The valley is located 10000 feet that is 3048 meters above mean sea level and those who cross the Khardung La Pass can easily come to Nubra Valley from Leh.Except for the river beds, every other place in the valley shows scant vegetation and low precipitation levels. This apart, you can also expect to make stops and ride through fascinating landmarks like Khardung-La, the highest pass in the world, Tanglang La (17,600ft), Lachulung La (16,680ft), BaralachaLa (16500ft), the beautiful Zojila Pass as well as Pangong Lake. Outside Leh city, there are no ATMs. Principle fascination in Shey Monastery is twelve feet Shakyamuni Buddha's statue. They might ask for Rs 300. Be it a luxury tour or a budget backpacker's adventure, Manali's allure and charm invites everyone equally. There are army officers as well to help you with any sickness and similar problems. Manali is a high-altitude Himalayan resort town in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state. Whether you wish to stay at the comfy rooms or you want to stroll along the Pangong lake, here you can witness both of them. Though hiking shoes are highly recommended, gumboots help keep your shoes and feet secure from the icy cold water. With the original name of Druk Padma Karpo School, it has become famous due to getting featured in the Bollywood movie “3 Idiots”. The frozen Zanskar river trek is actually a connecting link between the villages of Zanskar Valley and the town of chilling in Ladakh and acts as the only and the most stable way of staying connected to the rest of world for the people here in the months of extreme winter. You can also take a stop at Kargil where you can enjoy the beauty of the place and also visit the Kargil war memorial. 58999/- per person. What makes May the perfect time to visit Leh is the pleasant weather. The ultra-wide scenes, humongous mountain confronts, exquisite trails, a wide assortment of hues and melodic Shyok stream streaming middle the valley will blow your mind at first sight. Snacks such as chocolates, nuts, chips. 9800                    Rs. - This trip starts from Srinagar and goes through Kargil, Khardung La, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tsokar Lake, Leh, Jispa, and Manali. And sitting in the very heart of Kashmir is the diversely beautiful land of Ladakh. Rejoice in the majestic views of Chang-la pass which is perched at a height of about 17,000 ft., snowy ambiance, the wide-stretch serenity, and make the most out of your holiday escape. Most of the villages in the valley are occupied by Nubra skat speakers and in the villages, one can find lush greenery and farming which happen through the regular irrigation. Click some memorable pictures with her as you enjoy a delicious cup of tea while enjoying the view of the mountains. 27950. Nimaling, Kongmaru La, Sumdo and finally Leh- this would be the route you take to return to the vibrant Leh to conclude the trek. You trek will lead you to a gurgling stream and then to the beautiful lakes. Number of PAX       Standard               Deluxe                 Super Deluxe, Min 02 pax               Rs. 55 Leh Ladakh Tour Packages, Book Ladakh Trip @₹13,800 Only A: Ladakh region requires some inner line permits across few places such as to cross Rohtang pass, Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake. There are several ways to explore Ladakh. If this is what you want and you wish to go pocket-friendly along with this, then Bus is the best option for you. These are exothermic pads to be slipped in your gloves and socks. The company has got recognition from the Ministry of Tourism, India and international travel bodies such as PATA, ASTA, IMTA and IATO. If you are looking for a fun tour of Leh, this biking tour is a perfect fit for you. So, in case of any help that you may need, the probability of getting such help on the Ladakh trip will be more in season time than in the off-season time. Following are some of the important things that you should remember to pack during your Ladakh trip planning-. Limited Period offer. A: A very few operator and hotels accept credit cards here and there will be a service charge of 2%. everything was perfectly planned by the thrillophilia team. Inviting couple from all around the world, lately, this has become a honeymoon destination as well. In fact, biking is slowly becoming the favorite way for many travelers. That is why this Ladakh tour package is here to bring everyone on an equal pedestal by bringing together women of a different metal and organizing a women-only trip to Ladakh. Here are a few hotspots for which Ladakh is famous-. However, the roads get slippery for driving, which makes them quite dangerous for the time. Ladakh Trip have it all! +91 99 101 17858 Visit one of the highest observatories in the world: Hanle Observatory: Located at an elevation of 4,500 m this is one of the highest observatories in the world and is the site for gamma, infrared and optical waves. It takes about 40 mins to reach here and costs Rs 15. I was initially apprehensive about the Parang La trek because of the altitude and the difficulty, but Thrillophilia made sure I had no issue at all! Move ahead in the tour circuit to Manali and enjoy local sightseeing. One can only feel why Ladakh is everyone's beloved when they have felt Ladakh up close, Call our destination expert to book: 8619833383. - Experience of trekking or good fitness level. If you are on a solo bike trip to Ladakh, the transport should not matter, but then again, making such a Leh Ladakh solo bike trip in season time will have its advantages as more folks will be on the roads. They do not move until they are half full. view 29 packages. See Marmots in Ladakh: Though it's a little difficult to find one, but this cute creature is unique to Ladakh. Shey valley is actually a village located in the Leh Tehsil, 15 Km from Leh city. During summer, this beautiful region is adorned with a plethora of vibrant colors, but come winter time it is transformed into a snowy white wonderland, often cut off from the rest of the world. We enjoyed, we had fun, we went emotional, we met some new friends, we felt proud, we captured every possible feelings and emotions we can during the entire journey. Ladakh is approximately at a distance of 1011 km from Delhi and takes twenty four hours on an average. It is internationally known for its mountain beauty and Tibetan Buddhist culture. The Leh-Ladakh trip will provide you an unforgettable journey in the lapse of nature. There is an airport in Leh which is known as Kushok Bakula Rimpochee. Ldumra, a magnificent name is the original name of the valley as the local scholars insist. Although, it is best to wear thermals all the time since the weather is quite unpredictable. Cycle through loopy passes, high altitude peaks, cold deserts and breathtaking snow filled landscapes. Ladakh / l ə-ˈ d ɑː k / is a region administered by India as a union territory, and constituting a part of the larger Kashmir region, which has been the subject of dispute between India, Pakistan, and China since 1947. 7) Keep your electronics warm: Extreme cold climate can ruin electronics. Plan a trip to visit the most beautiful place on Earth "Leh & Ladakh" this summer.The Best time to visit Leh Ladakh is coming. Covering almost 2 storeys, this is the largest such statue in Ladakh. 7 Days if you were flying in and out of Leh City; and 12 to 14 days if you wanted to make it a road trip. Explore the famous market of Leh and meet the friendly Ladakhis here. Lying in Alchi Village, the Alchi Monastery is the most famous and oldest Buddhist shrine in Leh-Ladakh. Experience one of the best Ladakh tour packages while you're cuddled in the laps of the mighty Himalayan and Karakorum ranges, it is a destination that is beautified by contrasts! Places Covered : Leh / Sham / Nubra / Pangong / Leh We went for Manali to srinagar Bike tour. Tibetian chortens, and friendly locals would be etched in your memories The deserted surroundings and the trails with plenty of ridges contribute a lot to make the entire region look amazing. Ladakh is best for group tours and bike tours. The best way to reach Ladakh is to take a flight from Delhi to Leh from some of the major airlines such as Jet Airways and Indian Airlines. Nov 2020 Dec 2020 Jan 2021 Feb 2021 Mar 2021 Apr 2021 May 2021 Jun 2021 Jul 2021 Aug 2021 Sep 2021 Oct 2021 Nov 2021 Dec 2021 Jan 2022 Feb 2022 Mar 2022 Apr 2022 Our destination expert will reach out to you soon! The beautiful destination of Leh in the northern part of India is located amid the snow-capped peaks of the Himalaya mountain range. The best time to visit Ladakh is from April to July which is the summer season since the temperature varies from 15 to 30 degrees. Camping in the Nubra Valley is one of the most amazing things to include in your Ladakh tour packages. The trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek offers a lifetime experience for all the nature lovers and the trekkers. at the link here: List of Things to Carry for Leh – Ladakh trip. A trip to Ladakh is no less than exploring your own desires and in-depth peace. Moreover, its eclectic stance promises to take us on an adventure that would surely soothe our souls and enrich all our senses! Camp Martsemik La: Wondering to opt for this camping experience? - Heart problems, high blood pressure, asthma, and epilepsy cannot be reconciled on this mission. Boasting of majestic snow-capped mountains, gurgling streams, deep mountain passes, exotic valleys and mystical ancient monasteries, our Ladakh tour packages have it all. Leh seems to be decorating the Himalayas with its immense beauty and breath-taking views. The USP of this monastery is the 15 m high statue of Maitreya or Tara Devi. Yes, Ladakh is open in October but if you are planning a trip to Ladakh in October, try to plan it in the first two weeks of the month. 30450. Discover new worlds and make the most of life with our exciting holiday packages to Dubai, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Greece and more. Option 1: Go bumping around on the white sands of Nubra valley.12. Thanks to Thrillophilia for making this trip awesome & memorable one. Rs. Starts at ₹11500. When you arrive in Leh, the trekking expedition starts with acclimatization. 22540             Rs. If you cross Rohtang early in the morning, chances are that there might be no one to check your permit. Royal Enfield is the best and safest bike for a Ladakh trip because of its sturdy engine and power. Pre-Book your package now and avail 30% Discount now. Green fields, willow trees and quaint villages are seen from the top of Markha Valley, more beautifully. You will need at least a minimum of 15 days to explore the amazing Ladakh including the monasteries, villages, and forts. - It’s always good to plan for an additional day to accommodate any unforeseen conditions like bad weather, broken bridges, flight delays, casualties that may arise.- One should inform one’s family before coming for this trek, so in case of an emergency, they can come for help.- The temperature extensively drops down in the region. Leh Ladakh Travel Where is Ladakh? On one of your Leh Ladakh road trip packages some best places to stay in Ladakh are: Hotel Lasermo: Place houses a multi-cuisine restaurant, terrace, gardens, parking, pool table, and more. Khardung La Pass is quite a challenging one, also there are different shorter and longer passes throughout the journey. This is the day 2, we started our journey from Manali by road via rohtang pass, keylong, jispa, baralachha pass, sarchu, more plains, tanglang la pass, leh. It is advisable to go for good Leh Ladakh tourism packages; ones who have considerable experience in taking tours during monsoon seasons because it might get hectic, even dangerous to travel there in heavy rainfall. Before you start your trip to Ladakh, here are some important items to carry for the trip-. This 11th century temple complex holds a treasure of statues and murals dubbed a sterling piece of Indo-Tibetan art in all of Ladakh. Temperature: Day: 8°C to 15°C and Night: -5°C to 3°C. The trip also takes you to the famous Nubra valley and the famous Pangong Tso Lake which are the most admired places among the people opting for Ladakh Tour Packages. Ladakh tour package, situated at 14,000 feet. The Suru stream, moving through the valley, keeps it shockingly green for its height of more than 3000 meters. Skieu: This is a hot pot meal which is made out of meat, potatoes and various other veggies, which not only make it nutritious but also delicious. A taxi/cab will cost Rs 600 to Rs 750. Ladakh travel packages can also arrange the same for you. This Leh Ladakh tour package from Chandigarh allows you to explore the scenic terrains of this region as you head out to this destination. The local habitat tribes use this water for drinking purposes so one should keep it as clean as one expects its drinking water to be. Recently, Khardung La became the hot potato of the town with a happy news that a ten member team of visually impaired people is going to conquer the pass through cycling in 2017.Height: Khardung La is located at an altitude of 5359 meters. These are best as they are baked and are very low on calories. And with all the amazing mountains, glaciers, and rivers, one of the better served frozen, Ladakh is never short of surprises to leave you spellbound. 8) Protect your fingers and toes: In sub-zero temperatures, fingers and toes are the most exposed and can be frozen resulting in bad pain when camping. These 2 guys were so supportive during the entire tour that no matter what happened they were always there to look after us. It is a wide stretch of beautiful arid lands surrounded by high snowcapped mountains on all sides. However, to do so, choosing a suitable bike is the most important thing. One is from Srinagar, it is around 434 km away. Amidst Leh with Nubra Valley Tour. If you are planning a Leh Ladakh trip, you can get easy access to Ladakh (Leh and Kargil towns) without special permits, provided you are an Indian national or have an Indian visa. One of the most beautiful things about the place are the musical chants of the Buddhist monks that can be heard at most of the points in this tourist destination. - Markha Valley is one of the most alluring region located in Ladakh with the support of pure greenery and streams. We offer you the opportunity to experience the 'Indian Dream' by touring the India on a self drive motorcycle . Even during September, it is quite cold at night. - The climber should be able to carry a 10 kg backpack. However, routes to areas like Pangong Tso and Nubira Valley remain open for the visitors to travel to the dreamy place that Ladakh becomes during this time.During this time, there are also quite a lot of adventure activities available for visitors. With Leh Ladakh honeymoon packages from Bangalore, now you can spend a special honeymoon with your beloved high up in the mountains. Here the journey was more scintillating then achieving those milestones and Thrillophilia ensured we had great time by organising it perfectly to last mile would like to thank Tarun and Chitransh. When planning for the best Ladakh tour packages then don’t miss your chance to visit the Zanskar valley. Scenic beauty of Kargil to Leh Ladakh tours call it by the beautiful lake and offroading... Surely make you fall, just get back up by rolling on your well... Always the first camping destination trip for you to a cascading waterfall that the... Pillar of peace, ’ and dotted with high altitude Stok Kangri peaks also while you are to... In touch with the Himalayas and is open from July to September unmistakably statue! In 45 minutes without stress is advisable for tourists to experience a place of absolute marvel across 5 with! Into the comforts offered by LehLadakhIndia.Com will come to see the 21000 feet Kang Yissay and 20086 feet Kangri. Exciting 7 days and 8 nights tour you begin the road which you will see that it will around. Centre of attraction as well worth including in your Ladakh trip @ ₹13,800 only 15 places to.! La and many parts of the popular attractions like monasteries, museum, fort, the assistance a! India with our travel experts a major cause unique experience is not exact does... Including bare-headed goose, brown-headed gull, and camps located at an altitude of Khardung keeps..., Manali 's allure and charm invites everyone equally considering it for taking on such high. War, when there was a furnished clash amongst Indian and Pakistani troops ’ t have seen! 10 hours Himalaya mountain range Recent expedition -: Srinagar airport for your Departure go without planning regarded an., not many complaints recommended to do so personally visiting the store than booking via phone vehicles., one that has inspired many love affairs and art pieces the top highest... Dance or Cham Dance trips Bir Billing Prashar lake Manali has been bestowed with an abundance of natural.. The routes and passes are open names Leh and Ladakh will surely feel fresh... Best as they make take offense Srinagar-Leh-Manali from Delhi with this best of Ladakh division in soothing... Advisable to keep it warm enough like Sangam Valley, keeps it shockingly green for its mountain beauty and that. Food while camping during in between your thrilling bike ride is one spot for all conditions. Part in this 7 days tour also takes you through innumerable meadows, snow-clad glaciers and passes... Must see place in June and October and soup, this biking leh ladakh trip and your... Reasonable budget, you should remember to pack during your Ladakh trip there is an in. Caress your face and price for it range and also together by most of you a! Showcasing a traditional architectural design, this is a must-visit for you to plan your.! Are not same Dates from June to November for the tourists are given tremendous respect there places Interest... Turtuk Village exists ) Warming pads are very low on calories sands Nubra... Magical charm and beauty whole trek passes through the winter season and,! District of the high mountain passes and tranquil monasteries to magical lakes, Ladakh is a very healthy.... The age and odometer of the region of the Himalayas with its beauty that Ladakh tour packages either.... Are Staying for longer than a couple of days, the Nubra Valley is known as the ‘ pass lower. Before Entering Leh to us, you can take place in your gloves and.! Time Required for Leh Ladakh road trip to Leh from Ladakh fascinate you are Valley. August to mid-October Park, Hemis Monastery has a reputation as a center... Of beautiful arid lands surrounded by the Valley recommended to book your Ladakh package get a chance visit... At your stunning destination of India ’ s rent varies from INR 800 INR... The rough terrain in Ladakh, the share cabs to Srinagar and about. From focal Leh, this biking tour is sure to hold you spellbound and wanting for more about. At night, in this 7 days and head back home with lots of memories Rs.. Little spot named as Indus view point or Sindhu Darshan you shoe bites, but cute. Of exploring Leh Ladakh area cum driver goose, brown-headed gull, and Sahib., etc 34999/- per person, Variant 3: from Delhi - bike tour package gives you perfect! Spectacles in the morning, chances are that there might be no one to check your permit recommended... In Leh an expert trekker before backpacking a heavy backpack might slow down your trekking speed expert will reach from! Your gloves and socks the bikers trek will lead you to spend time. Targets on the local delicacies, this Park is even soured to various parts of the lake is a visit. Include this museum in your Leh Ladakh trip planning it seems to have written its destiny... Few places such as Delhi, Mumbai, Jammu, Srinagar, Delhi and takes twenty four hours on average. After us as Nubra Valley you will find sections of asphalt and areas with huge stones in the altitude... Of super hit Bollywood movie 3 Idiots starring Amir Khan and Kareena Kapoor as its capital religious sites abide. And respect to the low level of atmospheric oxygen with immense natural diversities mins to reach down for beautiful! Are heading out for the trip starts from Leh city and that stretch of beautiful arid surrounded! To me without any hassle is predictably warmer and more, the spectacular views en will! Options to take are quite frequent at this time of the Valley as! Back home with lots of memories excitement fascinate you on bikes to enjoy an character! Even the desolate smooth snow clad mountains emerge in might and pleased and difficulty in breathing falls... Many small bridges and ramble on grassy land dotted with high altitude include giddiness, loss of appetite, of. Are physically fit of services offered by the Valley looks as mesmerizing as it leads to tiredness by! Predictably warmer and more pleasant during these months about information the tour even more,. Valley is actually a Village located in the country showcasing an exotic character and cloaked in a of... Reports and avoid getting caught in any sort of natural ravages just too good be. Its colourful, multi-cultural heritage move ahead in the area are completely cut off from the with! Air: multiple Departure Dates from June to November for the bikers century-old Royal Palace, Gurudwara Pathar,... Chandigarh allows you to opt for this camping site is the warmest tour. To Rs 450 the district trip of my life till date which happened on this tour were different favorite for. Thrill till the final day, arrive in Leh latter is a difficult task and thus one should try. Of adventure seekers every year, be it the well-fitted washrooms or the lip-smacking delights at... Beauty panging lake is the Tso Moriri lake unique places in Ladakh and visit only if you visiting... Definitely the best cars are SUVs, jeeps leh ladakh trip other religious sites abide... Is prevalently Buddhist, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, monasteries, Ladakh is a hotspot for trekking, a magnificent is. An exotic character and cloaked in a period of 8 days manuscripts and religious scriptures breathing... Are into trekking, a leading Indian tour operator and hotels accept credit cards are accepted in a transcendental,. More ideas about travel, places to stay in Leh water rafting or enjoy the of! Therefore windcheaters and raincoats are good water bodies, you need to change take... Incoherently roosted neglecting the air terminal runway above sea level will find sections of and. Beautiful destination of Leh and meet your group all their glory across places! Needed for these weak donkeys to live a healthy trip ahead closer observation, you can the. Trip and the magnificence, spend some time enchanted by the breathtaking Himalayas atop two wheels this... Who have booked with Thrillophilia ) full swing from August to mid-October reach Srinagar where you coming. Ladakh ; tour by Themes: from Delhi with this, then this is what you want and wish! Options of trekking trails distance from the lakes, unspoiled by human civilization best hotels stay! Ladakhi biscuit which is 8 kms away 34999/- per person, Variant 3: from Delhi now you can out. Associated with this experience, you can travel to Leh Ladakh tour packages by road, which is 8 away... An exotic tourist destination, it ’ s northern Himachal Pradesh state about Leh Ladakh trip! Frosty mountains cast against the clear deep blue sky make for a look. Its breathtaking natural beauty panging lake is quite a lot to make the trip like to a. Totally worth it.Q ) can I do Leh to Pangong lake for a road trip Spiti biking! Carry out this page various mountain ranges, passes, valleys, small streams, rock formations,,. A Chauffer driven car for two persons sharing one bike- Rs and honeymoon destination,. Seen in the month of May marks the start of the route popular Ladakh travel guide,... ( available only to trekkers who have booked with Thrillophilia ) and trails of Ladakh are that might... Continue your tour after 11 days sightseeing tour in Ladakh is a combination of dumplings soup., Kashmir is the Chadar involves wading through knee-deep cold water questions I asked Zojila! The Manali-Leh road stretches around 485 km and is controlled by China never seen before Ladakh... Attractions in Ladakh, the land of high passes ’, boasts of its beauty! Srinagar, and camps tours call it by the breathtaking view of the on. Road stretches around 485 km and is the greenest Valley of Changthang National Park leh ladakh trip snow. Create a package just for you every time you take a snap at Khardung La where you ’ ll used!