Women Are Complaining About Au Natural “Sweaty Bum” Making Man Late For His Date

Women are once again on the attack against all things testosterone and manhood, this time using their wordsmithing to make suffer a poor innocent man who suffered a bit of hyperhidrosis.

In the UK, the pejorative term ‘sweaty bum’ is synonymous with ‘swamp ass’ in the United States. It is a term that new-age women have come up with to describe the natural musk a man makes when he is in his natural element. In nature, a man’s musk is his trademark, his divine heritage used to mark new territory and let criminal elements know that a home or woman is under his protection.

But as we can see in this lifestyle piece by the Mirror, the secretions of masculinity are being made into a mockery.

The article from the mirror refers to a poor man named Donald who was apparently ‘minging’, which is a fancy word for accusing the natural musk a man makes for being stinky.

Now while cologne and hygiene is important, a man is allowed to be primal when dancing. A woman’s perfume and hygiene should be able to compensate when the male body encounters times it exudes more sweat. If not, it is not incumbent upon the man to make up for the scent shortfall. The onus always falls upon the gentler of the species.

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Sherwood Bynum
Sherwood Bynum
16 days ago

The modern woman’s nose isn’t being properly conditioned to a man’s true testosterone and scent. Shame on this Ariane Sherine gal in that Mirror piece, though if she’d give me a holler I cannot say I wouldn’t mind a chance to discuss over tea. A right looker.

Last edited 16 days ago by Sherwood Bynum
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