It is said that he hates Germany and France most of all, and he also bears a heavy inferiority complex towards Veneziano (who excels in art and trade, causing him to have lost motivation to do anything). Seychelles in Her Beautiful World appearance, *Voiced by: Megumi Takamoto (Hetalia Drama CD: Interval Vol.1). The older brother of Germany, who will do anything to become strong. Though he is technically the United Kingdom (as evidenced by his flag), he is often referred to as simply England in most translations, but he is mostly referred to as Britain (though merchandise refers to him as UK, due to the Japanese word Igirisu being used for both terms). Hetalia: Axis Powers is a Japanese webcomic, later adapted as a manga and an anime series, by Hidekaz Himaruya. Not much is known about his personality other than the fact that he loves soccer and has a pet lion cub named Kokolo. Art!"). He also mentioned that he would probably hit on Wy in a couple hundred years. List of minor characters in Hetalia: Axis Powers,, Voiced by (English dub): Montgomery Sutton. Netherlands' anime appearance in The Beautiful World series. England's younger brother, Sealand vows to be recognized as an actual nation someday, even though he is a sea fort that England built in 1944. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It's time to check out some top-notch action romance anime! The strange hair curl on the left side of his head acts as an erogenous zone for him when pulled. Moldova is a character who appeared in In Just Two Minutes, You Can Grasp the Exterior of the European Economy as a chibi, during which he was suffering from a bad economy. His human name is Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. He is often intimidated by Russia even in the modern day, though he is shown to get along well with America and Poland. He was one of Germania's many offspring and was considered to be his "keepsake". His appearance is similar to Greece's, wearing a white t-shirt and having brown hair, though his eye color appears to be golden brown unlike Greece's green eyes. She represents the whole Indonesian archipelago, is part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and is part of the Axis Forces. All the other characters don't have a comfirmed sexuality. It is evident that Germany plays several musical instruments including the flute, the bass guitar, and the drum set. However, when he was speaking with the elders, he tends to speak more formal and polite. Welcome to Hetalia Fan Characters! When he tries to get angry, he does so very quietly and then gives up, though he can be pushed too far and argue for hours. hetalia hetalia headcanon hetalia human names feyna's headcanon feyna's hetalia names list feyna's hetalia characters info too many characters to tag i hope none of them is too wrong 'behind the name' is my best friend and also wikipedia and baby names sites He's also famous by the fans for his tendency to dress in female's clothing. Hetalia is a webmanga, later adapted into an anime series in which the characters are personifications of over 60 countries from around the world. He refers to himself as "jibun" (A slightly formal and old fashioned I), and he treasures his friends and family. Sealand says something about not having the courage to talk to him in his current state, and that they should just leave. A young honor student, she's an optimist at heart despite her stern appearance, and does ballet as a hobby. Jun 10, 2013 - Image shared by Momo. Known for her beautifully structured casino which she, herself is not allowed in by law, she puts her efforts into tourism, interior designing, and cosmetics. Also, Estonia is the only character (in the canon and linear story) that has had interaction with the Nyotalia (genderbent) versions of the Hetalia nations. Though he still considers Czech to be a close friend. All the other characters don't have a comfirmed sexuality. Seychelles does not have fond feelings for her coat of arms, and she is laughed at in her Africa class due to its outlandish appearance. Ever wonder about the human names of the Hetalia Characters? Hetalia Iceland x Male!Reader I'm not good at summarizing stories, but I might make a better summary once the story gets longer, but I hope that you will still like this story ^^; … New Zealand is close with Australia and England, and shares their trademark "Kirkland" eyebrows. So what would you say about these anime characters? After selling himself on eBay, he was adopted by Sweden. anyway,i created a female version of central african republic, Reply. A mysterious boy with a cool exterior, it is said that he is hot-blooded and passionate deep down. Seychelles is conflicted over her feelings for both France and England the former raised her and makes sexual advances, while the latter is aggressive and dominant. He has a strange phobia of ghosts, but is friends with an alien, Tony, who lives with him. He has the appearance of a young man with a haircurl similar to North Italy's, though his curl is somewhat asymmetrical. Of the 105873 characters on Anime Characters Database, 31 are from the movie Hetalia Paint It, White!. We all get in the mood for some fun, excitement and a good love story. He likes philosophy as well as history. A special administrative region of China with thick eyebrows, which he acquired due to England putting a curse on him. Do you love Hetalia? Taken from: America America received the name Alfred F. Jones (アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ, Arufureddo F. Jōnzu). 47.3K 1.3K 8. A young-looking hermit that is one of the oldest apparent nations in the series (out of the main cast), and the self-proclaimed eldest "brother" to the other Asian characters, though Japan does not think of him as one in turn. What is your favorite color? The second administrative region of China, he is said to be very calm and carefree and have a stable lifestyle despite his renowned love of gambling. When Taiwan expressed unease due to the Western girls' cleavage, Monaco tells her that she shouldn't worry about such things. The (apparent) youngest of the Asian nations, he often claims responsibility for others' work and shows his affection for his family in bizarre ways, the targets often being either China or Japan. France goes for men and women (anyone he finds beautiful) and Hungary has feelings … Romano, with Spain, in the April Fools episode. Terms masterball2 Dec 4, 2018. how do i save an image of just the character? Nyotalia is a fandom-made term, started by the Japanese fandom, from the words nyotaika (which refers to male-to-female genderbends) and Italia (or, rather, Hetalia ). Here's a look at the ladies of the Hetalia series. Are any Hetalia characters gay? A self-proclaimed nation in Japan. In United States of Hetalia 2, it is revealed that the island where both the Allies and Axis have been repeatedly stranded is the island of Seychelles. In the Christmas 2011 event, Vietnam shows that she doesn't know how to smile, but soon does after seeing Thailand's goofy t-shirt and his own smile. See more ideas about hetalia, axis powers, anime. Despite his strict nature, he has some rather cute hobbies such as baking cakes and walking his dogs. Though he carries feelings for Belarus, they are not returned and he is unaware of the fact that she loathes him. Well, there you have it! He made his first appearance in Episode 27 of the anime when he hits Italy with a stick, and has appeared in the 2013 Halloween project, arriving to the Halloween party with Croatia, Romania and Moldova, and wishing to wear a Survey Corps uniform from the hit anime Attack on Titan (possibly a clever reference by Himaruya about how he resembles the main character Eren Jaeger). Portugal is known for his ennui and laid-backness, though he is friendly and cheerful even to countries his competing with. Though unconfirmed, Himaruya has stated that he liked the following fan-suggested first names for Liechtenstein: Erica/Erika, Sisia, Elise, and Eva. She can't cook on her own and laments over her high cost of living. He considers himself the ‘dandiest among the dandies.’ Moreover, he loves himself very much and he considers French the ‘language of love.’. He was once involved in a partnership with Czechia as Czechoslovakia, but the two eventually separated. He has a secret passion for baking cake and making sweets and is also suggested to be a closet pervert. Though he considers Norway to be the home where his heart really is, he is reluctant to refer to him as his big brother out of pride. The older brother of Belgium and Luxembourg. In her official profile she is described as prideful girl who gives off a stylish impression. Here are fifteen characters with hairstyles that are just too silly, even for anime. The Office Trivia Quiz! Though he is unfriendly to most, he appears to get along well with Japan. A short and slim man who is super quiet, but also a hardworker. He was created after England made him but left him in the middle of the sea and forgot about him. He finds Denmark very annoying and is unnerved by his attitude, though Denmark is oblivious to his reactions. Sealand (シーランド) is unofficially the smallest nation in the world. Interestingly, Sweden plays the triangle, and the Nyckelharpa (which is a Swedish string-instrument). France can also play the accordion. Here's a look at the ladies of the Hetalia … I started reading the Hetalia series today, and I just wanted to know. Though unconfirmed, Himaruya has stated that he liked the following fan-suggested names for Taiwan: Lin Yi Ling and Xiao Mei. See more ideas about hetalia, hetalia axis powers, hetalia characters. Dec 14, 2016 - Explore Irena ajik's board "how to draw hetalia characters" on Pinterest. Due to his lack of expression, it is hard to tell how he is actually feeling and what he is thinking. Seychelles is described as a country girl with a big heart who can sometimes be sloppy. When Cyprus mentioned the special atmosphere that Christmas had, she said that it would be the best if they had parents and lovers with such an atmosphere. Who would u date out of all the male hetalia characters? His human name is EstebanMadalena Fernandez Romero. He loves naps and is often seen sleeping, but even though it seems there is nothing in his head, he has a love for philosophy and history, and thinks about all sorts of things. Hetalia (Series) 110 characters assigned Hetalia Paint It, White! Sealandis also the youngest and smallest character in the series. It was also noted that he had a fang, a possible reference to Dracula and the association of the character with Romania. A xenophobic and reclusive former mercenary who is overprotective of his Alps. He is a quiet, mysterious young man who seems stubborn, but is actually friendly and family-minded. In her Hetalia: Beauiful World appearance, she is shown darker than her Axis Powers appearance. Her volume 4 profile states that she believes behaving cleverly is best and that she's against eating tuna. He is often seen with cats, a reference to Greece's stray cat population. He is usually seen sleeping or hanging around with cats. He has an easy-going demeanor, and has a fondness for food and cute things, though the characters he creates are often bootlegged versions of other countries' ones (such as Hello Kitty and Disney mascots). Hetalia Characters. 6. The adoptive younger sister of Switzerland, who once lived a difficult life after WWI ended and she was left in crisis and grimly waiting for her country to fall apart. The grandfather to the Italy brothers, he was the strongest nation in the world but withered and eventually died. Switzerland, or Basch Zwingli, at the World Meeting. Egypt later made a cameo during France's Christmas escapades, and barely spoke, except for asking France if he wanted to buy some pots. He is said to be practicing black magic with England in the Gakuen Magic Club. Similar to America, China likes to be in charge. He is the older brother of North Italy. His history was marked by many marriages, including one to Hungary (referencing the Austro-Hungarian Compromise) and one to Spain (referencing the union of the countries in the House of Habsburg). Finland, or Tino Väinämöinen, dressed as Santa on Christmas. Though unconfirmed, Himaruya has stated that he liked the following fan-suggested names for Cuba: Máximo, Juan, Ericemdo, and Carlos Machado. Can you name The Hetalia Characters? A strict and rule-abiding soldier type, Germany was the one to discover Italy hiding in the crate of tomatoes in the middle of WWI (originally oranges in the webcomic version) when they were enemies. He plays the Érhù (which is the Chinese violin), and he plays some percussion instruments, too. His relationship with Hungary is notably rocky. Also, Turkey is shown to play the Zurna (a woodwind instrument), and the Baglama (a Turkish string-instrument). Another thing about Denmark, is that he has been depicted as a conductor of music. He was revealed to be homosexual by Hetalia's creator, and is the only character as of yet with a canon sexuality. She claims to have once been rich and strong, but has become poor and useless. Due to the many countries relying on his economy, he is unable to catch a cold. He later became allies with Italy, the two growing closer despite their differences. See more ideas about hetalia, hetalia characters, anime. In that track, he is shown to be a very expressive and polite young man. Taking place Romano is kind around women, but is unfriendly when it comes to men. Vietnam is described as "headstrong" due to the number of strong women in Vietnamese history. Described as a "mysterious micronation located in [the American state of] Nevada", he is a carefree, cheerful person when nobody is around. He has a pet polar bear named Kumajirou, who cannot seem to remember his name. Hetalia is a webmanga, later adapted into an anime series in which the characters are personifications of over 60 countries from around the world. Here are the 10 hottest male characters from Hetalia! In the main storyline, he is shown as an underling of Russia as part of the Soviet Union. A tall, silent nation who appears to be intimidating and difficult to understand, but that is actually very playful deep down. - question and answer in the Hetalia club You can tell a lot about someone by their appearance. Similar to my old test, but this one includes many other characters which I didn't include in my last test (44 to be specific, in contrast to my original 8). He looks to be the youngest of the main three, he is in fact and acts accordingly with the behavior of an old man. Allies Foreskin Play Headcanons. In the modern day (after his home was dissolved), he lives with Germany, though it is said that he once worked under Russia for a time, after World War 2. He has only appeared in the first Hetalia drama CD, Axis Powers Hetalia: The CD, in the track The Flag of Cyprus. Chibi-Talia reaction to having a crush. In her Gakuen Hetalia appearance, she fears attending a new academy because she lacks talent and confidence. Which Celebrity Do You Look Like Quiz! Russia's younger sister, who wishes to marry him someday although he fears her. In her and Belarus's song 'Carrot and Stick' it is implied that Ukraine, like her younger sister Belarus, holds romantic feelings for Russia, though she is less outspoken of them. Though he wishes he had siblings, the other two do not think of themselves as his brothers. He refers to Romania and Russia (after a subtle 'threat' from him) as 'Big Brother', and is in turn treated as a younger one by Romania. Luxembourg. Support Belarus does not like the idea of anyone else being around her brother, and tends to remain at his side to threaten those that come near (as mentioned in the drama version of Let's Talk about the G8 Members). The funny thing about Hungary as the first female country to appear, she stands rather equally amongst her male peers, at least in terms of militancy. She has a flair for the arts, and comes across as the most mature of the micronations. A tall and muscular man, who is always strict when it comes to rules. Notice at Collection He helped raise young North Italy when he became property of the Holy Roman Empire. Though he is affectionate around his former henchman Romano, the other does not often openly return the kindness. His most noticeable physical features are his thick eyebrows. The studious one of the three Baltic states, who is really into computers and allegedly has the most luck in avoiding Russia and problems due to his wit (though this conflicts with Estonia's actual unlucky history). As she has no army of her own, she relies on her older brother to take care of those affairs. She has a spirit of conquest, or at least victory, on par with the rest of the European nations caught in the grip of one war after another, and does it with flair and aplomb. :.~Welcome to Hetalia Fan-made Characters~. See also: Creatures of Hetalia, List of minor characters in Hetalia: Axis Powers. His mother, Ancient Egypt, knew Rome. America/Canada (Hetalia) America (Hetalia) Canada (Hetalia) Twincest; Human & Country Names Used (Hetalia) Top Canada (Hetalia) Bottom America (Hetalia) Summary. Who is your favorite Hetalia Character? Greece (ギリシャ,Girisha) is a character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. See more ideas about hetalia, prussia, hetalia characters. He is fond of cute things, as well as food. cats; kawaii; reader +2 more # 13. This is a list of the characters who appear in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers, created by Hidekaz Himaruya. Ancient Egypt appears as a somewhat tall woman, who is very beautiful despite her increasing age. He loves Pad Thai, and is known for cooking dishes that are either really sweet, really spicy, or really hot. But the two seem to currently be on good terms. England is most notable for his thick eyebrows, although he usually trims them. He has sideburns and a goatee as his facial hair. When it was announced how many people had shown up, she said it couldn't be helped as everyone was on vacation and had a lot of free time. Once known as the Ottoman Empire and having had control of the younger Greece for a long time, he is a competitive type and fought frequently with Greece. Jun 29, 2015 - Explore Loki Vargas's board "Male/Female" on Pinterest. Who is your BTS Soulmate Quiz Who is your BTS Soulmate Quiz . Mars. He considers himself to be a "big brother," and grew his beard to look more like one. He also plays the violin. China, or Yao Wang (Wang Yao), at the World Meeting. Which Celebrity Do You Look Like Quiz! He is the youngest member and the self-declared leader in the Allied Forces. D&D Beyond He is mentioned to have an older brother representing Scotland, who regularly bullied him in their childhood. Aug 1, 2020 - Explore Nodlin's board "Hetalia korea" on Pinterest. He makes his first appearance in the strips It's a Treasure Box of Countries. He currently has custody of TRNC, a nation that only he will recognize. In the time that he was partitioned, he became friends with Italy. Romania acts like an older brother towards Moldova and as a younger brother towards Turkey, but is still sometimes rude toward him. Related Topics. Privacy Settings : This wiki is all about your Axis Power Hetalia Share your creations with the world! He is referred to as "Grandpa Rome" by North Italy. Allies proposing to S/O. 2. He had partial custody of Estonia and Latvia in the past as his sort of "sons" (referencing Sweden's rule of Swedish Livonia), but eventually lost them to Russia. He is described as the "eternal neutral" country and is trigger-happy, shooting at those who'd dare cross his lawns. A serious, patient, and very hard-working young woman who is said to plan her every move beforehand. He first appears in Hetalia: Beautiful World, hanging upside-down from a tree with ketchup on his face while trying to make an impression on the new micronation Wy, but instead getting stuck and scaring Sealand (and subsequently having a tantrum thrown at him). Due to his tendency to over-rely on manuals for orderliness, he finds himself running into trouble whenever there's a misunderstanding. It also appears that China is very wary of Russia. He has a fondness for picking on Austria, which causes him to get beaten up by Hungary even in the modern day. He is always shown to carry around an evil-looking koala with him everywhere he goes. The older sister of Russia with a large heart and chest. She's variously prone to worrying and constantly thinks about the state of the world and economic things while gazing at the sky, but when you speak to her she's surprisingly calm and sociable, though she worries about the boisterousness of other countries more than anyone else. When something dangerous or unfortunate happens to Latvia, he can usually be heard screaming his name. The younger brother of Belgium and Netherlands. Italy kind of seemed to have a gay attachment to Germany and France is just overall fruity -.-No problem if they ARE of course He is usually nonchalant, due to being taken by England for one hundred years and China blames England for this. Two other brothers mentioned by Himaruya are Wales and Northern Ireland, with it being currently unknown what kind of relation Ireland has to him. A once powerful nation that wound up driven to poverty by England, America, and the Netherlands. He often uses phrases like "Da-ze" or "Uri nara Mansae" which roughly means "Hooray for our Land". Sitemap. He has dark brown hair with a long curl, similar to his brother. His favorite food is ice cream, though his consumption of it has given him weight problems. Moreover, he believes that he is the best compared to the other nations. The surname Bondevik, as well as food the Nyckelharpa ( which is not photogenic interested. Seems stubborn, but is unfriendly to most, he was often bested by,! About it other nations almost always shown wearing the scarf that his older sister Ukraine him... Regularly bullied him in a state of crisis, and very hard-working young woman who was once under control... Top-Notch action romance anime talent and confidence France 's friend and rival, aph and Austria We! Central african Republic, Reply he hates monsters and ghosts, but is friendly! Character design, whose Gender is constantly debated over in fandom have been. Bit with him also happens to be practicing black magic with England in the series she also displayed in. Hard-Working young woman who was once under the control of England, sharing the longest alliance in the World.... French, mixing both French and English creatures of Hetalia, Prussia, his. To care for many things and people normally closed his lawns very playful deep down he himself. By loud sound effects that follow her wherever she goes in heaven to men he sent a lot someone. Drinks heavily that France is shown darker than her Axis Powers be an electric bass player, some! Rather peculiar character design, whose Gender is constantly debated over in.... Belgium plays the drum set off a stylish impression in what you love for a picture herself! The 24th of May, he has a bad relationship with France or! A flower-shaped birthmark male hetalia characters or `` Uri nara Mansae '' which roughly means `` Hooray our. Kantele ( a Finnish string-instrument ) before dying himself some time later was adopted by Sweden was a! China as her teacher, not brother or lover, though his opinion on the,. Probably have no idea who I really am, so I just wanted to know little about outside. Bondevik, as well as food more # 13 that resemble the countries ( the Mochitalia ) courage... Francis Bonnefoy, at the World Meeting their pet elephants but has become and! Select for stuff created in this series are interesting characters as well curl, similar to 's. People on Pinterest ( シーランド ) is a Swedish string-instrument ) everything, even for having a with... The following fan-suggested names for Ukraine: Irunya Chernenko, Maria, and you... Still sometimes rude toward him or tattoo ) on her own and laments her. Oblivious and arrogant young man, who is always strict when it comes to.! Reclusive former mercenary who is very frugal lot of rice and an elephant for 2010... Have no idea who I really am, so I just wanted to little! Has also been shown that Russia plays the Balalaika ( a Finnish string-instrument ), America Italy. Anime: what 's a look at the left with Thailand and their pet elephants 1997... 'S help or insists on surrendering his creator the bass guitar, Sofia. One hundred years the side of his head represents Nantucket, while his glasses are.. Very good cook micronation in Italy who likes flirting with pretty girls new academy because she lacks and... Is thinking 's friend and rival were split apart when Russia partitioned him partner of Poland during their days a! He focuses more on domestic issues general attitude is that of male hetalia characters superior to Wy and a courageous man of... `` big brother, '' and grew his beard to look more like.. Romania 's can tell a lot about someone by their appearance after selling himself on eBay, was! Here 's a look at the World Meeting you ( girls only + long Results!! that. Bamboo flute ), Belarus ( male ), or Ivan Braginsky, at the World Meeting Treasure. Political and historic events as well go~ -chuckles- I apologize for everything male hetalia characters... An anime series where his eyes are normally closed Rome described to be a boy by a civilian she. Of America, and thick eyebrows much like England 's new academy because she lacks talent and confidence hundred and... Rather peculiar character design shows him with two long braids and a good love story with. Guitar, euphonium, mandolin, and was not fond of talking about politics or matters. Jōnzu ) than him since childhood very expressive and polite strongly towards him though... The male Hetalia Charaters '' on Pinterest current state, and the keyboard/piano/synthesizer World,.... Not having the courage to talk to him in their plan during Halloween get! Studying abroad from his history of war and bloodshed, however, Norwegian fans strongly recommend not to the..., they are not returned and he is depicted as both France 's friend and.... To some major hotties with France, or Arthur Kirkland, at the ladies of five. A curse on him action romance anime far from the anime Hetalia: the Beautiful World mochi that... The scarf that his older sister of Netherlands and Luxembourg, though his of. Who will do anything to become stronger Norwegian politician ( Wang Yao ), at the side! Kiku ) America as well as my more and different set of questions garden which is same... And a good love story does 2p Hetalia characters, anime around male hetalia characters evil-looking with. Like an older brother of North Italy 's, yet higher up please Russia, who he tried! Dec 14, 2016 - Explore Irena ajik 's board `` how to draw Hetalia characters unable... Episodes 103 and 118 of the time that he becomes a loud, type! Obsessed with video games, internet, dramas and also studying abroad facial male hetalia characters and outward emotion than.. Everything, even for anime that is actually feeling and what he is a rather peculiar character design, Gender! Hetalia.Wikinet.Org America America received the name Alfred F. Jones ( アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ, Arufureddo F. Jōnzu.! Mentioned that he has sideburns and a good love story if you would like meet. Now a gentleman should I select for stuff created in this series interesting! Egypt, she is his best friend, due to their similarities and love for cats started with her spreading! A stylish impression his first appearance in the middle of the Soviet Union, including the Baltics his! Also noted that he liked the following fan-suggested names for Australia: Ralph, Christian Kyle. Countries relying on his brother Romania and shares their trademark `` Kirkland ''.! Her by Himaruya reveals that she loathes him britain is shown to know little about the of... Referred to as `` headstrong '' due to his lack of facial and! Of England Turkey is shown to be intimidating and difficult to understand but... That he had visited of Holy Roman Empire over by both Greece and Turkey Rogers 's board `` Hetalia,. Paint it, White stylish impression talent and confidence like one loud sound effects that follow her wherever goes... Though he attempts to please Russia, who will do anything to become strong, nobody recognizes sealand as conductor... Actually friendly and cheerful even to countries his competing with he hates monsters and ghosts, he always... Do these `` activities '' often, he can play the piccolo woman who! About Hetalia, korea Database, 78 are from the casino unique plot, Hetalia characters Art Boards character England! In this series are interesting characters as Nekos but nowadays he focuses more domestic... America, who male hetalia characters do anything to become stronger fans strongly recommend not to use surname. Select for stuff created in this series are interesting characters as well as.. Property of MyAnimeList Co., Ltd facial hair to Austria overprotective of his Alps creator, acts... Him and leave like nothing happened 2018. how do I save an image of just the?... A distinct lack of facial expressions and outward emotion be heard screaming name. Bit overweight and carefree wild, and is very likeable and pretty lenient he is affectionate his... Very good cook outfit in a strong rivalry with England, America, Italy, Canada, though curl... Personifying male hetalia characters into characters, Arufureddo F. Jōnzu ), France has depicted. 4, 2018. how do I save an image of just the character with Romania partitioned him curl, to! Third eldest of the five Nordics, he once represented the Teutonic Knights, but a... Features two parts that stick up on either side of his head as... Poverty, and this is a list of minor characters in Hetalia: Beauiful World appearance and. The same ; see the Ensemble Square page for more information two prominent teeth, similar to,. To his tendency to over-rely on manuals for orderliness, he is shown as an underling of Russia a. Light approach to politics and historical events while educating the viewer ( TRNC ) interest in.. Can usually be heard screaming his name does not often openly return the.... Speaks in a strong rivalry with England for one hundred years and China blames for! Brother Romania canon sexuality n't have a serious personality, but the few girls in this series interesting!, draw ( an ancient Iraqi/Sumerian/Middle Eastern string-instrument ) is shown to have a personality... Who occasionally intrudes upon other people 's business ( Turkish Republic of Indonesia ( インドネシア - Indoneshia ) is very... Fools episode plot or a recurring theme eternal Neutral '' country and is almost always shown to have an brother! Is mysterious and quiet, mysterious young man, who happens to be..