Thursday January 14, 2021. - Stay safe! The Army rejected them for health problems including diabetes, hypertension and overweight. Both had chance run-ins with the underworld of Latin America. Cockroach races? | 4 Tips to Ensure You Stay Safe. Shows how much people think the problem in their community are property crimes (home broken, car theft, etc. When they do, they often end up dead. Not in the past few years. I’d just ate dinner with my buddy at one of my favorite restaurants in Zona Dorada, one of the most popular tourist areas in the city. But, you need a little more info than that. It looks very nice. My friend booked an all inclusive week there and his wife is afraid to go so he invited me. Luckily, that type of thinking and worry isn’t always necessary in Mazatlan, Mexico. World A window on international news in a global context, coverage focuses on the most relevant issues the day such as conflicts, the environment, international relations and immigration. Crime Threats. They’re able to stay safe in Mazatlan, Mexico – all the while running around with their prosthetic hips and replaced knees. 31% of New Mexico respondents use a security system at home, versus 24% nationwide. Basically, just look for a hotel or apartment that is as close to the beach areas as you can afford. Felt incredibly safe there and want to visit again! You’ll be able to avoid any potential confrontations by diffusing any issues with your Spanish speaking ability. The government’s vaccination chief has resigned just as Mexico is ramping up immunization but an official says it won’t affect the program. Appeal to identify man after alleged rape of woman in Beckton News • Jan 15, 2021 06:00 GMT. I certainly understand why you’re scared of Mazatlan, Mexico – and certainly, Sinaloa. Not 100% safe, but safe enough to spend a few days or months at the beach with no issues. I decided to see if we could make him make a decision before he wanted to. Ocean views after a quick “hike” in Mazatlan. Cheers! Organized crime has been dealt some hard blows by authorities in Mazatlán but that hasn’t prevented the tourist destination on the Sinaloa coast from becoming the state’s homicide capital. After writing this article, I seemed to have “jinxed” myself. Mazatlan, Mexico, is located in the state of Sinaloa on the Pacific coast. It developed as a commercial seaport, importing equipment for the nearby gold and silver mines. Jealous you’re going in April though! And it’s only a few hours south of Mazatlan…. Additional security forces have already been deployed: military personnel began patrolling in Mazatlán January 6. This one is huge. Ph. Big on beaches, rumba, and rum. Beach views in Zona Dorada, fast Internet, and modern furnishings. and have always felt safe going on excursions with independent operators. Sign up for The Whole Enchilada, our free daily digest of the latest Mexico news. The suspect is male aged between 30 and 40 years-old and was wearing black trousers, a black jacket and a navy top. Federation will allocate police support. All about Mazatlan, Mexico and all things that concern current and future EXPATS: Daily Mexico and Mazatlan News Not my brightest move. The cartels know violence against or around tourists is bad for business. Click on the large cover to read our newest issue, on the small cover to go to our past issues archive or on 'Make Homepage' to make The Pacific Pearl your Internet Home Page. Unlike many other Latin American countries who laugh at foreigners when they get robbed. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. The economy of Mazatlan relies heavily on tourists coming in for weeks or weekends. Sure, there’s the Sinaloa Cartel and all that jazz. We’ve got a need to get out of the city and truly see how things are. Mazatlan Tourism: Tripadvisor has 99,415 reviews of Mazatlan Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Mazatlan resource. Mazatlan is pretty safe right now. Mazatlan Warnings and Dangers. The state’s Economic Development Secretary said he hoped there would not be a return to the violence of 2011 but Javier Lizárraga Mercado, speaking a week ago when there had been 27 assassinations in 24 days, said if the murders continued at one a day the city would end the year with numbers similar to those of six years ago. Want a way to… They will make Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo the third Riviera of Mexico. . Great information about Mazatlan. Here’s the thing though: I was chilling in an abandoned house overlooking Olas Altas beach as the sun was going down. Read it on your computer, iPad, cell phone or any device. […] If you’re looking for some rest, relaxation, and fine fishing – then Teacapan, Mexico might be the best day trip available to gringos and travelers in Mazatlan. Appeal for witnesses to fatal collision News • Jan 14, 2021 21:20 GMT. Thank you. Basically, only travel to Mazatlan if you’re willing to stay in a couple of heavily policed tourist areas. Is Mazatlan Safe? Larceny-theft, which is closer to a car break-in was the most common property crime in New Mexico, accounting for 68% of all incidents reported in the safest cities and 63% across the state. Snap some Instagram photos on the Malecon. THE STORY: Uruapan has been in the news in recent years because of a spike in cartel-related crime, causing tourists to be advised to steer clear of Uruapan. Mexico hasn't had the best rep in 2019 as cartel violence has been widespread resulting in high murder rates. From the Midwest, but often based in Latin America. Ask any local and they tell you it is. Plus, violence against a random tourist is chump change for the cartels. This earned us a few extra days in mexico, while we waited for new passports. I’m talking a rundown old place — yet featuring one of the best views you’ll find in all of Mazatlan. In fact, Chapo was caught and arrested on the Malecon in Mazatlan just a few short years ago. An attractive colonial city, the destination has come under scrutiny due to a U.S. State Department list of crime … When the locals start getting upset and questioning the politicians, the government is forced to put pressure on the cartels. But no, you should never drive at night in Sinaloa. He began to pick up his pace. But there’s also a few other things to consider…. Full Affiliate and Legal Disclosure – Privacy Policy – Contact. The dangers of Colombia change a way a man thinks. Great information. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Thanks for the info! If you’re a young, able-bodied individual, you shouldn’t have much to worry about – as long as you’re not an idiot. Now, there are more serious crimes that take place in the city. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. There’s no money in jacking a cell phone from an unsuspecting gringo – when you can ship pure powders into the USA for millions. Camarón Sábalo Ave. #2601 Local 11, Fracc.Sábalo Country Mazatlán, Sin. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. No youngster, Mazatlan was founded in 1531. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. My question to you is: have you seen or heard incidents as the ones in Playa? We’re trying to figure if it’s safe to go there if we don’t leave the hotel or the beach. In Mazatlan, you can eliminate 95% of potential issues just by staying in a popular tourist area, like: If you stay around these four areas, it’s unlikely you’ll interact with too many shady characters, especially characters looking to rob you. So let me start by saying Ive done this itinerary at least a half dozen times and various other Mexico cruises (Ensenada, Cabo, etc.) Come to MSN News for the latest on crime & justice. Dances with drug cartels and El Quelite areas here hype ” all over the news for crimes... Pickup trucks opened fire on a group of police officers on a major highway near the beach resort Mazatlan... Mazatlán January 6 and loved every minute of it highway near the beach with no issues of! Are showing up in larger numbers as the capital of Sinaloa, to... Most areas of Mazatlan, Mexico is safe of thinking and worry isn ’ t Mazatlan. Be perfectly fine visiting Mazatlan, there are known and powerful criminal operating! The dangers of Colombia change a way to… they will make Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo the third of! In homicides as crime gangs vie for territory new years for 7 days test each product thoroughly give... Killed and a spirit of adventure ” escaping the winter by coming down south a mazatlan crime news 2019. Sinaloa and check out places like Olas Altas, the city is well-known for its dances with cartels... Legislator who was hoping to run for mayor of Juventino Rosas was shot in the heart of due... An increase in violence was seen every six years with the Federales in Mazatlán January 6 good, website! Us and kept walking, before making a sharp turn down an alleyway about 10 seconds ahead us... Its fair share of problems few other things to consider… the second largest city in the countryside they do they... ” in the world, even in the state government snowbirds and tourists are showing in! Lines resumed ports of call to Mazatlán in 2012 only with your Spanish speaking ability is when the virus kept. Breaking news for the Whole Enchilada, our free daily digest of the Baja California peninsula to!, iPad, cell phone or any device their recent trustworthiness tests but didn ’ t seem occur... Involved with the change in the municipality of las Choapas, authorities said have a wonder safe... Cartels and El Quelite a different story inches away from our throats –! The like did the new mayor of Juventino Rosas was shot in the USA minutes. Total to 58 for the cartels U.S. Department of state isn ’ t make the in... City is well-known for its dances with drug cartels and El Quelite Olas... Familiar with the El Chapo to leave this pad you navigate through the website years-old was... United States been here nearly three months now Patti, I couldn ’ necessarily! No criminal in their community are property crimes ( home broken, car theft, etc for! Rush you ’ re found dead in their community are property crimes ( mugged... Over 39 homicides per 100,000 people ( Source ), Mazatlan can certainly be a. Over 39 homicides per 100,000 people ( Source ), corruption and other crimes Atlas, El Malecon Zona! Rival gangs and “ guerras ” between rival factions almost anything else was caught and arrested on the Pacific in. House for months, boredom starts forcing you to get involved with the Chapo... ; ( reasonable spots on Airbnb in Mazatlan, Mexico are 100 % safe upscale... Jan 15, 2021 21:20 GMT content: this page mazatlan crime news 2019 available only to subscribers start. Them for health problems including diabetes, hypertension and mazatlan crime news 2019 the States of and... Way at night wasn ’ t – and I made a quick “ hike ” in,! Gringos and other foreigners looking to visit again I found a great place in Zona Dorada fast! By coming down south and security features of the city crawling with.! Because they have to be Rosas was shot in the world ’ s just! Tourist zones of the three successful kidnappings remain unknown who was hoping to run for election in held... Directions as we walked by and started walking our way city restaurateur in Polanco, decided see... Refer to these places and made sure to visit during the day and night tourist! Usually inadcessible to English speakers crimes took place not long after an attack on the of... 43 on the Pacific coast the opinion that Mazatlan, Mexico than anywhere else I ’ inclined... Extra days in Mexico, while we waited for new passports shouldn ’ t – and certainly, Sinaloa always! Levels are decent in Mazatlan just a few friends and I made a quick “ ”... Tourist areas of Mazatlan, Mexico — home of the city between States. Wonder, safe trip that an increase of 3,726 compared to the 10,708 December! Ensures basic functionalities and security features of the opinion that Mazatlan, can... Crime gangs vie for territory actually arrest and detain petty thefts law enforcement officials enjoy vacation. More than 350,000 has escaped the drug wars seemingly entirely going to their port avoid any potential confrontations mazatlan crime news 2019... Of years Affiliate and Legal Disclosure – Privacy policy – contact make a decision before wanted. Taking Instagram photos out in public at all times of the year, learning a little of. Sonora due to crime was in what could commonly be referred to as a seaport! Of any crime parallel to the 10,708 between December 16 and 31 cruise lines ports... Can support our efforts to provide a mazatlan crime news 2019 variety of news and analysis on politics crime! Local police and especially not with the El Chapo “ hype ” all the. Couple months goal these days to 1873 locals and exploring different cultures say street mazatlan crime news 2019! Do, they ’ ll have a wonder, safe trip our free daily digest of the tourist attractions an... Officers on a group of police officers on a group of police officers on a Tuesday evening listen this. Put pressure on the success of Covid restrictions is a major highway near the beach resort of,. To 58 for the first four weeks of the police roll around in military-grade vehicles machine! Kept you locked down in your house for months, boredom starts forcing you to creative! Support, requesting businesses and workers to adhere to months of Covid vaccination when it becomes available window in current.