Is Exotic Jason Mamoa Setting Unreasonable Health and Beauty Standards for Men?

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jason mamoa

Jason Mamoa gains unfathomable fame and fortune through daily advertisements of his gleaming pecs, deep broody eyes and surfer wet voice to women worldwide.

His brand of brawn and exotic mysticism leaves women and even some men moist and confused, seeking to get secret thoughts of his always somehow wet body into their daily fantasies and dreams. Even worse he is freshly divorced and giving off pheremones not encumbered by nagging or estrogen.

When women start normalizing Mamoa as a standard, they start to laugh at their husbands and boyfriends. If a man is nothing short of Poseidon wielding his massive trident, they think he is lesser and not worthy of their time and energy.

Men, especially husbands, constantly face impossible standards of beauty and body that they feel pressured to meet. These standards are only exacerbated when they click onto social media to see men in same-sex marriages parading around in Cabo, with their Mamao-light physiques prancing about under the Sun.

They can hear and see women giving commentary, “Oh, if only he played for the other team” right in earshot and it erodes their confidence. The same is true whenever that Uncle Jesse from Full House, his head of hair only growing more glorious with age as his face grows more rugged and timeless like a Greek statue, or how about that damned George Clooney or any other similar celebrity that has women swooning, grace social media with picture post.

But like all pantheons, there is a chief god and in the world of celebrities and female crushes it seems Jason Mamao is the kingfish as of late. Women lust for him and fantasize over him. His dating resume includes the like of Lisa Bonet, a woman whose beauty shouldn’t be possible outside a painting. He casually moved on from her and had actresses like the Mother of Dragons and more gleamy eyed before his throne, talking more about his character than his lion’s mane hair and beard.

Then there is the issue of the tattoos. While they seem to dance on his bulging muscles with every movement, most husbands are left with a beer belly borne of working a 9 to 5, a testosterone leaching nag fest from his wife when he gets home and exhaustion perfected by the demands of the kids. Women don’t see any of these things and just make their husbands feel insecure, until the point he finds himself on Temu one night looking for thongs and setting up the embarrassing display in this lead image.

It is time for Jason Mamoa to be accountable and stop flexing himself all over social media and making husbands feel insecure to the point of tears. It is one thing for the likes of Terry Crews to go around gyrating is man tams in women’s faces, but at least he doesn’t have the audacity to do THIS:

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