What Happens When A Woman Discovers The Bible And Reads It?

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Ther eis nothing better than a woman who is in Love with the Lord. Look at how the holy evolution works froma sinner woman to one who loves her savior (aside from the tight pants, but a work in progress is better than the Jezebel tattle stormy daniels on the right).

But beauty is beyond the surface and let us see what other things happen to the female’s default nature when you warsh her in the words of the Lord and bathe her soul in holiness.

1 . The women will stop being a Jezebel

As mentioned in the intro in this lesson, a woman’s default nature is Jezebel. They cannot help them. Somewhere in the human body, a double X chromsome patten breeds iniquity, trickery and lusts of sin. This is what blindsided Adam and God himself in the Garden of Eden. The Lord asked of Adam, “Adam, why are you hiding your holy body behind the leaves of the trees? It was because Eve tricked Adam into dallying her. By default, every woman on Earth has a Lillith urge to be a tempstress. Women feel an intense power over man when they can force him to spill his seed of life. Marriage or other loyalty acts matter not (why so many women cheat).

2. Her Fashion and Hygiene will improve

If you notice that your woman in life is not always so fresh down there, your instinct may be to call her OB/GYN to demand if she’s been cheating or at least consult with your pastor on how best to handle her situation down there.

There is a concept called ‘maintenance healthcare’ and ’emergency healthcare’. What the Bible provides is the opportunity for you to help your woman learn the ways of pureness and do ‘maintenance healthcare’. Every day, a woman should treat her tender gardens and its fertile temple of life with respect. A gentle cleansing, a perfuming with frankincense and myrhh, and to shave the unnatural hairs down there to the level you deem acceptable. If she’s failing these things, she’s a wild witch woman or a no-shave legs hippie. None of them are known for worshiping the lord or their love for smelling fresh.

3. She Looks Genetic Feminine

We are all aware of the Golden Girls and its famous attempts to turn men and women gay. The Chief Scoundrel of the show, a suspiciously broad, iron-faced and tenor voiced person named Bea Arthur was the ring leader. She always had that acerbic New York bad attitude, making fun of people from small towns and looking down her nose at people in normal relationships like the lovely Rue McClelahan.

Bea Arthur always looked like a fraternity on Halloween: skirts revealed no subtle curves, pantyhose and heels a hilarious obstacle and no subtle movements of hand or arms. If even the Golden Girls would read their bibles, or their antithesis plastic forms named the Kardiashian Girls, they would not look so far left field. They use their extreme looks to hook men into confusing homosexual tendencies or thinking obscene curves are what nature intended, but as we can see in the final image, a true woman has a few good qualities:

  • Hair Frazzled from a day of hard work
  • Dress skit/pants patched, from staying on her knees in for hours in labor and servicing you and your home however is needed.
  • Muted colors so as not try attracting new mates
  • Carrying Bible firmely. This is so she can excitedly share the scriptures she was able to read with you and ask you to interpret them, or help with the harder words in the King James Version.

4. Less Catty and Naggy

Any experienced man knows that after a woman settles into your home, she gets catty. She gets petty and naggy. If she is not sitting on a couch, eating bon bons, gossiping with a neighbor and plotting on the milk boy while you work all day with your hands she is not happy. Remember, Eve gave her those genes to not be a good person. Original Sin. Learn what that means because it tells you why women in Hebrew translates to WoeMan “Woe of Man” because Adam asked for the trojan horse int he first place.

That said, a woman who reads her Bible on the regular quickly learns the truth: a woman who stays in silence and in quiet thoughts on the word, and then gently approaches her husband, is a happy woman. Look at how the quiet dreamboat Melania keeps quiet and waits for the truth to come forth from her husband’s mouth. She too went from being a Jezebel to a respectful woman of the word as shown the the illustration.

5. Stable and Compliant

A woman who reads her Bible will be stable and compliant. When you demand she unlock her phone and show your her texts, she will have already set the passcode to a number you easily remember to show loyalty. She may even set the biosecurity to your fingerprint so only you can unlock her phone when you give permission. Though a sweet gesture, that could be a double-edged sword to get your prints in a directory where they plan to ID us of faith and lock us up in Gitmo one day.

A stable and compliant woman will not give headaches when it is time to do her duty. 2 am ‘Yes honey!’ 3 am ‘I have prepared the marital bed and am laying flat as instructed my dear husband’. There is consistency and the time when the angels of rrepro whisper for you to fulfill your destiny and purpose, she is there to receptacle as what her ancestor Eve should have been doing instead of being a tempstress using unnatural parts of the body and sin tainted apples to get Adam to be wild.

A stable and compliant woman is easy to get along with. She will agree with these words if she is reading her Bible. If she is upset, sorry, you have an atheist Jezebel or at worst Lilith hippie firebrand looking to get her nextg fix of endless debauchery at the next ‘desert burn event’.


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Sherwood Bynum
Sherwood Bynum
5 months ago

This is a tough call. Is the one on the far left the non-Bible one? That physicality and dress is easy on the eyes. Who would want the far right over that? She looks like she’s on her way to the nunnery and I do mean the not fun variety of nunnery.

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