Why Do Cats Have SLits In THeir Eyes?

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Cats. Just their slinky, sneaky way of entering a room can make the moral soul shudder. Cats have long been associated with the occult and dark mystics throughout human history, so it should come as no surprise they hold dark rank even in our modern society.

In every tongue, the translated word of CATS always stands for something sinister. In the American dialect, the acronym CATS means Carnal Animal Transmits Satan. In ancient Egypt, cats were called ‘mau’. This roughly translated to something similar, ‘Malevolent Animal Unleashed’.

Whatever the time and tongue, be it from the cat familiars who licked down the blood of the innocent with Vlad Tepes (aka, The Dracula – The Son of Satan), through the times of Salem witchcrafts, to the modern worship today by atheists, gay men and frumpy young women, cats always have a taste for destruction, your blood and your immortal soul.

Friends, make no mistake. The housecat is always sizing you up, lusting for the power to one day entrance you with Toxoplasmosis infection and as you sit like a victim of Hannibal Lecter, being slowly eaten up, the cat will use its Satanic mews (also maus in ancient Coptic) and then when your soul is on its last leg, look you into the eye with its secret weapon: the tiny slit in its eyes.

Anyone who has seen a cat at night time knows it is one of the rare animals whose soul glows yellow with energy demonic at night. A bright blaze of witch light yellow or toxic green, a cat will stare into your soul. The cat eye is one of the most complex mechanisms on Earth and was clearly engineered by the devil himself. It can channel the photonic energy of hell and shoot it straight through to your soul to demoralize you and make you do things that worship the Dark Lord.

Egypt fell because it reached a point to where there was a house in every household. Europe almost fell to death and illness during the ‘Dark Ages’, all because cats become too wirdespread. Cat apologists will try to rewrite history and claim only Dracula and mice were to blame, but the truth is what we all know: cats are dark, dangerous and delighted to entrance you for their eternal lord, Beelzebub.


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