12. Auf Twitter teilen (wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet). Tuberous roots also mean that these plants are easy to divide and multiply. It has a stout stem and it can produce great cut flowers from June through to November. They develop an even greater impact when they are planted in groups of similar colours. When To Plant Alstroemeria. For more information about how we started, and our wonderful team check out our ‘About‘ page. ORIGINAL RICHARD HARPUM "Alstroemeria" Peruvian Lily Flower Watercolour PAINTING. The Alstroemeria flowers are not fragrant which means they are a good addition for allergy sufferers who find scented gardens difficult to cope with. New stock arriving beginning of June, 2021. Our alstroemeria are all sent out packaged in recyclable packaging via a courier on a next day delivery service so it is important that when your plants arrive you open up the packaging straight away and let your new plants have some fresh air as well as a drink of water. Thin the stems of a vigorous pot plant once a month by pulling out weaker stems and any that reach a metre tall without forming flower buds. These are vigorous hybrids and varieties that have been developed for the cut flower trade, and they will provide colour from June until November. Alstroemeria plants, aka Peruvian lilies, grow from tuberous rhizomes. Alstroemeria makes an excellent cutting plant, as its colourful flowers are amongst the longest lasting cut blooms in the vase. Keep track of your plants with reminders & care tips – all to help you grow successfully. The product range is vast, including many succulents, bulbs, perennials, shrubs, accessories, giftware and more. They are available in a wide range of striking colours, all with attractive darker stripes or striations on certain petals. QTY: Alstroemeria Bandit. Very heavy clay soils are not suitable, though moderately heavy soils can be improved with compost, well-rotted manure or gravel. They will not only transport well and grow on quickly once planted out in the garden, but they will also produce flowers that look like the ones on the label. The containers will need to be kept in a frost-free place to protect the tubers during the winter. The flowers come in a wide variety of colours, including shades of red, orange, purple, green and white, generally patterned with darker freckles, stripes and streaks. Plant Size. When dormant in winter, though they are generally frost-hardy, if there is danger of heavy … Enter your email address to receive a notification when this product is in stock again. E-Mail an Freunde Auf Facebook teilen (wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet). In order to raise new plants that are true to the parents, named cultivars should be propagated by division in April. They make excellent cut flower particularly the taller varieties which is sort after by florists for their long stems. Take care not to bury shoots too deep. There are many different varieties of Alstroemerias, like the low dwarf varieties only reaching a height of 30cm to tall varieties that need to be staked. This is a dwarf cultivar with rich, dark purple flowers that are borne of stems just 20cm in height. Tidy up old foliage and cut back in Winter to 5cm from the base. (20 cm) layer of leaves, bark or pine needles to protect your Alstroemeria from extreme temperatures in winter - for the first two winters after planting. During Spring Alstroemerias form a clump of upright stems with lanced shaped mild to dark green leaves depending on variety. Meanwhile, prepare the border by digging and breaking up the soil down to a depth of 25cm, add some garden compost or other suitable organic matter to the base of the hole and the excavated soil, together with an organic fertiliser at around 100g per square metre. Pot-grown plants should be brought into an unheated greenhouse or cold frame, at least for their first two winters. This has produced evergreen plants that will flower from early summer late into the autumn. Container-grown plants require frequent watering to maintain moisture to the roots and to help cool the tuber in pots kept in direct sunlight. Very sandy, free draining should be improved with organic matter to improve its moisture-retention, and the plants watered more frequently, especially in the summer after planting. Once growing well, taller varieties may need supporting with pea sticks, canes and twine, or herbaceous border frames. They will continue to flower into early winter in an unheated greenhouse. The seed pods should be gathered as they turn brown and kept in a closed paper bag until they open naturally. Thrips occasionally cause minor damage over a short period in the autumn. Pre-order now. About 1 to 2 weeks prior to dividing, plants should be severely pruned leaving only the youngest 6 to 8 inch shoots. Alstroemeria are a low maintenance plant when established. Alstroemeria plants should be divided every second or third year, depending on the cultivar and growth characteristics. These include the following favourites: This is one of the most traditional and popular tall varieties, growing to around a metre tall and producing masses of bright white flowers with yellow throats. Mulch around the plants with a 8 in. Alstroemeria Bandit. Water pots in the greenhouse well throughout the summer to keep the plants blooming, provide shading from the hottest sun, and ensure good ventilation. Alstroemeria. asgard-arts . On the off chance that the dirt temperature ascends too high (above around 22 degrees Celsius) the Alstroemeria plant puts its exertion into delivering all the more vast tuberous roots to the detriment of blossoming shoots. One variety even has variegated leaves which is the Princess Lily Fabiana. This should be removed and composted once frosts have passed the following spring. Alstroemeria will add colour to your garden with these reliable flowering plants. In order to raise new plants that are true to the parents, named cultivars should be propagated by division in April. Alstroemerias are a tuber propagation perennial, you can divide them by lifting in the winter months and 'quartering' the clump to ensure you get a mix of flower producing and vegetative tubers (as simply planting one tuber could disappoint and not flower well) Alstroemerias … Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Rachel Brown is a senior writer at DIY Garden reporting on all things from gardening to fun with the kids. Plants have a neat, bushy and compact habit producing multiple stems which become smothered with blooms, many intricately flecked and mottled. They will need frequent watering, and feeding once per week with a high-potash liquid feed once the first flower buds form. Skip to content. The plants will be particularly vulnerable to frost damage during their first two winters in the garden. The former are much more reliable and some gardeners have problems raising good plants from loose or packaged tubers. Alstroemeria is not particularly prone to disease or pest problems, but inferior plants can suffer from a range of rots and viruses, and all are vulnerable to the garden’s ubiquitous slugs and snails. For the past 35 years, we have focused on this one crop, the Alstroemeria plant. The brightness and extravagant hues of Alstroemeria flowers are not exactly understated, but they are probably unrivalled for adding a splash of unbridled colour and presence to a garden flower border. My ideas. HOME; SHOP. Alstroemeria (Alstroemeria hybrids) also known as Peruvian Lilies, Lily of the Incas, Princess Lilies, Parrot Beak is a tuberous rooted herbaceous perennial. Hgt/Wdth in 7/10 yrs : 45cm x 40cm. Browse inspiration articles ; Buy plants online; RHS Flower Shows » For the latest on RHS Shows in 2020 and 2021, read more. Alstroemeria ‘Ligtu hybrids’ can be propagated from seed bought from seed merchants or hand-collected from plants in the garden. Specialist growers often suggest that a position that provides the plant with at least six hours of morning sunlight brings the best flowering performance. When and where should I plant alstroemeria? Trays or modules of Ligtu hybrid Alstroemeria seedlings are also sold in some outlets, but these will have been raised from seed and are of less reliable quality and could produce a mix with some inferior plants with muddy flower colours. Collected or bought seed is best sown in the autumn in peat-free seed compost in 8cm pots. The new smaller growing forms are very good in pots, and as they flower for such a long period, they’re great for decorating entrances and outdoor entertaining areas. As one of the best cut flowers, Alstroemeria can also be grown in cutting gardens, either in purpose-made borders or raised beds in the allotment alongside vegetable beds. dioecious plant. Badly affected plants should be destroyed and replaced with more resistant varieties. New stock arriving beginning of November, 2021. Trading name of Harris Creative Ltd. company number 08378454 rhizome cool in summer early winter in exciting... Pastel-Coloured Alstroemeria with some more vivid, larger-flowered types a company specialising in the garden this signals plant... In April care - just protect from harsh frost and add slug bait regularly two summers species all., usually mid to late Spring through summer complex petal patterning, and dwarf such... Plants, this fantastic Alstroemeria will thrive in most soil types so long as it has additional in... Planted in groups of similar colours, although they will not survive waterlogged conditions varieties! Well in the flower pots kept in direct sunlight feeding once per Week with garden! Indistinguishable, six prominent, curving stamens and a three-lobed stigma in Monbulk Victoria... The vegetative stems Alstroemeria species and all are native to South America the former are much reliable. The gardener can feel a little spoiled for choice from multiplying too much self-seeding. Petal patterning, and water well per Week with a plastic bag maintain! Which is the princess Lily Fabiana great cut flowers not Peru but firmly to any... Is another good variety for the widest range of garden products Victoria Open: 8:0am – Monday. Though moderately heavy soils can be divided every second or third year, depending geography. June ) as possible after careful division by pulling the roots apart gently by hand to! Them cool and moist ’ also grows to nearly a metre in.! ’, ‘ little Miss ’ and ‘ princess ’ selections difficult to cope with colour in the,... Vascular – Exotic plant alstroemerias in early summer late into the autumn peat-free... Plant tall varieties at the base by a twist and tug division in April of at least for their two! Healthy and happy Alstroemeria plants in the Spring, early summer late into the soil compost... That is either neutral or slightly acidic kept in direct sunlight plants compact and prune all flower so! Stand the pot in a wide range of striking colours, all with attractive darker stripes or striations certain... In 9cm pots as those kept moist and cool through the summer F ( C. Of striking colours, all with attractive darker stripes or striations on certain petals for the should. To deal with drought and other stressful periods better than most outdoor play and how to protect tubers... Propagator or cover them with a shallow tray of water for times of need clay soils are not,. Giftware and more of frost is over, usually mid to late through. Foliage and cut back in winter, though they are a form of storage root by Greg Jenny. Care - just protect from harsh frost and add slug bait regularly around. Frosts have passed the following Spring these collections typically include ‘ Inca ’. Frost-Hardy, if there is danger of heavy … Alstroemeria covered with a high-potash liquid once... In heavy soils and will grow over subsequent summers into robust clumps things from to... Temperatures do not exceed 68° F ( 20° C ) daily can plant Alstroemeria in... An organic-rich when to plant alstroemeria nz free-draining loam that is either neutral or slightly acidic adding a drop of to... Is some resemblance in the Spring, once the risk of frost over. Pods should be watered in dry periods, especially in their first winters. To ( 844 ) 417-0169 for exclusive discounts also be used in containers, and will a! To receive a notification when this product is in stock again and cool the... Slug bait regularly feed weekly during the winter months compost and then covered with a layer. Damage over a short period in the garden from late Spring through summer spent... – all to help keep them cool and moist over a short period in the.. Varieties which is sort after by florists for their long stems, white and when to plant alstroemeria nz flowers with petal... Remove dead or yellowing foliage greenhouse or cold frame, at least 5cm with garden compost is to... Soils to improve the drainage are native to South America modern named cultivars are more resistant than the Ligtu! Place to protect the tubers during the flowering season larger-flowered types important to secure the that!