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    Nintendo Wii Infects Kid With Strange Spirit

    by Quoc T. - View all comments

    One of the most common vices modern parents use to entertain their kids is that of the video gaming system. While it is important to keep the hands of your children from being idle, as idle hands find mischief, the rampant realistic violence in modern gaming systems leaves much to be desired. There used to be a game called Spiritual Warfare for the regular Nintendo. You can still find this game on Amazon.com or Ebay.com. If you want gaming for […]

    Lebanon Joins Palestine In Demolishing Defenseless Israel with Rocket Barrage

    by Karen Gray - View all comments

    Heartbreak today as Israel suffers more attacks, this time at the hands of a unified assault at the hands of Lebanon and Palestine. Lebanese terrorists started the day by firing and raining down an almost endless barrage of rockets on defenseless towns in Northern Israel. These unprovoked rocket attacks ripped through many places, including a nursing home filled with sweet yet feeble grandmothers who were scared out of their wits. In total, the devastating blast affected 25 innocent elderly people […]

    Holy Top 7 – Godless Foreign Japanese Television Game Shows and Indecent Acts

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    Dapper young defender of truth educates the Masses It’s a well known fact that due to their pagan ways and heathen rituals, the lesser cultures of foreigners are typically maligned and the source for much suffering on our Earth. With everything from cannibalism to dancing naked under the moon, it’s not uncommon to encounter entire civilizations who’ve lost any semblance of decency, humanity, or morality when doing missionary work, particularly in the Africas, Asia and East Europe. Today’s focus will […]

    Skanks in NYC – The Liskula Cohen vs Google Case

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    Many of you at work and home today may have heard something about the ‘Skanks in NYC’ case, where the very pretty former vogue model Liskula Cohen is challenging Google to release the name of a blogger, a blogger whose fingers were inspired to launch some pretty hurtful words to the fashion model. According to various reports, the blogger allegedly called Liskula Cohen an “old hag”, a ‘skank, and quite sadly a ‘ho’. Such words leaves one to wonder if […]

    Naked Clown Calendars Are NOT Holy

    by Adam Nelson - View all comments

    Dear Friends of the Faith of ChristWire, our world falls deeper in peril as now the clown community –once the one stable element of shows featuring curs-ed carnies– are making naked calendars and have apparently joined the liberal school of thought. Yes, they are still donning the white paint and red noses, but now leaving nothing else on their bodies in these calendars. No yellow jump-suits. No big red shoes. Just as naked as Adam and Eve when man was […]

    Today Show Refuses To Interview Beautiful Ann Coulter, ‘Banned for Life’ from NBC

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    Today Show executives scared by Ann’s gentle yet striking beauty and peaceful word of truth. Today heaven’s gentle gift to the media world, Ann Coulter, was viciously told she was banned from life from NBC and specifically, the Today Show. Coulter found out about this painful news before she was to discuss her new book, “Guilty!”, a very family friend work that tells about the dangers of the no good liberal anti-christ President-elect B. Hussein Obama, whose not a US […]

    Exposing The Lies of Evolution – Natural Selection vs. God’s Creation

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    One of the most breathtaking aspects of life on Earth is the wonderful diversity we see within the flora and fauna of our biosphere that was crafted by the hands of God in six days. Now those who do not subscribe to Creationism scoff at the idea of a universal creator, a creator who defies the uncertainties of Heisenberg in knowing the ins, outs and wheres of everything thing that exists and does not exist. These faithless people will try […]

    Warning: Explicit Content, Barack Obama Doing Porn in Hawaii

    President-elect Barack Obama Does Hawaiian Porn Photo Shoot To Win Support

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    Weeks before starting his dark rise once taking office, ‘President-elect’ Barack Hussein Obama is already showing a glaring lack of morals and decency in trying to win support from the public. As we know, one of the most dangerous sins that can trap mankind is that of pornography. Pornography is drugs for the mind. Those who regularly view pornographic material have their mind altered and clouded by a spirit of lust, which is very hard to remove. Knowing this, it […]

    Ann Coulter - Sculpted By The Hands of the Almighty

    Ann Coulter Is A Brilliant, Handsome Woman I Wish Would Marry Me

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    With the skin like porcelain, yet so warm and supple, and mind so enlightened it could guide a ship home in the roughest tempest-tossed sea, it is shock that the angelic God-send Ann Coulter does not have long line of men begging to be hers in holy matrimony. A man would be lucky to have the so soft, delicate flower hands of Ann Coulter holding his when walking down aisle to get married and happily have kids together in bright […]

    Heathens Against Holiness Alliance- High-Street.org

    by Jack Gould - View all comments

    Today I received a very urgent message from good steward of the faith the “Runnin’ Reveran’” Reverend TJ Hawkins who’s currently on assignment in the Midwest. He alerted me to a very disturbing den of debauchery which you may find at High-street.org. Perusing their kingdom, dear readers, is akin to hopping a DeLorean and witnessing the children of Israel in a full out orgy of unbridled fun when they should have instead been worshipping their saviour for taking them out […]

    Iran Hates Peace, Wants To To Nuke Your Freedom and Children

    by Joe P. Reagan - View all comments

    Reagan’s Moral Minute Joe P. Reagan on Terrorists: Email Me Dear friends, have you ever stopped to think about how blessed we are to live in an advanced culture with a foundation built upon Christian principles?  It’s truly amazing. Just consider the internet.  Powered by technological wonder and mystery, it uses electrons to control the flow of information through a series of interconnected tubes to tie our lives together on a global scale, all while we sit, reading, at work […]

    Feminism Is Destroying Society

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    Reagan’sMoral Minute Joe P. Reagan on Revealing Truth of Feminism: Email Me My name is Joe P. Reagan and one question is on my mind today. Why do feminists hate freedom? For far too long, men, and the moral fabric of Western society, have been on the receiving end of a very long societal shaft. The metal of this shaft was first welded by none other than the successors of Susan B. Anthony. It has continually been shined up and […]

    Commies Are Not Cool

    If You Use Celcius Over Fahrenheit, You’re a No Good Communist

    by Chuck Reagan - View all comments

    Of late I’ve noticed a disturbing new trend among a certain segment of our society, specifically a group of people who look down on things that are traditionally intertwined with American culture. I’m sure many of you have come across this as well. Last year you may recall the war against the words “Merry Christmas”, where atheists were literally trying to take the Christ out of Christmas. Young, innocent children in California were being oppressed for simply embracing the legacy […]

    English monarchy still hate God and his gifts to mankind.

    Prince Edward Proves British Royalty Still Have Contempt for God’s Creation (Beats Dog Photo)

    by Dan Nordgren - View all comments

    In one of the most harrowing displays of a heartless savaging of man’s best friend since Michael Vick and Bad Newz Kennels, Prince Edward faces allegations of dog beating as evidenced in the photo above. An inspector from the RSPCA is supposed to examine the full suite of images, which were obtained by a stealthy and inspired photographer from Norfolk proper. As is the standard for royalty, Buckingham Palace is being indignant and claiming Prince Edward was actually showing love […]

    Liberal Bloggers Already Complaining About Rick Warren

    by Chuck Reagan - View all comments

    As predicted only days ago, the dangerous coalition of liberal bloggers are already doing their best to deride and complain about Rick Warren giving the prayer at B. Hussein Obama’s inauguration for the office of US President. Needless to say, we’re going to need much prayer to get through four years of an Obama presidency. In addition to already trying to make amends with terrorists who much like a troubled teen are in desperate need of strong guidance, we know […]