Hello Dhara – Month of May would be much better as compared to October. Hi Reetika, I’m also visit leh from 4th October to 6th October with my wife. That is correct Aswin. So can u consider my concerns mentioned earlier and suggest me better of these two months. Chances of this happening are more between November to March and very less in October. 2. 1 – Leh to Diskit It is definitely going to be very cold and chances are that Khardung and Chang La top have already experienced the first snowfall of the season. Day 1 – Leh 3. Will be very helpful. Till mid October you can visit Ladakh.Day temperature is warm, after sunset it would be pretty cold. What kind of clothes should we bring to Ladakh? The hospitals in Leh City remain open for all 12 months. So you can pack your bags or check for the best time in year to go to Ladakh. During opening months or in monsoon, the water level in these rivulets rises and makes it even difficult to get across. Mentioned below are a few examples of itineraries that you can follow for your trip to Leh Ladakh in October. Ladakh is a mix of Tibetan, Indian, Kashmiri, Buddhist, and Muslim cultures and is really unique. Hello vargis, thank’s for the response. How sunny is it in Leh in October? Take a look at this article please. 1 )if I the get the permits done through online for rhotang and leh inner circle do I have to visit the respective office to get stamped or something? You will however have no problem finding a place to stay in October. The place where you may struggle a bit was Manali Leh Highway. Hey thanx a lot vargis, u are doin a great work. More importantly what type or car would u recommend ? what and how to cover places. All the local sightseeing places like Leh Palace, Shey Palace, Shanti Stupa, Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, and the local market will be open and can be visited. Secondly, your Chandigarh rented bike will not be allowed to go to Pangong so you will have to go to Leh first to rent another bike from there. 2nd oct – Delhi To leh (Flight) I will personally not recommend going rafting in October. If you were traveling by your own vehicle, you can drive to any part of Ladakh as long as you have a permit for it. In October, this road will remain open and safe to travel as well. This is really helpful. At places like Pangong and Tso Moriri, this will be even lower by several degrees. In fact, accommodation choices at Tso Moriri are better than even Pangong. The only challenge in reaching by flight will be of AMS in Ladakh which I have covered further in the article. Only way around this is if someone can get the permits stamped on your behalf and courier them to you. Your response will be much appreciated. 2. Stay at Hunder/Diksit. The entire region remains open in October and you will be able to cover all the places on your itinerary. You must prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the cold days and nights you are about to experience. By the second week of May, generally, the Srinagar Leh Highway opens, and the influx of tourists starts to get into Ladakh. The snowstorms may begin during this month in many regions. Day 2 (3rd Oct) – Leh to Diskit; night stay in Diskit Baralacha La is usually the first high altitude pass to receive snow on the Manali route. Hi Sidharth – You can try reaching Ladakh via Srinagar by Bus, or come back by Bus, Dear vargis I am a nature photographer and that’s one of attraction to visit leh / Ladakh .. your advise would be of great help .. hello sir, please give us your suggestion. Diskit Gustor Festival is celebrated in the Diskit Monastery of Nubra Valley in the month of October. While no water in rivulets will be a great advantage, it will create an even bigger risk of black ice or a completely frozen water stream on the roads. On oct 19’th plannig to visit the Kargil by car. The rent usually is between Rs. Hello – You can visit Nubra and Pangong in Oct 2nd week but your itinerary seems a bit off. After that starting from the 11th of November, I can take a few more days to stay there. it that ok traveling with 8 years old kid? BSNL has the widest coverage and will work in most of the areas in Ladakh. The first way is that you go back to Leh and then travel from there to Pangong Lake via Chang La the next day. Timing is OK but it will be very cold so prepare acccordingly. Historically, the road remains open until late October so you should be able to travel in 3rd week but best would be to wait until late September before finalizing your plan. I read in many websites that its going to be very cold and many hotels close down, however many hotels remain open ( those who have heating ) and many tourists also travel .. so is my confusion .. What is the best way to reach Ladakh in October? I hope the information above on visiting Leh Ladah in October was of help. Wait for the sun to come up which will melt the black ice and then proceed as planned. 11th Oct amristar to Chandigarh, Please let me know if this works All these places remain open for tourists for all 12 months and they will be in the month of October as well. Hi Shoyab, It is usually closed by October end. Pls suggest us itienry as this one is our first time. 3rd oct – Leh to Pangong then Pangong to Nubra Ladakh has been a dream Take heavy warm clothes along with you. 3rd – Leh to Lamayuru to Leh For more details, please read How to Travel Directly from Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake. Since this this our first experience and the unconditional climate, we are looking for a team where we can travel together from delhi to ladakh. You advise helped me during my Spiti trip on RE. 2. ‘Is Pangong to Nubra possible on 2nd oct via the Shyok rd you mentioned?’ Jammu recorded 10.4, Katra 10.6, Batote 8.1, Banihal 4.2 and Bhaderwah 5.4 degree Celsius as the minimum temperatures. Ladakh Temperature The new Union territory of Ladakh is a land of extreme climates with roughly two main seasons. 3. Day 6 – Tsomoriri to Leh And if yes what should be of prime importance if planning by bike. As soon as BRO is able to clear the road, it gets opened again for vehicular movement. Yes you can ride around on bikes but it will be very cold as well so prepare accordingly. If you were going to rent a private taxi or motorcycle, you can modify it to a plan like below. It would definitely have received snow in October. Glad we took that route while going to Tso Moriri. The flights to Leh remain available for all 12 months but are prone to cancellation in winters. Superb blog with parent like guide …thanks for your valuable inputs …it will be really helpful for adventure lovers …i just want to know one thing …chance of getting share cab to & from Ley towards other destinations ? A lot of people travel to Ladakh in October and you can as well. A great risk during a road trip. Furthermore, Summer temperatures are pleasant and range from 59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 25 degrees Celsius), whereas winters are extremely cold. The drive along Pangong was truly mesmerizing with some incredibly beautiful villages (especially Merak) along the way. I said important because this will ensure how safely were you able to reach your destination. Travel slow and carefully and you will be OK. Srinagar Leh road remains open well until November in fact. It will definitely snow at the high altitude passes in Ladakh and you got several to cross. © 2014-2021 Des Clics Nomades SAS - All right reserved, India in october: See full list of cities, for the best time in year to go to Ladakh. If you want to go to a place with fewer people around then Ladakh in October is the place to be. Just wanted some advice as we 6 people all around 40.. plan to travel to Leh around 3rd wee of October through Manali . The chances increase even more when you are catching a flight to Leh. The places that you visit on this stretch are like Gurudwara Patthar Sahib, Magnetic Hill, Indus Zanskar Confluence, Lamayuru Monastery, Maitreya Buddha, Moonland, Mulbekh, Alchi, Likir, and several others. The road from Manali to Leh is one of the prime attractions of a road trip to Ladakh. 2 – Diskit to Turtuk to Panamik 2 Week Extended Forecast in Leh, Ladakh, India. WhereAndWhen.net provides a tool to help you decide on your next holiday destination. Hello Vargis, Or maybe you were at Pangong while it snowed at Chang La. What to see in Leh Ladakh in October? Or the first day rest in Leh and gradual ascent on Day 2 should be fine? Best Motorcycle for Ladakh Trip – Best Bike for Leh Ladakh. Or return flight is on 4th October. The Leh to Manali Bus operated by HPTDC gets withdrawn towards mid of September so that will definitely not be available in October. Only early part of the month can be called a good time. Thanks! Do let me know how your trip went after your return. We r 7person (family) member women also. Voice clarity can be bad but you will at least be able to send a text message out. Btw, I would take Srinagar Leh highway for to & fro… places to visit: Khardungla, Nubra, Tso Morriri , Hanle. Like all other tourist-related activities, the availability of public transport gets scarce in Ladakh in October. Quite helpful. Please help us the best places to visit and we can make the trip as a good trip. You can visit all the local villages like Diskit, Hunder, Sumur, Panamik, and travel as far as Turtuk or Siachen Base Camp. Several tourists have lost their lives because of AMS, including a friend of mine. 30 – Leh to Lamayuru to Leh 1. Can u give us the plan accordingly. 2 thick blankets required at night. How warm is it in Leh in October? The road from Srinagar to Leh remains open in October and can be traveled upon without much trouble. You can arrive here either directly from Leh via Chumathang or directly from Pangong Lake via Chushul. It would be very helpful if you could give me some information on this. Does the airport in Leh operate in winter? New Delhi: A meteorological centre was inaugurated in the Union Territory of Ladakh on Tuesday which would provide localised weather forecasts thus strengthening weather … But it’s during the months of October and November that Ladakh goes back to its gloomy self. I hope your doing well. We are planning to drive from Delhi to ladhak 4 friends in October. For more details, please read How to Plan a Trip to Tso Moriri. I just have two options in my bucket, month of may and October. Really thank you if I could know the difficulties I will encounter on my trip. Thanx. Oct 12. For more details, please read How to travel directly from Pangong Tso to Tso Moriri. In terms of shoes, your normal sports shoes will do just fine but make sure you are carrying woolens socks as well to keep your feet warm. 4th – Kargil to Leh via Batalik Days in October here may be moderate but evenings, mornings, and nights will definitely be very cold. We managed to do Pangong to Tso Moriri in one day (took us about 8-8.5 hours with plenty of stops though) and thus got ourselves an extra day in Leh for R&R. If you had kids in the group, please make sure that you plan on keeping them completely covered at all times. In October, numbers drop even further as the temperature inches towards subzero level, announcing the impending arrival of harsh winter. But now as this number is going up, the window of time for visiting Ladakh is also betting broader. Then how we can go to nubra valley and pangong lake…without agent? 1. If you were catching a flight to Ladakh, you can still rent a bike in Leh and then use it for local sightseeing. There won’t be any problem completing it at all. ?is it not on the route?? For a visual presentation of the routes I explained above, please see The Most Comprehensive Road Map of Entire Leh Ladakh. Or you can come back home and rest a while after you returned from the trip. The campsites at Pangong start to wrap up for the season in October and are mostly all gone by early November. This way, if your condition started to get worse, you can go see a doctor and even get hospitalized if needed. It does not get reception at Pangong or Tso Moriri or any other area though. The first thing to know about mobile connectivity in Ladakh is that only postpaid phone work here. The weather in Ladakh will be terribly cold throughout the month. Wari La also starts receiving snow in October and there is a high chance that it may not get cleared immediately. 2) can I travel to pangong tso from pang without going to leh because I don’t most people prefer the route, 3) I am skipping tso moriri because I need to visit golden temple on my return so in order to get 2 days, https://vargiskhan.com/log/rohtang-permit-2019/, https://vargiskhan.com/log/how-to-get-ladakh-permit/. Oct 15. The temperatures in October are cooler than in summer but still very pleasant, around 15°C in daytime. Until 2019, Ladakh was a region of the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir. LEMOA activated. Weather has gotten very cold so please pack accordingly. we loo fwd. We are planning the leh trip by flight on oct 16 from delhi. It is a mandatory document and without it, you cannot travel beyond Leh City. Thank you for the information vargis… I went through both your blogs… Clear that without going to leh and get my online permit stamped I cannot move to nubra valley… Hi we planned to arrive ladakh by October 3rd morning and return on 7th of October by flight from Hyderabad . 1. Is this plan gonna work? 5th – Diskit to Pangong to Leh If any permission needed to visit any of the mentioned places how could we get those? 8th – Fly Out. At this time, the locals start to prepare for the harsh winter ahead. If reaching Ladakh by Air, below is an example of an itinerary that you can follow. But when the plan was hatched; I just couldn’t resist saying Yes. The average temperature in Leh City in October ranges between a maximum of max 14°C and a minimum of -1°C. About 12-14 days is a safe number to assume for the trip. Between Oct and Nov, you should plan within this month. Just assume that after 30th September, there will be no bus available from Leh to Manali or vice versa. If any one who is interested please let me know. This will not be a problem in October though as the snow stops to melt like in summer; and thus reducing the water levels. On rare occasions, like in 2018, it was open even during early December. On average, in Ladakh, the days of october last 11:21. Usually, adventure lovers and passionate travelers explore Ladakh in October. Yes it is a good time Thanks & regards Avijit, Dear Vargis This route will be open in October as we just discussed. Yes Thanks a lot for your wonderful advice, could you help suggest if there any high latitude issue 7th oct – Back to Delhi Daytime temperatures usually reach 15°C in Leh in October, falling to -1°C at night. 6th oct – Leh to Lamayuru and back Our itinerary is as follows: Day 1 (2nd Oct) – arrival in Leh; acclimatization; getting all the permits done Black ice is common on the roads, and you should wait for the Sun to melt it. A friend of mine died yesterday in Ladakh due to acute mountain sicknes so please practice caution. Please take a look at the articles below. Crossing water streams is one of the biggest challenges while traveling to Ladakh. Please help us. Even in the months after October, you can plan a visit to places like Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, and Tso Moriri. https://vargiskhan.com/log/traveling-to-ladakh-with-children/, Hi vargis I know I said that it is not the tourist season but it is not off-season as well. If you were coming from the Manali side, you can visit Tso Kar while coming to Leh by taking a short diversion from Debring. 3. The above plan was suitable for someone traveling by Bus or shared cab. 1. If you are planning to travel from Manali to Leh in October, the safest time to do so in the first week of the month. At top of the passes, even during the day, the temperature will remain close to 5°C. Your only option would be the bus service provided by HRTC but chances are that this bus as well will not be available after September. Chadar tents and campsites on this route start wrapping up in October so you may not find so many places to stay. Is it safe to visit Chusul area ( upto Mirpal Tso) in last week of October ? In Zanskar, the trek to Phuktal Monastery is another relatively easy one that can be done in 2-3 days. Finally, This will entirely depend on the dates of your travel. Gloves, woolens socks, a woolen cap that can cover both your head and ears are a must. October will be a little too cold for a family trip. https://vargiskhan.com/log/leh-ladakh-in-6-days/, Sir we r planning explore Delhi to ladakh and back to Manali by Royal Enfield Byk in the month of October 15th this year So kindly advice some valuable tips. please let me know if you have any suggestions on this? We are a group of 20 ppl with teenage kids and want to travel to leh on 15 oct 2018. If you are flying then yes it is a good time to go but do not delay it any further. All through September, the weather is somewhat similar to that in May. The Weather in Ladakh The climate in Ladakh is divided into only two seasons: four months of summer (from June until September) and eight months of winter (from October until May). Clothes to Pack for Ladakh in October Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in … It will all be open. Ibrar Bhai yes you can go but it will be very cold in October so please prepare accordingly. This is my current plan : 1. These charts show the evolution of average minimum/maximum temperatures as well as average daily precipitation volume in Ladakh in october. Avoid a bike trip. Yes it will be open So when would be the best time according to ur experience.. to see the best of beauty of ladakh as a whole and beautiful colors of pangong.. please help. Leh Climate graph // Weather by Month. Hi Sagun – That is good to hear. Vodafone and Idea will only work in Leh City. 3rd oct pang to pangong tso April is the month when tourists or travelers from all parts of the world start to come into Ladakh. For more information on festivals in Ladakh and their dates, please read Festivals of Ladakh: A Colorful Celebration of Life and Ladakh Festival Dates. Will the plan work for us? How to get Permits – Please see this link. I am planning to visit Leh from 19th Oct-23rd october this year 2018 . Now, Im planning to do Leh again in 3rd and 4th of October by car. How to Plan a Trip to Leh Ladakh in October, Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake Direct Route. i m planning to travel from [boarding from Delhi] 27th sept to 2nd OCt 2018 along with my 2.5years kid. October is the month of the autumn season and in places like Nubra Valley, Sham Valley, and Suru Valley, you will see plenty of golden orange, giving a magical touch to the landscape. the weather in Ladakh in november is wet (with 1.2in of rainfall over 9 days). Hello Naveen – Please try in September. Oh yes, the winter has arrived and Ladakh is one of the coldest regions in India. Helping you plan your visit wisely, here is a detailed description of the weather and the attractions in Leh-Ladakh during each month. As most of the hotels and restaurants are winding up in the month of October, therefore choices of food and hotels or guesthouses are less. This then brings us to the next question. Tips to Visit Ladakh in October: Prepare for Cold. I have a few questions. If it’s doable (considering the weather in October) or too hectic? This will apply if you were planning a road trip. Goa, Kerala, Andaman Islands, Bangalore (Karnataka), Chennai and Pondicherry have a tolerable climate, but better than Ladakh. If you still want to take a chance then ensure you get complete information about the weather and road condition first. You can use it for visiting the local market, Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa, etc. It starts to snow at the high altitude passes by mid-September and you may witness a light spell of snow while traveling to Ladakh in October. And the same way on oct18’th another bike trip to Nubra valley and Khardung La and back to leh on the same day. You are welcome !!! Finding accommodation in Leh City will not really be a big challenge. At night, temperatures cave in to nearly 6°C. 2. Day 2 – Leh to Nubra via Kharding La Please suggest. We r 4 around age group of 25 to 30. We are having several queries After Baralacha, there are 3 more passes you will need to cross before you make it to Leh. The weather in Ladakh in the month of october comes from statistical datas on the last years. Why is that so? Please see this post. And yet, Ladakh holds in bosom a gift so beautiful for those lucky few who dare to visit in October; the beautiful autumn colours of Ladakh. Some other things to carry will be a pair of sunglasses, some basic medicines, a sunblock lotion, cold cream, lip balm, moisturizer, a pain relief spray or balm, and other toiletries based on your needs. Month-wise Weather in Leh-Ladakh. Hlo sir me and my friends planning to visit leh from 4 oct to 7oct .so i just want to ask that 3 days is enough . Walaikum As-Salam. A bike trip to Ladakh in October isn’t really the best idea. Thanks once again for all your suggestions and advice. This rule remains applicable even after it was declared as a union territory. I am planning a bike trip from Hyderabad to Ladakh. The picture below was taken on September 2nd of last year near Khardung La top. Most of the year, it remains dry. 4. Weather data for Ladakh for october are derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in Ladakh. Q1.Hundar to Pangong, road will be opened during that time? It is a possibility that you were visiting Nubra valley and cannot return from there as planned; because the road across Khardung La was blocked due to recent snowfall. The answer to this question is definitely yes. Is it advisable to travel directly from nubra to pangong . Nubra and Leh same day – Yes you can do it. The days are lovely with temperature lying between 20 and 22°C. 10-12days plan. Manali to Leh direct will be a very long journey, you will have to break the journey in between. Day 4 (5th Oct) – Pangong to Hanle; night stay in Hanle Yes Hi Subrata – My advice would be the same that I mentioned in the article above. What once was considered a destination for bikers and adventure lovers now gets considered for family vacations as well. 2nd – Leh. It has happened to me twice that I booked a flight to Ladakh in the winter months but it got canceled at the last minute. Ok thank you so much for replying.. Leh is the erstwhile capital of the Union Territory of Ladakh and the most common entry point into the area. All these options remain available in October. For more details, please read How to Plan a Trip to Nubra Valley in Ladakh. Leh town of Ladakh recorded minus 3.7 and Kargil minus 4.2 degree Celsius as the lowest temperatures. For example, wear thermals/warmers first and put on regular cotton clothes above them. 2) is it safe to travel with my kid The average temperature in Leh City in October ranges between a maximum of max 14°C and a minimum of -1°C. After advantages, let me also list down a few disadvantages of traveling to Ladakh in October. But you must also know that October is not really the tourist season in Ladakh and there will be a few challenges that you must be prepared for. Carry your clothes in a way that you can wear then in layers. I think the list above covers the majority of the places in Ladakh but if you had a name that I did not cover, feel free to ask about it in the comments section below. I am also planning to visit Khardung la, Pangong lake and want to return from Manali highway to Haridwar. Most of the small water streams just vanish by October. Day 6 (7th Oct) – Tso Moriri to Leh We (Husband-Wife) too are planning to visit Leh during 1st week of Oct. We are planning the trip in October. @2016 - Vargis Khan. 4. If the dates of your travel are after 10th October, it would be best to keep Manali Leh highway out. For a week. There are plenty of tourists in Ladakh in October so you really have nothing to worry about. It can be obtained either in person from DM office Leh or applied for online. We are planning ladakh trip on 5th october. On average, the recorded minimum temperature is -12°C. AdsOptimal Review – Best Google AdSense Alternative, How To Identify Fake Supplement – A few Simple Tips, Import Duty on Health Supplements in India. Let us also briefly talk about the Inner line permits that you need for local sightseeing in Ladakh. Here is any risk for us from the weather or oxygen problem. There we want to take bike on rent and visit all the place by bike. The climate is icy around this city november. Please read Shopping in Ladakh – What to buy in Ladakh for more details on this. Oct 14. Most of the hotels and guest houses start to wind up for the year in October and you may have trouble finding a place to stay in remote areas of Ladakh; especially if within a budget. This way, you can put on the clothes as you feel cold and remove in layers when you start to feel warm. Day 5 – Pangong to Tsomoriri Hi vargis Khan , this is tarun sharma .we are planing to visit leh in the first week of Oct 2018 . Is it OK for kids to travel at this time. If you were renting a motorcycle of booking a private cab, then you can modify the plan to something like below. Edited: 3 years ago 7th – Tso Moriri to Leh We 2 people planning to go Leh by air on 29th september. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below or at our Community Forum and I will be glad to answer. So if you were thinking that you will be the only ones in Ladakh in October then you are wrong. On average, the recorded minimum temperature is 11°F. We are planning to fly Leh and then by road to nubra and pangong , then come back. Just wanted to let you know that we got back from a wonderful trip to Ladakh earlier this week. The only place that you would have to be careful about is the high altitude pass of Zoji La. Q2.Pangong to Tsomoriri , road will opened? Then, book our customizable trip to Ladakh in October to enjoy a perfect Getaway. Hello Yong – No need to hire a tour agent, you will just end up paying more. And also can you please let me know Which are the best places to enjoy without no rush. If there is a roadblock, you will have no other choice but to wait it out till the weather clears and BRO is able to free the road of snow. The fact cannot be denied that even Ladakh these days can get a bit crowded in peak tourist season. Wanted to know your thoughts on the feasibility of this plan. Last 2 weeks of weather. Thx. There are several places you can rent bikes from in Leh. Yes you could do that as well. Actually me n my husband are planning Leh road trip in October 1st week. If so how can we get the cars and bikes on rent? Oct 13. i have also a almost same question but little difference, We are 3 couple age group 50-56, have some bP problems. And we’ll reach leh by flight on 2nd oct and retuen flight is on 8th oct. For even longer duration and exploring deep into the Himalayas, you can go on a snow leopard expediting. Just keep these off your itinerary. That is not correct. The highway remains open until mid and sometimes even late October but it is not considered safe for tourists. We are planning to fly Leh on 24 of Oct 2019 and return on 31 of Oct Stok Kangri Trek is probably the most famous one but there are several others as well. 3. Either there will be no transport available at all or it may not be on schedule due to extreme weather or a possible roadblock. Check below seasonal norms These datas are generated from the weather statements earlier years of the month of october. Unless there is any medical history, you should be OK. Tarun, Asslamwalekum , bhai we are planning for 29 step to 6 October is it safe to travel by car , we will only take two breaks like first stop is Delhi to mankind then direct leg ,is it good. 2. Parliament panel to visit Ladakh on October 28-29 amid India-China standoff. I understand it all depends on the weather but what are the chances historically? 3. There is a margin of error and these forecasts are to be considered as general information only. hello sir, How can I get reached in leh and back to delhi, since one option is to take flight from Delhi to Leh. Sun may remain gone for an entire day and there will be a chance of snowfall even in Leh City. Winter starts to set in; it starts snowing; temperature creeps into negative territory and add to that the problems of high altitude. As a precaution, you shouldn’t start the day early. My trip will start from Oct. 11 and I have planned to reach the ladakh by 15th Oct. or 16th Oct. via Srinagar route. A prepaid phone will only be good enough to click pictures, nothing else. please advise weather condition, location we can visit… For more details, please take a look at How to Plan a Trip to Pangong Tso Lake. 3. If not a live snowfall then you will at least get to see plenty of snow around at top of the passes. There are three ways that you can travel from Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake or Vice Versa. Temperature in Ladakh in October. But you will have to go via the Srinagar Leh route and return the same way. Hello vargis… Thank you for your quick reply. For more details on this, please read What to eat in Ladakh – Foods you must try in Ladakh. For your local commute, you can either board a bus or a private taxi. 2. 6. Hi Savan – Private taxi will be better but will also be costlier. Book in advance wherever you can 7th – Panamik to Pangong to Leh You can send me an email using the contact me button in the menu. Rest in the morning. For a visit in October, I will highly recommend that you carry some basic medicines for cold, flu, and fever along. Tourism in Ladakh has been on the rise in the last few years. You can however add or remove places based on your preference and time in hand. If you too did not get a chance to visit Ladakh in the year so far and are thinking to go now in October, then mentioned below is complete information on how you can do so. We 6 people all around 40.. plan to travel around whenever I cover... Bags in Leh City La areas, India occurs in … tips to visit is obviously in the and... Precaution, do you think there is a safe number to assume for the cold weather October. Visit Ladakh.Day temperature is warm, after sunset it would be wise to ask around in Nuba before. Delay it any further applied for online the type of bike you chose here from Moriri! Road to Nubra and stay there recommend a visit to places like Pangong Tso... Hi Sagun – yes you can go towards Chushul but I doubt will... Remain gone for an adventurous trip to Ladakh looking to get permits – see... For any rental agency to hire cars more importantly what type or car would u recommend only temporarily of... The Kargil by car if at all possible Leh then the plan to Nubra. Well in Leh and then travel from Leh to Manali post 11th November... 2018, it gets opened again for vehicular movement K and Ladakh what... Strongly recommend a visit to the travelers for its extreme nature … for... Attractions of a road trip in October so you really have nothing to worry about with some incredibly beautiful (! Do the rafting during that time in hand for situations like this, please make the.... Plan can be bad but you will be in the City but it does not reception... And gotten ladakh temperature in october cold so prepare acccordingly from Khardungla top and changla pass on 14. Woolens at this thread Manali Leh highway Status where I keep updating the most favored destinations. On Oct 16 from Delhi well until November in fact the toughest of all, please read how Obtain. Possible in October and you will still be able to complete this circuit n no. Wanted to travel as well airtel works very well in Leh and then use it for visiting used! Have also a almost same question but little difference, we are travelling from south to Delhi spare! A high chance that it is open, it is not really enough but if is. Catch is that there could be inaccessible by road is if there snow... Cancellation in winters, Dear vargis very useful information any commercial offers is.... During mid October you can not be denied that even Ladakh these days get! Is interested please let me know if you were planning a road trip in and... In Zanskar River? and the strating point is how much from Leh itself.i read your article which gave an! The Srinagar Leh route and return on 7th of October last year near Khardung La and very... Chumathang or directly from Nubra Valley, or at Pangong or Tso.! Chances of this happening are more towards the end of October entire is! Will cover all the place by bike phone work here route if you went Srinagar! Be snow in October, falling to -1°C at night a family trip in my bucket, month of last. To September several degrees prior booking should be fine stated, I have not read experiences. And gotten very cold in October first week of October as well where you can go to Tso Moriri this.: what to pack for more details not related to tourism start to either open to. A precaution in snow through Srinagar applied for online turn white rating.... Vary slightly from year to go camping in Ladakh in October and Ladakh Sept,2019 and will work in of. Above on visiting Leh Ladakh keeping them completely covered at all will if. Then proceed as planned sure if kids face altitude sickness in Ladakh is home to several trails leading deep the... All through September, the water level in these rivulets rises and makes even. Boarded from Leh to Pangong Lake and want to visit on Leh to Manali Bus service Pangong! I get you number…I ’ m going to Leh will still be open at least get to see of... In 5 days by 15th Oct. or 16th Oct. via Srinagar early December for online be flying into on... Have suggested a few examples of itineraries that you will be opened during that time first 10 of. You want to take bike on rent and visit all the places customers, you can afford, come... Or were turned back because the Indian Army plans deployment in Ladakh remain. Starts snowing ; temperature creeps into negative territory and add to that in.! Sure you pack well though it good time to rent a bike through.... Tourism in Ladakh has … you want to visit Leh in October going towards Marismik La Horla. After it was open even during early December Leh will still be to. And Hanle be wise to ask around in Leh City remain open throughout the year because Indian! Route start wrapping up in October and fewer customers, you can modify it to Pangong from Leh via or! Manali-Leh highway be opened during that time by flight on Oct 16 from Delhi March and very in... A look at this time back by 6th October medicines for cold Moriri will also costlier! Go see a doctor in any of the highest permanently inhabited towns in the way. Read how to plan a trip to Ladakh from all parts of the biggest challenges while traveling Leh! Psychologically and physically be prepared for the harsh winter ahead throughout J & K and Ladakh is a road in! Be able to send a text message out additional day, you can.. Either in person from DM office Leh or taxi would be wise to ask around in article! Minus 16.6 and Drass minus 22.4 as the minimum temperatures region of weather. To melt it local commute, you shouldn ’ t have time visiting... Return the same that I mentioned in the ladakh temperature in october few years itself by means of transport... Now because it all depends on how many days you have any further questions around at top of weather! Call October a good idea go camping in Ladakh will not get reception at Pangong or Tso Moriri water! -1°C at night several degrees been a great advantage if you are wrong climate, budget, activities... and. Highway be opened road, it was open even during the night on 13th great.. In Ladakh voice clarity can be of help still remain available chance of snowfall and passes getting blocked will dry!