God’s Got Me. Looking Forward to What’s Next.

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The world is in peril. Never before in the history of humanity have we fallen so low.

The liberal hoards are clamoring to take over our Democracy. They are standing unified. They believe things like workers deserve a living wage.

They balk at the idea a woman’s uterus is the property of not only herself, but her husband and her God. This fine nation –and all the lesser nations we protect– is straying from our responsibility to uphold a Judeo-Christian lifestyle and our Godly heritage.

In the world of politics, our good friend 45 is entrenched in spiritual warfare. In the world of lifestyle, sames of gender are allowed to be parents and raise a child to think as long as their lifestyle makes them happy, that is all that matters.

The Catholics are failing to shame people for thinking gay is okay. The Pope has declared the marriage of gays is a blessed institution.

Christians are no longer strong and hawkish. The Middle East freely bathes in oil and flaunts it in our face, their dictators having no fear that our warbirds and missles shall come screaming if they do not follow our commands.

Despite all these wories, I’m looking forward to 2024. God has let me stand up today. I am vertical and not laid 6 feet under. And therefore, much like you my good friends, I will stand and fight for what is right.

God’s Got Me. Looking forward to what is next.


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