Vile TikTok Video Rumors Claim Bishop TD Jakes a Power Bottom With Diddy

Spread the Holy Word

Crazed TikTokers and other people on social media are giddy today with new vile rumors that beloved Bishop TD Jakes is a power bottom and allegedly had gay relations with rap mogul Diddy Sean Puffy Combs. These social media pharisees claim that the burner phone of a woman named Kim Porter has all of the evidence.

These blatant excited attacks are all just rumors and patently not proven, not true and evidence of how the Devil uses social media to try to destroy faith, family and humanity’s future. Look at this mess, the video ‘comment ‘ is in this link where all the sinners are reveling and ‘praying it is true’:[0]=AZVRI_NTPRUQJ4qvZ5V-lXstsAlSCxXWdpkeoCZrz3RT0233tRcKEDAgIur4xABDhsdx4xa9iVlek0qwErA9wGGhGYd6CBtg4J_XmLKUYCdyC0qAS5GpFbjnAPyWysUeejg&__tn__=R]-R


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