Marine Drill Instructor video on tiktok

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A marine drill instructor is a person who trains civilians to become one of the ultimate professions, a Marine. Marine drill instructors often take young men and women to deliver training at boot camp, a session of initial weedout training that can take 13 weeks to complete.

With the latest search interest in what marine drill instructors do and instruct, it indicates that many youth may now be looking for the discipline and offers joining the Marine Corp can bring into their lives. The skills of course are lifetime as well as the status of Marine once enlisted. Youth tend to find instruction on discipline, quickly going from a life that may not have such rigor built into it. Skills on executing orders, speaking as appropriate and maintaining uniform are entry skills taught by marine drill instructors.

Is a career in the Marines right for you? If you can handle the Marine Drill Instructors wake up call, you may have what it takes:


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