Pokemon Go Player Uses Special Pokemon Ball To Summon Sinister Pokemon

Spread the Holy Word

The popular mobile game, Pokemon Go, has caused all sorts of problems worldwide. Problems such as low battery life on cell phones, overheating devices, exploding devices, and others. It’s absolutely shameful and just flat-out dangerous!

And, speaking of danger, a recent incident occurred where a Pokemon Go player caught, what they thought to be a rare Pokemon, and ended up being a sinister, demonic, and truly evil Pokemon of the Dark Lord himself; The Devil! The initial encounter was that of the Pokemon called, “Zorua”. This little cat Pokemon is truly frightening as it sports the Dark Lord’s colors of Red and Black. However, the true villain behind this incident is about to be revealed.

Satanic Zorua pokemon go 3
The Satanic Pokemon Zorua

The player used what the game calls a “Master Ball” to catch this “rare” creature. However, when the illusion of the Pokemon faded, it was revealed as a “Legendary” bird. The “Legendary” bird’s name was, ‘Moltres’ which means:

“A sinister aura that blazes like molten fire will consume the spirit of any creature it hits.” -The Pokemon Dictionary and Thesaurus.

The Demon Bird Moltres

It is also said that this Pokemon bird is a messenger for Satan to deliver his evil deeds through various tasks given to players of certain levels. I find it incredibly insulting that it rivals the bird of the Holy Spirit! It’s absolutely disgraceful!

I advise anyone who reads or notices the ongoings around them; to take heed and great caution around this specific Pokemon Go game!


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