What are the requirements for photos submitted with visa applications? Are you employing migrant aged care workers? The “Partner of a New Zealand Resident” visa requires your partner to support your application. If you’re funding your journey to citizenship from your bank account back home, it’s important to protect yourself. What is the visa status of a child born in New Zealand? Samoans also don’t have to intend to live in New Zealand once that citizenship is granted. Can I return to live in New Zealand? Log in to reply. Can Australians get a New Zealand permanent resident visa? This visa would allow you to travel to New Zealand to continue living together, or to remain living together in New Zealand while waiting for the Partner of a New Zealander resident visa application to be decided. In these situations, we advise that you obtain a visa appropriate to your intentions prior to travelling to New Zealand. I can't save details into my Expression of Interest. If you are from a visa waiver country and your stay will be less than three months (or less than six months if you are a UK citizen), you may not need to apply for a visitor visa. Log in here to apply online for your Student visa. Child Supplementary form for Expression of Interest, I am a Tour Guide coming to New Zealand with a Tour Group, My country is not on the list of working holiday schemes, Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) in New Zealand. your passport or travel document. If you’re granted citizenship by descent and have children who are born overseas, your citizenship won't be passed on. You have to be resident in New Zealand for five years before you can apply for citizenship. Do I need a New Zealand driver’s license? We are a private company that provides a software consisting of an online form with step-by-step guide, also a service of consulting and administrative management that gives assistance and support, and prepares your documents for the NZ citizenship application process; for this reason we charge a NZ $169 service fee. I want to include my child in my online EOI, but they don't have a passport. I see you would prefer it if I didn’t provide you with the link to the NZ Govt website that talks about marrying a New Zealand citizen. You'll wanna read this. Use our online system to apply for selected visas or check visa details. I hold two passports. If you do not have an account, you can create one here. When does my working holiday visa expire? Can I get a work visa without having a job offer? The application process is the same as above, however, you must apply for a visa to live there (even if you’re already married to a New Zealand citizen). When you apply for New Zealand citizenship by grant, you need to provide documents to prove your identity, such as: your birth certificate or birth record. Can I become a Licensed Immigration Adviser? Not only must you have been living in New Zealand for the past five years in order to obtain citizenship, you must also have spent a requisite amount of time in the country during those five years. If you’re ready to feel like a real kiwi, however, applying for citizenship is the way to go. How can I get a Guardian of a Student visitor visa? In less than two months, I'm about to embark on a journey up the Mt Everest of bureaucracy. The marriage must be arranged by someone other than you or your partner (like a family member or a matchmaker) and follow an identified cultural tradition. Who can certify copies of my documents? Does someone with New Zealand residence need a work visa? In an emergency, most but not all New Zealand Embassies may be able to issue an Emergency Travel Document. What should I do? To apply for one of these visas, you’ll first need to create an account. Status of Children Act 1969 (section 9 authorises the issue of duplicates or copies of Instruments of Acknowledgement on payment of the prescribed fee) 2. Who can apply for a visa using Immigration Online? What does physically meeting mean? Pros and cons of living in New Zealand? New Zealand does allow dual citizenship, but whether or not you’re eligible depends on the country where you’re currently a citizen. To submit an expression of interest, you will first need to create an account. Do I need to submit any documents with my Expression of Interest? Before you apply, check you meet the requirements to become a New Zealand citizen. Can I offer a job to a worker from overseas? Becoming a citizen by conferral is a common way to become an Australian citizen. Until the 20th century married women did not have independent How do I know if a worker from overseas has the right to work in New Zealand? Log in here to apply for a visa as a partner. Veterinarians Act 2005 (section 17 requires that information of the death of a veterinarian be made available to the Council) 3. Many expats in New Zealand do choose to live in the country for many years without applying for their citizenship, as the difference on a surface level is nearly indistinguishable. There are many ways to become a citizen of Kiwi Country, but to obtain a New Zealand citizenship there will always be costs involved. How do I bring an adopted child to New Zealand? What is an 'open work visa', and how do I get one? Use this application form if you are a Western Samoan citizen and are applying for a grant of New Zealand citizenship. How do I apply for a further visitor visa if I wish to stay longer in New Zealand? What does a resident visa allow me to do? Permanent residents can vote, travel at will and have access to the same governmentally-subsidized social programs (like education and healthcare) that citizens do. Can I apply for post-study work visa without my graduation certificate? I am overseas at the moment but would like to visit New Zealand and look for a job. What should I do? If you are applying for citizenship by descent, by birth or at the age of 10 find out more here.. Before applying. My employee from overseas wants to work for someone else. Can I apply for a Working Holiday visa while in New Zealand? If your partner is a New Zealand citizen and the two of you have been living together outside of New Zealand for 5 years or more, you may be granted a permanent resident visa. The Department of Internal Affairs handles all the aspects and paperwork for each person or family group that wants to gain New Zealand citizenship. If you do not have an account, you can create one here. I applied for another visa, but my current one is about to expire. Can I change my course of study and/or education provider? If I get a resident visa, how long do I have to move to New Zealand? Citizenship and Immigration. Tçnâ koe Aashish, Thank you for your OIA request to the Department of Internal Affairs (included with this email). You can find the application for New Zealand citizenship on the country’s government website, where you’ll encounter three different types of applications: If you’re applying for citizenship as an adult or for your child, you must complete the application, present your birth certificate (or your country’s equivalent), your current passport, two identical photos of yourself (in color) and someone to act as a witness. If you’re a permanent resident, you may be able to apply for Australian If one or more of your parents are a New Zealand citizen by birth or by grant, but you were born outside of New Zealand, you can apply for what's called “citizenship by descent.” The parent must have been a citizen prior to your birth in order to be eligible. What does my working holiday visa let me do? It doesn’t matter what kind of visa you had while spending five years in New Zealand - you could even have had more than one type of visa - just as long as it has allowed you to legally live in New Zealand for the duration of the time in which you have been living in the country.