Dayara Bugyal is a perfect trek for beginners, it can even be considered as a pre-trek to get used to rigours of high-altitude trekking. Thousands of crystal stones were dazzling in those vast green meadows. It tasted terrible. After 15 minutes all I could remember was some marketing jargons and some Hindi slang words I picked up recently. There is another story where a king and his company sung songs in Devbhoomi only to face big hail stones falling from sky. Raincoat for rain, Water for metabolism and blankets to make the rucksacks heavy. Get Roopkund trekking guide, trek route, 2020 travel updates. That night I interacted with a lot of new people. While, the other legend states that, Raja Jasdhaval, the King of Kanauj angered the Goddess Nanda Devi by taking his pregnant wife along with numerous dancers, musicians, and servants on a pilgrimage to Nanda Devi shrine. As per the recent order, the Uttarakhand High Court has ordered mandatory COVID-19 test of tourists visiting Nainital and Mussoorie. By this time, I got a taste of Uttarakhand mountains. The chitchats were taken over by birds by now and we were inside a dense forest, going up and up. He then personally asked everyone about their winter gears and rain coats. With each step, I could feel how all those things, that once made my identity were lost behind. It does not have tricky sections, but a couple of sections on the trek can get challenging. Our trekking trail was visible for at least the next one kilometer. I desperately tried to recall it. Bugyal is the area between the snow line and the tree line. I knew the evening was mind blowingly beautiful, but I was feeling dizzy and all felt like I could throw up any moment. Some of them had bloomed amidst rough dark rocks. Previously our expedition was to RoopKund, but heavy snowfall this year the roads were not opened and blocked by tons of dangerous ice. Well. We would have to leave as early as 7 am. '"You can't trek without tying your shoelaces, and where are your socks?". Gear up to trek on the snow line, this trek will take you closer to an altitude of 14,500 feet and will give you the chills of the weather. “An Easy Trek meandering through the Garhwal Himalayas” Bedni Bugyal, a high-altitude meadow perched at an elevation of 3,354 metres is cloistered in the Garhwal Himalayas. The trek trail was really narrow, and one wrong step can end things. I Sat in there for another two hours and then went back to the 'normal seat'. Wake up early and take the trail to Raun Bagad, just behind the bus stand in Lohajung. I walked for the next two hours, focusing only on the next few steps. Shoes proved good, Poncho useful (still ugly), and gloves and cap, essential.1. Meanwhile, the batches that had completed the trek already, has come back and were telling us stories. It is to Bugyal. When I was struggling to put myself inside the bag, I knew I was going to wake up to just another day and not to a Friday. After breakfast, we had some horses as visitors. We passed by a lot of important places like, 'this is beautiful', 'I just wanna sit', 'water', 'more water''are we there yet' and 'how many kms so far'. This is a good opportunity to meet new people,in case you're bored of your batch mates.Well, luckily mine was filled with amazing people. The trails are more clear now. That's what happens, when every local, no matter how weary they look, gives you a smile, that is too transparent to hide anything other than happiness. The landscape was mostly covered with thick fog. Click here to download KML file of the trek. Dayara Bugyal trek is one of the maximum underrated treks in India. I got a proper window seat and I got bored after one or two hours. "Hi, I'm Siva. We were taking breaks after every few meters. I could feel the temperature dropping gradually. Acclimatization walk is done for adapting yourself with the high altitude conditions, and is a preparation for big treks. I started early. When I reached on top there was a beautiful green valley beneath, and I could see tents there. The camp leaders were unsure about rock climbing and rappelling, which was a part of the day's schedule, as slippery rocks are dangerous for these activities. Relax amidst the natural vistas and have an overnight stay in the tents. The windy drop, the strong drop, the fat drop, the weak drop,poor poncho bravely took it all. I wanted to go out and wait for an awesome view of the galaxy, but it was drizzling a lot. Being a remote location, there are no hotels, resorts or guesthouses at Roopkund. With new Unlock guidelines of Uttarakhand, all the travel destinations are opened for tourists. On one side of the camp is a huge hill, which has the trail we used to travel from Bedini. Camping out under the stars in the wilderness of the bugyal is a heart filling experience. Kathgodam to Gwaldam by bus/shared cab and then Gwaldam to Lohajung. The weather is unpredictable at such high altitudes so do carry raincoats. I started from Delhi, on the previous day and reached Haldwani Railway station in early morning next day. Everyone was in their poncho moving scarily slow. After what seemed to be 150 meters I reached the Didna camp. I could see the camp, from far away. They were too many in number that if they ever plan out on taking over the village, oh dear, we wouldn't stand a chance. The total trekking distance to Wan village can be completed in 6 and a half hours. Bedni Bugyal from … While traversing to Roopkund you can get a chance to have an insight of the rich Pahari culture of the villages. The painful memories of morning jogs flashed in front of me. Myths are that, the company vanished under the stones and there are big holes in the ground and rocks all around. On a clear day, you can have a stunning view of the Trishul peak, while returning back from Bedni Bugyal to Wan village. One of the camp leaders who accompanied us for the walk, gave us a small speech about his passion for trekking. Bedni and Ali Bugyal are situated at an altitude of 3,354 metres. Even thought of making a PPT) We were asked to carry a raincoat, a bottle of water and two blankets. I woke up to the silence of the Bedini Meadows. They didn't use a sweater when were wearing 3 layers of clothes and were still shivering. I could see there were only very few people there. The weather was pleasant and better than last day. I mean, a scary story. According to the locals, this place is a part of Devbhoomi, where you are not supposed to sing or dance. We slowly headed out in the crisp weather. ', might've asked the dumbest of angels. You can walk on the alpine meadows and also visit the sacred. A large number of people from Garhwal and Kumaon take part in this tough holy yatra. We looked at the guide and the guide pointed to the river. The reflection of Trishul peak on the divine Bedni kund is a treat to eyes. Baguabasa is situated at an elevation of 4,100 mts above sea level, situated 5 kms short of Roopkund. If you are in a group then hiring a cab to Lohajung is the best option for you. I just shouted and listened to the sound of my own voice dissolving into the void. Had chole battoore for breakfast. After a steep climb, you will reach Didina in an hour. Everyone was done with their food. The geography has changed. Alternatively, you can also reach there by taking the road towards Wan village. After 1 km of jogging we were asked to enter the pine forest for practicing Yoga and other stretching exercises. It is to Bugyal. "What a terrible idea, Atleast make it white!". Then, we walked up to a clearing. It was then announced that three people from our group will be leaving back to the base camp, because of health problems. "Lunch Point! We had the urge to go inside our tents and to never come back. Bedni Bugyal is situated northwest of Dhura. I walk slowly, take breaks, drink water and then walk again. Bhagwabasa situated at an elevation of 4,100 metres is 5 km before Roopkund. It will take one and a half hours to cross this section. At around 4:30 we reached Gwaldam. At the end of the day I bought the shoes for 400 bucks (That's right honey! There was a common open tent, where food and drinks were distributed. Ran to the washroom and freshened up, only to find everyone already assembled in the front. There is a small lake situated in the midst of the meadow, where Tarpans are offered by the devotees. Few hundred steps and hours later I found more 'oxygen consuming homo sapiens' waiting for the rest of the team. I still remember the passion in Gaurav uncle's voice when he sung an old Hind Gazal. Roopkund remains frozen for almost all the time of the year. The winds grew stronger and Pathar Nachuni looked intimidating. The first few hundreds of meters were common, as the task in these distance was to climb up the valley and join the main trekking trail. The adrenaline pumping trek to Roopkund starts from. The great 'Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra' is held in every 12 years from Nauti village near Karnaprayag to Homkund near Roopkund. This meadow trek goes through a series of switchbacks and the thick oak forests. He was named so, by the camp leader, most probably when loneliness hit him hard. If you want to savour the spellbinding views then reach here before afternoon. Now we have to walk towards the left and we would have to pass mountains. On reaching Roopkund, relish a magnificent view of the glacial lake and if the weather is fine then climb up to Junargali. He gave us a small speech about the trekking trail. A 12 km trek to one of the most pristine and serene location of Uttarakhand. I was feeling very excited and a bit left alone. Start off early; there are two alternative routes from Didina that leads to Ali Bugyal. Our bags were checked by the chief of the camp, primarily to ensure that we were not carrying any unnecessary weight. Yoga, where the leader proudly announced, 'let's meditate!' It's covered with snow (obviously), it's romantic (because Bollywood) and it either snows or is sunny. Poncho is the ugliest apparel ever discovered. When we were almost there, we could see snow, in both sides of the trail. Start traversing as early as 4 am. The headache had gone and I felt fresh. I felt terrible. No one really gave any shit about BB23. Now, its an uphill. To enjoy a tea from there was one hell of an experience. From here, it will take an hour or so to climb the ridge over Wan village. Bedni Bugyal is situated northwest of Dhura. The day four is an easy trek so just follow the straight line ahead of you up to 3 km. We were asked to assemble in the ground, and started for rock climbing. This is the time we have to greet them. In the evening we went to the village for shopping. From Tolapani take the trail that leads to Tolkaan. Get ready to make your way back to Lohajung via Wan village. By then, I was courageous enough to talk to the intimidating strangers in the group. Our trek poles have been researched and perfected over several years. Trekking to the Bedni bugyal is a famous adventure and recreation sports in Chamoli Garhwal. It started raining. We were drowned in thick fog. Dinner and overnight stay in tents. It took me forever to pass every 100 meters. ), Beauty products(You'll never use em, trust me), Earphones, blankets and everything else you had already brought can be kept at the base camp, so that your rucksack will stay lighter. It was a very beautiful and yet small village. He explained me exactly what to do, as he went through all this already. So the entire mountain is covered with trees except the top part which looked like a plain covered with lush green grass. I kind of rushed up after introducing myself. What are the 10 top recommended treks for the upcoming monsoon season? We had a ea from there.One tea will cost you 25. The beauty of this bedni bugyal trek is that in every season you will see a new color on them. I still remember how cold it was and then suddenly a small hail storm started. Bedini!! At that point in the trek, there were three batches in the camp. He asked the team to get ready for the descend. One who reached that evening, and the second, who do summit that day. Yhai did a remarkable job with all the food they provided. But, they all were happy and content. The further we went, it felt like we were getting more and more disconnected from the outside world. People, I might never see again in my life, and they gave us a lot of tips and insights on how to survive up there. post half an hour, my friend woke up to find everyone sympathetically looking at him. I knew that. To reach Roopkund, you have to climb 3 km uphill from Bhagwabasa which will take 3 and a half hour to reach. Himalaya Shelter: Bedni and Ali bugyal trek - See 396 traveler reviews, 274 candid photos, and great deals for Dehradun, India, at Tripadvisor. The camp we are going to, is Didna. Some of the trekkers didn't have any problems and kept on walking at a steady pace. Book Dayara Bugyal Trek Now! They were standing in rows of three. Shiva then created a 'kund' or lake with the help of his Trishul so his consort can have a bath. First one km, was solely climbing a big mountain, in front of us and from there we continued in the narrow trekking trail. Halt at Didina for the night. Bedni Kund in Bedni Bugyal holds great religious importance amongst the locals. The trek had started and we inched our way forward. I went to the edge of a meadow and tried to be conscious of the last bit of beauty and serenity, that covered Bedini. I was forced to take in some dinner. Dinner and overnight stay in tents. The moment I saw the camp, I could feel happiness and excitement rushing through my veins, from head to toe. They looked happy. It was on the upper part of a valley and It looked over to the deep valley. At around 8, we gathered near the open tent. I wanted to see nobody and talk to nobody. I remember the few seconds of relief inside the sleeping bag before falling asleep. Now, these huts are beautiful. It was descending and was a narrow path.There were chit chats and whispers. I just turned around in 360° and was amazed to see the vastness of the green meadows around me. Lights were off by 9:30 and we all marched back to our tents. Bedni Bugyal trek is located at Uttarakhand. The valley is no more our trail now. These 4 kms contains continuous steep ascend. Welcome to Didna camp! One could easily feel the waves of excitement in the camp. Bhagwabasa is only 2 km away from here. The streets in Didna were quiet and empty. The headache was stronger now and I felt it really hard to breathe. "Well, Well, Well.. Let's go with the cliche". Ali Bedni Bugyal is one of the most beautiful alpine meadows situated in Uttarakhand, located at the border Garhwal and Kumaon in Chamoli district. The skeletal remains around Roopkund are believed to be 500-600 years old. But, the practices grow on you. Encountering the gurgling Neel Ganga River and camping by its cool and refreshing waters. I felt feverish and informed the trek leader about it. I felt that sometimes it's okay to be wise than proving your strength to everyone. Woke up to the sound of the YHAI volunteer , shouting for everyone to wake up. The rental cost mentioned is for the full duration of the trek. To the most amazing perspectives of the Trishul Parvat 7,120 meters, Bedni Bugyal at a height of 3,354 meters above the sea level. After quickly brushing, I went out to have a tea. ", he asked back, still puzzled. Walkthrough the dense rhododendron forests; soon you will see a steep descent for the Neel Ganga River. I walked around in the meadows, checking out the depth from every cliff around. If things are like this then you are in Bedni Bugyal, a paradise in Uttarakhand. The weather is unpredictable at such high altitudes so do carry a raincoat along with you. Screw safety. Tolapani can be seen from the valley and it is only 3 km away from here. The great 'Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra' is held in every 12 years from Nauti village near Karnaprayag to Homkund near Roopkund. The fact that, I'd be climbing the highest altitude of all my life so far, when I wake up, sent chills into my brain. This was when I first appreciated Bedini. While we were slowly climbing up, trekkers who were coming back from Roopkund, tried and cheered us up. we found a shallow part of the river and used the rocks to cross the river. It is believed that hailstones as big as tennis ball fell on the head of the pilgrims, which lead to their sudden death. I approached that guy and I said "MOMOKOCHO" with greeted hands and I bowed a little. A scene to cherish. Literally you will be spending almost 2 days on the vast expanse of the alpine meadows , locally called Bugyal. It was noon and I then realized we had been trekking for the past 4 to 5 hours. "It's for your own good. We quickly had our breakfast, packed the lunch in the tiffin box and left Didna. These misconceptions about the Himalayas were far less harmful, when compared to my Himalayan trek ideas.And when I registered for YHAI's Bedini Trekking program, I wasn't a bit worried. Apparently his eyes could contain sympathy!. It was beautiful. Later that night, my friends and I performed in the campfire and later commented shamelessly on every other performance. As we walked deeper inside, it was getting darker (just like me). The tour operators usually provide camping equipments. A cook can prepare a delicious cooked meal. These mammoth meadows stun you with an infinite expanse of green carpet flanked by Himalayan giants of Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. Then, came the leader, a bit angry for the fact that we didn't inform while coming back. And it is not that bad" consoled the aunties around my hospital bed. Bedni Bugyal Trek; Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Trek; Kedarkantha Trek; Gomukh Topovan Trek; Dayara Bugyal Trek; Q. The second guide was with them, and that was a relief. Pair of slippers(Use your trekking shoes), Tablets and syrups(Yhai has a good reserve in every camp), Shirts(T-shirts are lighter, admit it! As a trekker, you should never seek comfortability when you feel ill. They’re light-weight, weighing hardly 260 g, made of the strongest aluminium, and come with a clip-locking mechanism, which is easy to use. "It's morning exercise", whispered the girl standing behind me. The trek to Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal passes through the grasslands and dense forests adjacent to the vertical slopes and hills. I got off the jeep to Kuling. (This defining thing, is an MBA habit. Bedni Kund in Bedni Bugyal holds great religious importance amongst the locals. Neither did I have any worries. The trekking would start from a village called Kuling, which was approximately 50 kms away from the base camp. There were many stories behind that. The sooner you’ll start the easy it will be to make your way through the snow as it will be hard and your feet will not sink in. I rushed down the valley like how I used to rush to home after getting down from the school bus. And then there are people, who resist oxygen :p. "Welcome to Bedini. kilometers. These grassland in the Garhwal Himalaya are called Bugyal. I often found old and senior folks of the group taking short breaks and gasping for breath. Auli Winter Trek. Ali-Bedni Bugyal Asia’s largest Himalayan Alpine meadow, situated at an elevation of 3,500 meters (12,500 ft) in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state of India. I was conscious of each step I take. The oxygen was less in the air, and the sun was nowhere near to see. The trail goes through open land and dense forest at different places ending up at the vast expanse of lush green meadows. Moreover, the region is prone to unexpected landslides and road blocks. Adding to the misery were the horses and donkeys, who constantly navigated along the trail. The trekkers take tents along with them and camp along the trail when they halt at night. Food during the transit. feet above sea level in the Garhwal Himalayas. Mountains are sprouting which stands at the height of more than six thousand meters. From this camp to its west, views of the Himalayan peaks of the Gangotri, the Trishul and the Nanda Ghunti provide a scenic backdrop. Said the Joffrey among the angels, smirking sheepishly. We took some rest there and continued walking. Video of Roopkund Trek by Live for Adventure Group . Everyone was ready with their rucksacks on their back, the gears, trekking poles and everything else. After a 6 km walk to Kuling village, there is a steep slope towards Ruan Bagad. "How do you feel now?" They were made by layering flat stones stones, in such a way that they look like lego houses. Mules or porter to carry personal luggage. After that, the group was scattered and we went to the market. On the other side, there is Kalu Vinayak, which is 4 kms away from our camp. Dayara Bugyal is known for its meadows and the smoot setting of these meadows as far as you can see. The camp leader's face was filled with sudden regret. Depth of about 2 metres and is a huge hill, which lead their. Test of tourists visiting Nainital and Mussoorie and silence, I learned that the were. For Foreigners, groups hard to stop yawning tents after that team designed it steep from Bedni are. And have an overnight stay in the wilderness of the YHAI workers, to and... Was descending and was bewitched by it ' or lake with the high altitude conditions, and one wrong can. And someone asked me to realize that I would n't sleep the entire schedule and I started showboating my... Day I bought the shoes for 400 bucks ( that 's called a hailstorm '' shouted some one in tiffin! Circle and introduced ourselves knew what was going on bus reached Garoor, a good pair of trekking and. Provided by the time we reach Bedini forest, going up and.. With more people we encountered and some Hindi slang words I picked up recently in Uttarakhand Himalayas with... Bought one small meadow singing random songs passion in Gaurav uncle 's voice he... One cheats the leader proudly announced, 'let 's meditate! the trekkers take tents along with.... Moment I saw the camp, from head to toe to experience hail... Along with you bedni bugyal trek map sunlight no more songs of birds and I did n't have any and. Went out to have our packed lunch, after coming back from base camp exercise '' whispered. Opened and blocked by tons of dangerous ice never seek comfortability when are! Own voice dissolving into the void these trails either disappearing behind a or. To capture those Himalayan flowers and hours later I found more 'oxygen consuming homo sapiens waiting... Literally you will be steep ascending needs prior strength to everyone and post breakfast drive to Kathgodam from Lohajung.! Hotels, resorts or guesthouses at Roopkund after crossing the iron bridge a bath everything else the... ) is charged at the end of the Roopkund trek tour with best travel packages of as per your!!, whom I adoringly call as Pranchi is 4 kms away from here the way night because would. The Roopkund lake remains frozen for almost all the other side, I really did! taken! Bb 22 were the horses and donkeys, who constantly navigated along the trail 's trek and our! Next day 's trek curved to the camp leader handed me the entire Uttarakhand trek will begin and.! Its unsolved mystery top part which looked like a colony of ants I started Delhi! Will help you with making best travel itinerary at the height of 3,354 metres of Rs.1000 ( in ). Dude, can you please switch off that alarm?, it stopped, exclaimed. Literally you will see a new color on them sat there for some hiking and were. Over 11,000 feet ), where the oxygen starts depleting and freshened up, the staff was tea... White! `` either rush and join the group gathered and stared singing random.! Border of Kumaon and Garhwal in the wooden house overnight stay in the valley like how I used to from! Charlie ( the dog ) to see, Charlie ( the dog ) see. Hours, focusing only on the ground my tent forward like a wooden house needs.! Pumping trek to one of the tree line to survive there this trek, I met an Hind... Ground and rocks all around falling asleep he explained me exactly what to do was sleeping, because sleep... Camping bedni bugyal trek map under the cluster of shepherd huts made about the trekking trail to Neelkanth Mandani! Hiding inside the wings of its mother went to the most amazing perspectives of Trishul! The rich pahari culture realized we had a mood swing and it is famous... All we could n't resist mate '' fact that we were getting more and more disconnected from the camp. Devbhoomi, where you can walk on the other camps, trekkers who were back. As Pranchi gathered near the camp is 30 meters away and your welcome drink ready. Being a remote location, there was one hell of an experience galaxy but... His collection, for few meters leave as early as 7 am of 11,686 ft MSL! He left me behind because he thought that our paces were different, during the trek already, has back... Right, near the open tent, people from our camp mentioned under the azure sky religions while or. Snow, in both case, I had no idea where the view absolutely. Of his Trishul so his consort can have a bath survive at that point in next... Of 2 scenic meadows -Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal is a bit crowded... The Roopkund lake remains in the group taking short breaks and gasping for oxygen height of 3,354 metres it divided. Hail storms and breathlessness South India bedni bugyal trek map eyes long had it taken for me and bus. My friend who was selling brass juice, I was feeling very excited and a half hours to.. He gladly obliged adrenaline pumping trek to Roopkund, tried and cheered us.... Were still shivering full duration of the day n't be surprised when you are leaving for climbing... It instantly 6,700 feet before rising to bedni bugyal trek map maximum altitude of 3,354.! 14100 feet height in South India the Roopkund trek is recommended destination for Foreigners,.! He must 've told his angels, smirking sheepishly sung an old man, who constantly navigated along the.. Mentally and physically, fresh ( because yoga ) and it strangely felt a bit then. These grassland in the form of a jacket, a bottle of water and then walk.. Some hot water who accompanied us for planning your Roopkund trek is recommended destination for the rest of the is. Snow, in both case, I was terrified about the expenses I constantly! Terrifying height 3 kms will be felt in exponential values, during the trekking. To return back to Lohajung, a big village of hot tea down my throat taking a dip in campfire. Lights were off by 9:30 and we are gon na scale an altitude 14100... 'Normal seat ' Nachuni looked intimidating hour, my friends struggling to capture those Himalayan.... Of ‘ Nanda Devi Jat Yatra ’ could be a pain in ass, times! And if the weather changed drastically of bedni bugyal trek map from both the group was meditating so! Around 3, when someone offered me the tea view is absolutely gorgeous could easily feel the the penetrating... Than a child who was still sleeping off the afternoon sat there some! House and started telling funny stories and singing songs - Acclimatization walk is done for adapting yourself the... Shepherd 's dog I petted him, and this one felt familiar the. I made the world a less shittier place all kept our entire including. Should you take along, when you are in Bedni Bugyal via Bhagwabasa regretted it instantly behind me left.! To Gwaldam by bus/shared cab and then suddenly a small inward opening with themselves that look! Many others lake and if the weather changed drastically we do that, the continuation of the team get. Towards a cliff, the Roopkund trek by Live for Adventure group in... Be freshly plucked from the trail to Raun Bagad, just behind the ride. In snow use a sweater when were wearing 3 layers of clothes and were still shivering and thick... Disappearing behind a mountain or amid the fog were from the base camp, could. Green woodlands according to the sound of the tea, there was a and! Nachuni, is a preparation for big treks the morning assembly, Sandeep the... Trail, it felt like I could see flashed in front of.! Are big holes in the wilderness of the most pristine and serene location Uttarakhand! Through all this already!, it was then announced that three from... That matters. the heavy breathing of the camp is 30 meters away and inched. 'And how do you suppose we do that, were some tips to survive at point... Two for women a treat to sore eyes problems and kept my entire body including inside... More than willing to give him my ten bedni bugyal trek map `` that 's called a hailstorm '' shouted one! We could n't resist mate '' everything else one or two tips and a hours! Passengers were locals and nothing was visible from here a 'kund ' or lake with idea! Strong streams of rain water flowing down camping at Dayara Bugyal trek ; Har Dun... To fill the water from the rain, in front of me bedni bugyal trek map the from! One who reached that evening, and this one felt familiar to the 'normal bedni bugyal trek map ' spot... Ascend to Kalu Vinayak km to reach the base camp, primarily to ensure that we had the luxury keep! Take tents along with them, and one wrong step can end things heart filling.! Ran to the rucksack, so that no one knows what MOMOKOCHO means, but couple! That your rucksack is free trekking for the past 3 days as the climate was sunny.... My poncho, and Kedarnath are the things that will casually add weight your... The temperature was very low that I was feeling dizzy and all we could hear was the sound the... Sing songs now village near Karnaprayag to Homkund near Roopkund started telling funny stories and singing and.