosh legend Rich FulcherSee comedydemon.com for all episodes.
    Bury The Hatchet – Part 1 was uploaded by: ComedyDemonOfficial
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    The View Hosts Mercilessly Attack Gentle, Soft Ann Coulter (video)

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    In very heartbreaking footage, the dear and sweet Ann Coulter was mercilessly attacked by the liberal hosts of talk show The View. The usually poignant and eloquent Coulter was wounded by words hurled by the hosts, as they browbeat her for only trying to spread love, joy and good teaching. I’m completely appalled by the 8 minutes of torture Ann had to endure at the hands of Whoopi, Behar and Joy. These women owe Ann Coulter an apology. Coulter would […]

    Actress Janine Turner is on Team Sarah

    by Karen Gray - View all comments

    As mentioned earlier today, the ravenous left and friends are trying to convince everyone that Team Sarah is comprised if ugly, bigoted devil women who don’t appreciate equality and progress. As evidenced by teh beautiful actress Janine Turner, such cannot be any more far removed from the truth. According to various reports, Miss Janine Turner is the newest addition to Team Sarah. Go team, go!

    Looney Liberals Complaining about TeamSarah.org

    by Abe - View all comments

    Even though Sarah Palin messed up John McCain’s presidency chance due to a few personal faults, like the good women who built up TeamSarah.org everyone naturally realizes we’ll need a strong, brilliant conservative like herself to lead the nation after Obama tries to turn us into a secular communist state, much like 80s Russia. As history has taught us, such empires always surely fall. And just as President Reagan and Pope John Paul II stood victorious over a fallen Kremlin, […]

    Matt Gormley Is An Awesome Singer and Indi Artist

    by Pat Heinkel - View all comments

    As has been the truth since Eve gave birth to the first child, kids have a natural love for music. Though as we know from genres such as The Gangster Rap and Rock n’ Roll music can be evil and hide satanic incantations, there is also some good music out there that your kids can enjoy. While there is always the good mainstream stuff like Big Daddy Weave and Jars of Clay for the younger folks, my kids like something […]

    Robotripping – A New Cough Syrup Concern For Parents

    by Abe - View all comments

    There is a new form of substance abuse that’s known in the vernacular as ‘Robotripping’. It is a very dangerous practice where teens are taking a very high dose of various cough medicines in order to induce a state of intoxication by the drugs. While some stores are now monitoring teen’s buying practices, parents must remain concerned and keep a look out for warning signs.

    Lincolnshire Man Claims to See UFO

    by Dan Nordgren - View all comments

    Secularists continue to try to advance the thought that we’re not alone in the universe, a Lincolnshire man this time advancing the plot. This rural man says he saw a UFO a’flyin’ over some windfields. This is obviously farce.

    Couple That Met on Internet Gets Married at Taco Bell

    by Amber - View all comments

    The sanctity of marriage continues to take a dive, as the advent of the internet had emboldened random strangers to meet up and get married. One of the most recent couples to partake in this strange form of union are in the following video. Instead of planning a traditional wedding, they were married in the fast-food place Taco Bell.

    Tim Tebrow Thanking Jesus After Winning Championship Game

    by Amber - View all comments

    As mentioend last week, the Oklahoma Sooners never stood a chance against the Florida Gators because of the awesomness of Tim Tebrow. During the championship game, this man child of two Christian missionaries neatly painted John 3:16 on his face and proceeded to deliver a peaceful whipping to the Sooners. Here is a video of Tebrow giving thanks to Jesus.

    Ben Bernanke Supports Obama’s Stimulus Package

    by Chuck Reagan - View all comments

    In an unprecedented act of Judasery, Federal Reserve head Benjamin Bernanke has abandoned Reaganomics and is praising Obama’s plan for giving everyone an economic stimulus. Bernanke expressed confidence that Obama’s plan, along with the Democrat ruled Congress, will help relieve American of its economic burden.

    Science Has Invented an Artificially Intelligent Real Touch Robot Vagina

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    The Item: RealTouch Cyberdildonic Device Science has finally done the unthinkable and created the prototype for the unimaginable act of robot sex.  Yes, friends, the natural end result of allowing the homogay agenda and beyond is finally reaching its natural progression; human beings ‘procreating’ with machines. This abomination to life is called the ‘Sasha Grey’ or something along those lines. According to its creators (RealTouch), this technological monstrosity is technically called a cyberdildonics device. Yes, these people are totally making up […]

    Teen Petric Convicted Of Halo 3 Inspired Matricide

    by Quoc T. - View all comments

    In conclusion to a very sad and disturbing case, a young man by the name of Daniel Petric who shot and killed his mother –over a dispire involving Halo 3– was convicted today of aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder (of his father) and other charges. The kid also tried to frame his father for the murder by placing the gun in his hand. The dispute in the Petric household started when the parents discovered the their son Daniel had purchased […]

    Second Life Two Hookers Want to Prostitute Your Kids!

    by Amber - View all comments

    As every good member here at the CW.org knows, video games are inherently dangerous. After hearing Pastor Jack dynamically speak last week about the Dangers of Video Games, my spouse and I immediately went home and investigated the video game stashes of our teenage sons. What we found confirmed the worst of our fears. First, for the people reading who do not get to regularly watch Pastor Jack or catch his speaking engagements should know that modern video games encourage […]

    Saudi Cleric Places Fatwa on Mickey Mouse

    by Karen Gray - View all comments

    photo credit: fujikinoko In American culture, one of the most beloved icons and examples of innocence is that of Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse has traditionally represented family, wholesome unity and morality –and as such– is always under attack, what with Godless liberals trying to undermine his and Disney’s ethics with their society-destroying agenda. So as no surprise a Saudi Muslim executive leader has allegedly placed an official Fatwa on Mickey Mouse. Fatwa means he literally wants “to wipe off the […]

    John 3:16 and Tim Tebrow (Photos) Power Gators Victory Over Sooners 24-14

    by Chuck Reagan - View all comments

    John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Tim Tebrow. Florida Gators. BCS Championship Series. The Bible. What do these all have in common? Victory. As every proper American male likely witnessed tonight, the Florida Gators defeated the Oklahoma Sooners 28 – 14 to win the BCS Championship. Tim Tebrow’s trademark devotion to John 3:16 was at the forefront of […]