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    Facebook Breastfeeding Moms Angry over Picture Ban – Video

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    Warfare on Facebook as a group of angry moms are atwitter, riled up because Facebook says pictures that show said mothers breastfeeding their babies are immoral, indecent and inappropriate. One may initially feel that the thoughts of the Facebook executives in this matter are entirely appropriate, and surely we must always be wary in what we allow in media. Pornography is drugs for the mind and leads directly to hell. There are likely people who get their sick jollies from […]

    Godless Soviets Claim American will Fall by 2010

    Godless Soviets Claim America Will Fall By 2010

    by Chuck Reagan - View all comments

    The Godless soviets have been busy spreading more propaganda this week, now making the preposterous claim that America will fall by 2010.  Here is the bizarre works of one of their village elders: As reported by the good folks at Fox, “Professor” Panarin had this to say: “There’s a 55-45 percent chance right now that disintegration will occur,” He continued, “One could rejoice in that process.” Not to defend the Soviets, but it’s almost understandable how some of them could […]

    Sinful Daughter of Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Gives Birth to Child

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    And it came to pass that pregnant teens nationwide though the GOP was the party of immoral relations, thanks to Sarah Palin. As we know, the McCain-Palin campaign became doomed once it was discovered that Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, was pregnant out of wedlock. This sickening revelation revealed that Sarah Palin was not promoting abstinence hard enough, as naturally all teens who are properly taught about having sex out of wedlock will be disgusted by the notion of pre-marital […]

    Gays Raising Stink Over Rick Warren Prayer at Socialist Obama’s Inauguration

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    The gay community is up in arms today, this time complaining because who they thought would be the champion for their immoral agenda –Obama– invited a well-known conservative, Rick Warren, to do the ceremonial prayer at his inauguration. As confirmed by the AP: photo credit: World Economic Forum President-elect Barack Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to deliver the inaugural invocation drew one kind of protest. Whether the evangelical pastor offers the prayer in the name of Jesus may draw another. […]