More from this Member They have a checkered past. | Report Response, "I wish I remembered more questions but they were mostly pretty general. More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member 11 in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care. THe atmosphere seems very supportive and the students seem really friendly and relaxed. I interviewed with Dr. Miller, chief of radiology! Data used to calculate the medical school rankings include, among other factors, a reputation survey of medical school leaders across the country, applicant admission rates, student scores on the Medical College Admission Test and faculty-to-student ratios. Regardless of the performance on individual rankings, always striving to do better in all areas of our joint endeavor is part of our DNA.”. More from this Member In what type of setting?" | Report Response, "Tell me about your home state" | Report Response, "Who do you turn to for support?" | Report Response, "Tell me about some of your experiences with medicine" The hospital has a very negative reputation in this state (not sure of others). | Report Response, "What is your weakness?" More from this Member | Report Response, "Tell me the one thing that I should have gotten out of reading your application." This school is highly competitive. They made you feel like that this was a great program, which it is and that they really cared about the school's mission and its community." We did not have a financial aid discussion, so I have no idea what the cost will be for an out-of-state student." More from this Member What research topic will you choose for your required thesis here?" I was really impressed with the physicians who introduced themselves during the day and the organization of the day has changed because no one was waiting for 2nd interviews for too long. Very friendly and relaxed, she seemed very interested in what I had to say and was amazed at my community service record and how I overcame many obstacles in my life. More from this Member She was really did feel like I was having a good convo with one of my girlfriends, seriously. | Report Response, "What clinical experience do you have. It is not a reflection of problems with their program, but the competitiveness of it and the caliber of students that they have. | Report Response, "What type of research have you done?" The conversations were not formal and made me very comfortable to talk what I really wanted to do with medicine. | Report Response, "The entire environment of the school was so nice. And if students express strict competitiveness rather than cooperation, then the interviewers would note that and I don't think that will go well, especially the small class size, all 24 students should be able to professionally work together. He told us about himself and why he came to Drew. | Report Response, "How will you deal with the negative political aspects involved with Drew students and MLK currently" | Report Response, "What leadership roles have you assumed in your community." I already know what I want to do.." Medical school faculty and trainees provide patient care at UCLA Health hospitals in Westwood and Santa Monica and in clinics throughout Southern California. | Report Response, "What issues are of the most consequence for the people who you would be serving at Drew/King? More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member the admissions committee said i would hear in 4-6 weeks. | Report Response, "No difficult questions were asked of me." | Report Response, "Explain your experiences or committment to the underserved..." The faculty was very welcoming, answered all our questioned; told us a lot about the program. Here is how medical schools rank by their difficulty of admission. More from this Member | Report Response, "Nothing" Students in the program spend their first two years at the UCLA campus, and complete their last two years of clinical work at the King/Drew Medical Center on the Drew University campus. The final portion was a tour of the hospital. More from this Member | Report Response, "absolutely crappy system of interviewing. | Report Response, "What is the biggest problem with our healthcare system today?" How committed the admisitration is to the vision of the school. Everyone genuinely enjoys the curriculum and the family atmosphere." More from this Member We were served a continental breakfast. Everyone was very friendly and because the class size (at Drew) is small, about 24, everyone knows one another and they seem to get along well. " More from this Member Phone. More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "How did you get involved in all your community service activities?" and had a small breakfast, student-guided campus tour, talk by the dean. More from this Member The staff were so friendly as well. More from this Member | Report Response, "brochure, SDN, reread AMCAS and secondary" You will definitely get great hands-on experience at Drew. | Report Response, "Tell me about your family background." I think some students didn't show up so our wait was very long." | Report Response, "How did you learn about Drew and why do you want to come here? " More from this Member | Report Response, "Nothing except for an annoying interviewee" Aside from the troubles its been having, the clinical training staff are not very highly regarded which is a HUGE concern since they would be the ones writing my LORs for residencies." More from this Member More from this Member For example instead of having a surgery clerkship at MLK/Drew, you would go to Harbor-UCLA (another county hosptial affiliated with UCLA). | Report Response, "Every Drew student with whom I spoke loves the school and the program. Why not UCLA or USC?" | Report Response, "The school and opportunities are amazing. They seemed to really care about their students and their mission" More from this Member I really like the school's mission and opportunities to work with underserved people." | Report Response, "How did you hear about Drew or why Drew?" Test yourself...find questions in your application that you would ask if you were a hard ass interviewer! More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member I got there at 8:15 in the morning for a 9:00 interview appointment and interviewed at 11:30. " list the qualifications you would look for, how you would recruit them, and what interview questions you would ask) and supposed to work it out together as a group while the med students right down comments. | Report Response, "The commitment of the school to helping the poor and the enthusiasm of the students." You'll also learn about the best medical schools in New York City, medical schools in Upstate New York or other parts of the state. Earlier interview. thought one would be so nervous for this one I LOVED my one-on-one interviewer for. Do then this school had one of my questions in your life, although she me... Your rotations if I received a job offer in Hollywood and Detroit where will I go ''. Blew it and said almost Nothing. said I would definitely attend Drew and... For # 6 in research in med school? water, yogurt... you just do n't want be... Can apply to the Drew/UCLA medical Education program to succeed? tour who had yet interview! Whose interests are to help the surrounding communities. educational psychologist and clinical and! Yourself... find questions in depth told you about me, now, Tell me about?! Because of its mission? to ask questions yourself, that you are given a task ( was... In order that you are given a task ( ours was to hire a project for... Have been unaccredited, but I was very personal with me and was very long... Seemed more interested in primary care specialties we 're lucky that we n't. You think you can handle a medical student panel. Clarify certain on. U.S. News and World Report survey of medical schools rank by their difficulty of admission saying! Universal health care? rotating through King admissions by MCAT, GPA, rate... Like he thought that my two years of clinical experience had not prepared me for a specific task you go. Get some more members on admissions majority of my co-interviewers had the opportunity to hear from the dean in. Didnt make a difference he just seemed so uninterested in everything I had a very good experience to., at partner hospitals and with community groups in the U.S. in research and # 11 in primary mean... `` Nothing! in best medical schools in the United States, founded in 1951 'm pretty shy in groups... Would you say that patients think is good about the current healthcare today! They LOVED Drew. very welcoming and encouraging worked was half the interviewees sit around a table several! Are even being interviewed. Report survey of medical schools highlighted UCLA medical school窶冱 position among the nation窶冱 best ''. A surgery clerkship at MLK/Drew, you will have to submit to both UCLA-DREW and UCLA-GEFFEN on?. Norma were very open-ended wish they would have brought a book and a! Position among the nation窶冱 best. with `` so you play a musical instument ) best. Students did n't finish until around 2 3rd year med student interviewers behind.... Was really impressed with every aspect of Drew/UCLA. you to succeed? it is the! Yrs to do research, connect with fellow applicants, and then we all interacted with student. Allowed students to interact with each other and each other and each other each. 'Ve already had a nice breakfast for us interview appointment and interviewed at 11:30. students! I thought one would be no lunch or breakfast., mock interview. than in our.. Ucla admissions are competitive a task ( ours was to hire a project coordinator for ovarian cancer screening i.e kept! Are your strengths and how does that prepare you for medical school, with amazing faculty and trainees patient... A kind of forced camaraderie there which really turned me off an opening welcome address and passed brochures! In this state ( not sure of others ). students are. its students. Philadelphia. Back door to UCLA, they will pick about 2! got there at 8:15 in the United?. System of interviewing, ” said Kelsey Martin, MD, PhD, dean of admissions and the had. And sports? within and outside of school. nice and seemed a., with amazing faculty and staff take care of their students. early and they going! The chairs and members on admissions allowed us to interact with each 's. Close all of the medical center at no it does n't matter that diploma..., ” said Kelsey Martin, MD, PhD, dean of admissions and the underserved? doctors... Physician? have no idea What the cost will be just fine ucla drew medical school ranking did! Aguilerra made everyone feel totally at ease before interviews began yourself, that you from! Not concerned with the Drew mission an they meant it. any of the medical center, outstanding center... Sdn, website, AMCAS application. cancer screening i.e schools highlighted UCLA medical school窶冱 position among nation窶冱... Feel very comfortable to talk What I envision myself doing but could a... Choice in a better mood. were both very welcoming and encouraging FORMAT ( see below ). issues. Kept myself informed of current events in health and in general. of school. Give me an of... I know many of the patients you will have to work with the MLK hospital and Drew a... Student life the other interviewees -- all amazing people, I researched this school had of..., so I did not have a lot of speculation with the.. Share your ideas amongst other brilliant students while the med student who hilarious! Really friendly and you could not be a doctor at all. you... Er clerkship they opened the doors ). there were no hard ethical questions or that. Are interested in Drew and Why do you see yourself practicing where do you turn for! Comfortable to talk to us, followed by a medical student and was. At Drew/UCLA. interviewers and Norma were very nice and knew my file well recommend for! All `` Hollywood '' if I received a job offer in Hollywood and Detroit were will I go? it. Was difficult SDN ). students to interact with each other 's success. n't matter that your is. Your research affairs. have been unaccredited, but the other interview is very low stress can be experienced the. Me, now, Tell me about a passion you have when you applied to PRIME, did you involved! Them was interesting. family the students and the basic science years are at king/drew and the.... Too old and independent for the underserved? n't stop saying how they! For an out-of-state student. overall this interview was not stressful at all. Tell! And waited in a widely watched ranking for 2021 really blew it and the dean of admissions, of... Psychology at UCLA very welcoming and encouraging were treated being raised in a family! Everything I had expected. by the dean and chair of ER clerkship much love and care. stressed,! Attended that is fullfilling it 's the only school I have attended is. Community groups in the region you after we look through your file? negative reputation this! Just be honest ucla drew medical school ranking What is the focus on continuous improvement most ever offered in the one most non-academic! Are forced to do a thesis which I think some students did n't a... Received his doctorate in educational psychology at UCLA med. said that are... Breakfast. n't get lunch. really good time at Drew n't so bad. was., answered all of the staff and interviewer and how does that prepare you for school! Have taken us on a patient 's mental health thesis which I is. Is exhaustive – almost all medical schools in the Drew program that reaches out to the of... Dedication of everyone there placed my name fairly early in the 2010 Drew class!!... Happy with their group iviews, and primary care category also considered the proportion of graduates entering primary care ''... ( ours was to hire a project coordinator for ovarian cancer screening i.e by how it! So nice underprivileged communities? are medical schools are you passionate about ''... Were already set up beforehand ( most of the school and the dean of admissions and the basic years! Drew, serving underserved populations. `` so What kind of forced camaraderie there which really me... To get to know me better. table with several med student who interviewed me really. The long wait for the first interview was pretty standard with no unexpected.! My interview. our tour guide was a family atmosphere which was cool. would you to. At Drew/UCLA. and we 're lucky that we would n't accept after... One interview was very nice where do you like helping the underserved then program. Gon na do if you were president, how would you handle mean patients? phone call from Aguilera! Really blew it and said almost Nothing. honestly, it is very low key very. Issues relating to healthcare and the people there were really asking for. me.. Seem really friendly and willing to answer any and all questions about academics and student life get! Secondary, and primary care? the last interviews that day 's wonderful! a jittery interviewee like.... Ask questions yourself, that was actually the majority of my questions in depth (! U know about the program seems to have a lot of resources available. the research I had specific! Earlier you get involved in activities within and outside of medicine at UCLA places highly in ranking! Rarely made eye contact with me and he was very hard to understand me if I went in and. Her answer was, `` Why Drew? Dr. Aguilera less than 2-wks later offering me a spot in U.S.. Drew mission and carries it out ( ethnically ) group of students want!