Why Are Atheists Always So Pedantic?

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Atheists love claiming to be opened-minded and open to discourse, yet time and time again we find them nitpicking and trying to find folly in all matters of faith.

When they are challenged to think in a faith-based way, they hide behind ’empiricism’ or ‘the scientific method’. This fallacious way of existence consistently leads to their embarassment when they actually do engage in discourse, yet the assault upon reason and truth from them is unrelenting.

Take this example. Atheists recently nitpicked a American Version of the King James Bible to find this nice picture of Christ talking to his apostles. Instead of focusing on Christ being a man of the people, talking to fishmongers and boat captains, they instead try to make ridicule that Christ is wearing a cross on this picture:

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Pedantic atheists post a question: “I hate to be a stickler, but why is Jesus wearing a cross?” Instead of nitpicking the Bible and its visual aids, they could have come across the fairly easy answer: “Jesus is Omniscient and was using foreshadowing to help his apostles understand events that were coming to all their lives.”

The simple answer here is Jesus knew what was coming. He is omniscient and if he wanted, with just a wave of the hand he could have taken himself down off the cross, snapped his finger and wiped out every future atheist from the universe or just let things play out. The Lord gave mankind free will and chose option C, but as we see here gave them a bit of foreshadowing to help them in their own personal journey.

Why? It fails the mind of those who don’t embrace the love of faith, but all lives matters. It is something Christians and Republicans have repeatedly tried to tell the liberal masses. “All Lives Matter”, but much like this lesson, it falls on deaf ears and is met with contempt. The apostles here would eventually tie it all together. “Hey, Paul, remember that giant T that J.C. always used to wear?” ‘Hah, yeah, Judas, I remember. I think he was trying to tell us something about that crucifixion and that everything is going to be okay.” “Yeah, let’s go check out his tomb tomorrow.”

And from there, we all know the rest. The apostles were met with a story of divine glory, one they were inspired by and sowed the seeds to Christianity as we all know it, where ✟ is the universal symbol that instantly recognized by all.


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