Immigration records in South Africa are not as difficult to find as one would think. The eGGSA Passenger List Project Immigration Records in the Pietermaritzburg Archives Repository. Look at the Ship’s List website for information about passenger lists to Canada, USA, Australia and even some for South Africa, as well as immigration reports and newspaper records. Read more … About South Africa, Immigration Index, 1858-1986 . I discovered this site today.You can search a collection of Passenger Lists of people going to South Africa covering the years 1687-1923. Search Naturalization records here. German Settler Ships – These ships brought German Settlers to South Africa during the mid 19th century. List 5 : Indenture nos. Incoming passenger lists (1878-1960) Search and download lists of passengers arriving in the UK on ships that departed from ports outside Europe and the Mediterranean, though lists include passengers who joined ships at European and Mediterranean ports en route to the UK, between 1878 and 1960 (BT 26) on the (£) website.. List 6 : Indenture nos. Therefore, there are not many lists included in this database that date from these earlier years. State Records holds many records relating to immigration to South Australia from 1836 onwards, Read more about Immigration; Immigration - Passenger Lists. 1920-11-19 RMS Armadale Castle Passenger List. 1911-07-15 RMS Walmer Castle Passenger List. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions are in place for entry into Germany from a large number of countries. We will continue to add to the data as we proceed with the transcriptions. Palatine Ships Passenger Lists from Germany to Pennsylvania 1727 to 1808 . The indexing is complete only for the assisted immigrant programme through to 1888. 1943 seized by USA renamed Lejeune (AP 74), troopship. South Africa Passenger Lists 1911-1955. Find many passenger lists here – you don’t get luckier than this! Class of Passengers: Cabin ; Date of Departure: 15 July 1911; Route: Southampton for Capetown via Madeira, Algoa Bay, East London, and Natal; Commander: Captain F. Whitehead, R.N.R. 50000-65000 . List 9 : Indenture nos. Ellis Island, Bremen, and other searches. Find information about British emigrants to Argentina and Uruguay in the 19th and 20th century at GGA Image ID # 175886fb9e. 15001-30000. Read more about Immigration - Passenger Lists; Immigration Schemes. Years later Durban, Port Nolloth, Port Elizabeth and East London became more popular. Lists of names of individual passengers as found in a range of series. In broad terms the research will focus on the locations where the families originated, patterns of migration to South Africa, where families first settled, communities they established, growth of families, and subsequent movements and emigration. Direct trips between Hamburg and South Africa were relatively rare in the early years. Rose and 92 passengers and crew were killed. Passenger list Giulio Cesare 1936: Arrival list 1925: Arrival list 1928: List of Emigrants (all) Passenger list 1936: Passenger list Hamburg 1895-1903 : Arrival list 1926: SA Jewish Rootsbank The South African Jewish Database Jewish Migration and Genealogy. Of course not all incoming passenger lists will be indexed here, nonetheless this is a very useful source. Home; Poor Jew's Temporary Shelter Database. Cape Town Docks - View From End of Breakwater - 1907. 65001-80000. Cape Town has generally been considered as the initial major port of entry for South Africa. Ships to South Africa 1680-1690. Every £, $, € and Rand helps! They may have arrived as a fare-paying passenger, as an 'assisted' migrant, a member of a ship's crew, in military or naval service, or as a convict. All passenger lists held by us have been digitised and are available through FamilySearch. This database contains a collection of details extracted from various South African immigration documents. Volumes Description Period. Labels: German military settlers, Kaffraria Germans , passenger lists, Philippi Germans. 100001-115000. The soldiers (2362 in all) were instead sent to the Cape as settlers, arriving in East London in early 1857. Class of Passengers: First and Second Class; Date of Departure: 12 November … 1915 scuttled at Lindi, Tanganyika when under British I haven't used the following two sites yet, but they looked good. Captain H.H. Passenger Lists of the Union-Castle Line. Separate lists were kept for British (and Commonwealth) passengers and Alien passengers. The intake year list has links to class photographs for all years. Records about migrants seeking assisted passage under various immigration schemes. Australian shipping and passenger records The arrival of an ancestor in Australia is a key moment in a family's history. List 8 : Indenture nos. List 1 : Indenture nos. The passenger lists date from 1878 to 1888 and 1890 to 1960. Over 160,000 convicts (most from the British Isles) were sent to Australia. Passenger Ship Lists To Ellis Island To Canada To Australia To New Zealand To South Africa From Germany From Ireland Photographic Records Family, mystery and military genealogy photograph search engines. List 4 : Indenture nos. Posted by Mole at 11:30 AM. Formed 1900 by the merger of Union SS Co. and the Castle Mail Packet Co. 1912 Royal Mail group took over control of the company. German Military Settlers were sent to South Africa. 1919 Bullard King & Co.'s Natal Direct Line taken over. Search ships passenger lists carrying Palatines from Germany to Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. by Donna Speer Ristenbatt. It was one of the most important British liner routes of all – the express run from Southampton to the South African Cape. The book covers German immigration to South Africa during the 19th Century. These men had been recruited for service with British forces in the Crimean War (1854-6) and were stationed in England. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014. The mail service to South Africa, ... 31 Mar 1917 – Damaged by UB-32 near the Isle of Wight 15 Jul 1942 – Sunk by German raider Michel off South West Africa. 1911-07-15 RMS Walmer Castle Passenger List. About the Shelter; About the Register; About the Project; What do the headings mean? Because of their own population growth, NSW refused to accept convicts after 1842. This section (everything between the 'noframes' tags) will only be displayed if the users' browser doesn't support frames. There is also a new database of Military Deserters in the Cape Colony during the 1800s. New South Wales, Australia, Assisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1828-1896; Australian Convict Transportation Registers – Other Fleets & Ships, 1791-1868; Canada, Arriving Passengers Lists, 1865-1935; New York, U.S., Arriving Passenger and Crew Lists (including Castle Garden and Ellis Island), 1820-1957; View all in Card Catalogue . The Natal Immigration Board's Registers of immigrants 1850 to 1911 have now been transcribed and the data is available to search. These records are a work in progress so be sure to visit often to see what has been updated. On the Trail of Our Ancestors - Index to Ships' Passenger Lists. 1-15000. Last updated: March 13, 2008 and maintained by Outgoing passenger lists (1890-1960) 1919 to France as war reparations, 1922 renamed Nevada for Fabre Line. More help. The British Government first sent convicts to New South Wales, Australia in 1788, after the American Revolution. The Archives of the Colonial Office records held in the Cape Town Archives are a rich source is tracing your ancestors first steps into the Country. To U.S.A. Tracing the departure of passengers from England can be found in various repositories such as the Cape Government Gazette papers (1805 to 1900) in the Cape Town and Natal Archives. 80001-10000. Maybe they came to South Africa. INDEX of the PROJECTS related to a series of passenger lists for ships that left Hamburg during the second half of the 19th Century and early 20th Century to bring immigrants to South Africa and to other parts of Africa. More databases will be added soon. 130001-152184 . Passenger lists for paying immigrants usually list only names. Genealogical website for Germans who have emigrated to South Africa since the 1600s. There are descriptions of various groups that emigrated to South Africa, as well as lists of names and passenger lists to help you find your ancestor. South African Genealogy has collected lots of Passenger Lists and made them freely available for you to search through. on August 7, 2006. in Helpful Websites, Record Indexing. List 2 : Indenture nos. Each record found carries a full reference to the original. The passenger lists in BT27 include long-haul voyages to destinations outside Britain and Europe. Most passengers would have travelled via Southampton. Union-Castle Mail S.S. Company. These lists are being indexed by volunteers using the records that are available through the FamilySearch website. List 7 : Indenture nos. Outgoing passenger lists (1890-1960) Ships to United Kingdom. Jahrhundert by Werner Schmidt-Pretoria. Passenger Lists are organized by Date, Steamship Line, Steamship or Ocean Liner, Class of Passengers, Route of Voyage, and the Ship's Captain. This site includes passenger lists from Hamburg as well as an extended register of names mentioned in the book Deutsche Wanderung nach Südafrika im 19. Near the bottom of this webpage is a brief guide to help you read the German language passenger lists after you find them. Cape Town, South Africa Passenger Lists 1911-1955. 115001-130000. SA incoming Passenger Lists by Jacqueline. Carrying passengers as well as cargo, including the all-important mail, it was a byword in travel – ‘every Thursday at 4’, as one of the big Union castle liners set off for Cape Town and beyond. on August 7, 2006. in Helpful Websites, Record Indexing. List 3 : Indenture nos. The Ships List – Voyages to Australia and New Zealand. Passenger Records Search Passenger Lists Search engines to US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other ports. Two lifeboats containing 61 people were picked up by the raider and taken to Japan as prisoners Good Hope Castle: 1945: 9,905: ex-Empire Life. However, the lists from January-June 1853 are missing. Passenger Lists available from the GG Archives from the Port of Cape Town, South Africa. Organized by Date of Departure, Steamship Line, Steamship or Ocean Liner, Class of Passengers, Route, and the Ship's Captain. To begin you … From here it was intended they should sail to South Africa but the war ended before their departure. Mole's Genealogy Blog . The Fleets. South Africa, Immigration Index, 1858-1986 [database on-line]. Hamburg passenger lists are available from 1850-1934. However, many of the pre-1890 lists were irregularly destroyed by the Board of Trade in 1900. 30001-49999. German Genealogical Research in South Africa. There are also no lists for the World War One years (1915-1919). Please help towards my time and effort in maintaining this website. The site, which has over two million online records, gives plenty of links to other sites, lists of surnames being researched in South Africa, baptism, marriage and death transcriptions for the 1800s, and passenger lists, which are a mammoth work in progress as more come to light. Ships to South America. Summary listing of Passengers Lists from 1911-1955 available at the GG Archives originating from or calling on the Ports of South Africa. Below is a list of inventories with references to the Archives of the Colonial Office.