Pokemon Go Player Is Threatened At Gunpoint

Spread the Holy Word

Pokemon Go. An age-old game that has been around since the late 1980’s. The game has influenced all kinds of sinister things such as ‘Devil Metal’ ‘Ouji Boards’ and ‘Evolution’.

As we all know, the Pokemon games are terribly violent! Using creatures to battle only to rob the other player of their money and goods; Shameful! Violence has always been one of the main themes of the Pokemon games. Even some of the game’s titles such as Pokemon Black and Pokemon Blue.

Pokemon Black and Blue

Pokemon Go is no exception to this theme. A player was threatened at gunpoint for not following proper Pokemon Go protocol. Weekly Raids (Code for ‘Satanic Rituals’) are mandatory for players of the mobile game. Participation
in these Weekly Raids follows extremely strict rules and social Pokemon Go laws. However, this particular player was
stunned with absolute dread when his mobile device lost its charge and died.

The Grand Leader of the Weekly Raid caught word of this and (as the investigation concluded) walked over to the player and pulled a gun on them! No shots were fired, however, I’m positive the message got across to the player.

Pokemon Go Player re-enactment scene of the incident.

I leave you with this sincere bit of advice: Be weary and take heed to anyone you may know whether it be acquaintances, friends, BFFs, or even family who may be lured into playing this dark and evil game!


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