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    Was Zimmerman/Trayvon Verdict A Freemason Conspiracy To Distract Us From NSA?

    by Thad Connely - View all comments

    Trayvon Martin’s Grandfather in his freemason attire. The United States Government is being annexed by the oldest, most powerful group in the world: The Freemasons. Freemasonry is an secretive, ancient sect of atheistic origin whose members tend to be prominent, powerful members of society. Nine of the founding fathers of America were freemasons: Benjamin Franklin, William Ellery, John Hancock, Joseph Hewes, William Hooper, Robert Paine, Richard Stockton, George Zimmerman-Walton and William Whipple. George Washington was also a Freemason. One president […]

    NAACP, Obama Rally To Pursue Civil Rights Charges Against George Zimmerman

    by Abe - View all comments

    Only moments after a jury found George Zimmerman innocent, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) lit their Twitter aflame with the following message:  “BREAKING:  Zimmerman acquitted on all charges.  We will update you as we work to pursue civil rights charges against Zimmerman through DOJ.” And the NAACP has called upon the Obama administration itself to pursue the civil rights charges against Zimmerman, according to the Daily Caller. US Attorney General Eric Holder, the man behind […]

    Florida Man Shoots Black Teen To Death For Playing Music Too Loud, Pleads Not Guilty Citing Zimmerman Law

    by Bishop T.J. - View all comments

    Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Florida – A Florida gun collector is claiming he is innocent of murder after gunning down a car full of unarmed teenagers. The gun collector allegedly had a problem with the teenagers for playing their music too loudly, pursued them and then opened fire. Using Florida’s stand-your-ground laws, the man is now saying he is innocent of charges. Various Florida sources report the man to be Michael Dunn. […]

    Manslaughter Fla Shocks Liberal Media Into Temporary Silence

    by Thad Connely - View all comments

    George Zimmerman has been found innocent by a jury of his peer and Manslaughter Fla predictions by the liberal media have fallen false.  All week long radical media outlets have stirred the pots of division by trying to make everyone thing the trial was over before it started.  Too bad for those who love goostestepping upon the precious US Constitution, because George Zimmerman was always innocent until proven guilty and even though it is unfortunate that the kid is gone, […]

    Resident Evil 6 – a Holy game in which God walks you through Hell

    by Reuben_Harper - View all comments

    I played Resident Evil 6 last week and it rekindled my relationship with God. It is a Holy videogame and it is a depiction of Armageddon as revealed in the book of Revelations. The player gets to fight as a soldier of God and through God kills demons and monsters, which are the same, and eventually gets to kill Satan, who is represented in the game by a character whose name is Derek C. Simmons.  The allegory in this game […]

    A theological study of Pokeballs and the demonic nature of mirrors

    by Reuben_Harper - View all comments

    The above image shows what a Pokeball looks likes. It appears to be a harmless, colorful ball toy that children could use for throwing around and catching to improve their motor skills to help them carry out God’s will on Earth. But looks can be deceiving. I have watched a number of Pokemon episodes and played the games too, and my keen sense of right and wrong has penetrated the deception that is cleverly embedded in the Pokemon series to […]

    With George Zimmerman Free, Can Blacks Now Shoot All Floridans in All-White Cone Hoodies?

    by Bishop T.J. - View all comments

    If you are scared of someone because they are wearing a hoodie, it is apparently okay to shoot them in the state of Florida.  George Zimmerman decided Trayvon Martin, a black kid in a hoodie, was worth following and baiting into confrontation.  Then, George Zimmerman shot him.  A Florida jury found that this is okay, setting a precedent that you can bait anyone you want into confrontation and as long as they have on a suspicious looking hoodie, you are […]

    Obama Liberal Jury Media Still Convicts George Zimmerman of Manslaughter

    by Joe P. Reagan - View all comments

    George Zimmerman has been found guilty of manslaughter.  Multiple sources report that the media was called back into the courtroom, because the jury wanted to ‘check several specifiations for manslaughter’. While such actions are largely unprecedented, the move by the jury to recall media is just one action among many that shows the Obama administration is pulling strings in this trial.  George Zimmerman’s fate is not being decided by the court of law, but rather by the antics of a […]

    Is Your Husband A Male Twerk Addict?

    by Thad Connely - View all comments

    Does your husband sometimes seem a little sweaty in the brow when you get home early or perhaps is too eager to stay home and cook while you go visit your mother? Perhaps his eagerness is just a veiled excuse to find time to secretly hone is backside Twerking abilities and enter the road to secret homosexuality. There is a new secret underground culture of homosexuality called “TWERK”. Twerk stands for Tempting With Exposed Rectal Kink and all across America, […]

    Stores Now Selling Baby Wigs ‘Baby Bangs’

    by Cadence Appleton - View all comments

    From the land of freedom surveillance and overweight ego celebrities, we can now introduce our babies to the pitfalls of our culture vis-à-vis a baby wig. That is right: parents can now decide that little Tiffany or Kippers needs to be a stunning, bombshell bomb for her beach day and attach hair pieces to the little tyke. Starting at just $20 and sold at fine retail centers like Wal-Mart and Target, Baby Bangs will likely fill the carts of a […]

    Will Someone Please Spank Justin Bieber?

    by Cadence Appleton - View all comments

    Justin Bieber has gone far beyond needing a timeout.  It is sad and pathetic that in our society, celebrities regularly get away with drunk driving, petty crimes and probably even murder.  And while all those things are bad in themselves, we have Justin Bieber who transcends all the woes of a celebrity-worship culture into the realm of pure delusional arrogance, somewhere where King Henry VIII likely dwelled before he decided it was okay to kill another wife  for not giving him a […]

    Two Sweethearts Say Goodnight in Obama Surveillance Era

    by Dan Nordgren - View all comments

    One of the first signs of young love is the insufferable go-back-and-forth of goodnights and goodbyes.  We’ve all suffered a roomie or sibling we’ve heard do this, but clearly, have never done this ourselves.  Right?  Well, now days there is a third wheel:

    Chicago Sun Times In Heat over ‘Fright 214′ Headline

    by Rachel Aschner-Barsky - View all comments

    Some media groups are making an issue of the above headline, which reads “Fright 214″.  The headline proceeds a detailed article about the tragic Flight 214, while en route from South Korea, crashed in San Francisco.  The crash resulted in many injuries and the death of two Chinese students. While the giant headline is just about most assuredly an accident, many are calling for answers as to why the editor may not have found reason to alter the headline. In […]

    Golden Corral All You Can Eat Ribs By The Dumpster

    by Mike Watson - View all comments

    A prep cook, Brandon Huber, for Golden Corral has come out with a viral video, detailing how a Golden Corral allegedly puts its All-You-Can-Eat ribs, gravy, chicken portions and other food by a dumpster during inspection. Since the time of the video’s going viral, Golden Corral cites that the manager of the store in question has been fired. There is no update on the status of the employee who posted the video, but if anything the kid should be getting an […]

    12-Year-Old Egyptian: “We Didn’t Get Rid of Military Regime To Replace It With Fascist Theocracy”

    by Reverend Clyde H. Higgins - View all comments

    Before even getting into this article, it is tough being an American because most adults in this country do not really have a firm grip on the word ‘fascist’.  They would not know what that word meant if it were sitting in the White House and looking at them, but I digress. This video from a 12-year-old boy in Egypt is very heartwarming.  It shows that the same hunger for freedom that churned deep within our forefathers is not lost today.  […]