Man Who Tried To Start American Civil War II Claims He Would Never Start World War III

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World War III and WWIII is trending yet again, this time because a man named Donald J Trump is using the Israel/Gaza conflict to prove…he wouldn’t start World War III himself.

For those who forgot, let us look at what happened the last days Trump was president:

Trump World War III Civil War II Insurrection jpg

The judicial system is still dealing out charges and convictions and Trump himself seems to be facing a few charges of insurrection and trying to undermine democracy vis-a-vis election interference. Though just in case his attempt to start Civil War II was not enough, let’s look at some other highlights:

When He Thought a ‘Virus’ Would Get Him, He Wore a Mask, Took Medicine and Received a Vaccine. When He Thought It Was Only Everyone Else At Risk, He Was Happy To Lie and Let People Die

Worked with Putin To Help Russia Invade Ukraine, Tried to Dismantle NATO So Russia Could Take Other Nations (Possibly Including France)

World War II Was largely fought on European land. And as such, it should come as no surprise that if there is to be a World War II, it would involve invasion of European land by an aggressor. Queue Trump, Putin and the Ukraine nation.

From CNN:

Trump Wanted Putin to Invade Europe jpg

Trump is facing a lot of jail time, and this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his legal ethics (hint: there are none). He will continue to lie and deceive until the day he finally passes from this Earth and has to go before God for judgment, and in all that, we can say he will need a lot of prayers for mercy on his soul. For the time being, however, do not fall for the charlatan ruse of him pointing the fingers, because if any one idiotic person would be the one to start World War III, the source of chaos is the guy named Donald Trump.


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