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Mr. Stephenson Billings is an award-winning Investigative Journalist whose riveting, heartfelt work has inspired people across the globe. He counts Jesus Christ, Reverend Jimmy Falwell, Pastor Rick Joyner, Matt Drudge and constitutional lawyer Phyllis Schlafly as his greatest professional inspirations.

The focus of Mr. Billings’s work is American politics and culture, with a special emphasis on emerging youth trends, sexual dilemmas and the crisis of liberalism. His writing style is dynamic and intense, enlightened and passionate. Despite his profound dedication to human well being, Stephenson has never shied away from the perils of controversy. “In the struggle against evil in the world,” he is often quoted as saying, “there is no shame in losing only in fighting without all your guts.” Indeed, his work shows a shocking fearlessness in the treacherous pursuit of truth.

Being an award-winning,┬áprofessionally-credentialed Investigative Journalist does not occupy all of Stephenson’s time. As a former high school football athlete, he remains keenly interested in the scholastic sports of his hometown of Dyersburg, Tennessee. In his spare time, he also performs as a motivational children’s entertainer (working in the Auguste Method) and volunteers as a leader of Christian youth camping trips. Additionally, Mr. Billings maintains a robust business as an eBay Powerseller.

Stephenson Billings was Born Again in the Blood of the Lamb at the age of 33. “I didn’t realize how hurt, how wrong I was until Jesus reached out and drew me close,” Stephenson has noted. “He held me and I wept, I wept such hot, messy tears like a child. That’s the experience I want to share with young people. That’s what gets me up in the morning and keeps me awake at night.” Today, journalist Billings’s favorite books of the Bible are the Book of Genesis, the Gospel Of Luke and the Epistle to the Colossians.

Mr. Billings would like to thank all the readers and writers of Christwire for their years of love and support, as well as his dear friends Pastor Jack Gould and Tyson Bowers III.

Mother, I dedicate all of my life’s work to you. There is no one else on this earth for whom I have a more magnanimous, passionate love.

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