Do Women Still Have a Moral Obligation To Shave When Their Boyfriend or Husband Commands?

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Husband is visibly nauseated and shocked as he instructs his wife on how to shave her manlegs.  The unkempt forest can breed harmful bacteria, bankrupt a man's authority and fill the house with unbridled estrogen sweats.
Figure 1.1: Husband is visibly nauseated and shocked as he instructs his wife on how to shave her manlegs. The unkempt forest can breed harmful bacteria, bankrupt a man’s authority and fill the house with unbridled estrogen sweats.

Since the time of Adam, any man who has reached veteran status in relationships with women knows one truth: women are masters of the bait and switch.

Nowhere is this topic more prevalent than the issue of shaving. Sure, Eve may have had a decent excuse to not shave every day. There was not shaving cream back then. Gilette did not have razors to assure that annoying chaffing stuble did not grow back. But still, there was nothing a sharp granite rock and a reflective pool of water couldn’t fix. But her daughters, do they have such excuses?

The modern woman will tell you ‘No’ and even dare think they have no accountability on the issue of shaving. The modern woman will deceive men, showing up to dates and even the honeymoon with her arms and legs nicely shaved as the Lord intended. It is said cleanliness is next to Godliness, but what could be less Godly worse than a woman letting the musks of sweaty estrogen soak all into her body hair and then letting that percolate and waft into the air?

Women will start to trickle truth their true passion and intent to shaving. First, it will be waking up to man legs intertwined with yours, shock and horror temporarily filling your heart when you wake up and see Sasquatch attached to your lady’s pretty toes and feet. Some men report women will start growing chin hairs and even stubble, refusing to Nair it off or seek emergency counsel from a PCP to stop the growth. They expect this to become normalized. Let us not even talk about the shock of seeing a cutie woman at the gym and making a pass. “Hey, I see you lift. Wanna grab a protein shake and chat a bit.” “Tee-hee, sure,” she will say, before reaching back to flirtatiously rub her neck and then reveal ‘Underarm Hairs’, an ultimate betrayal of gym etiquette and leading a man on under false pretenses.

A man is meant to be hairy, it is allowed. The scents of testosterone are strong and proud. Much like the mighty male lion of the African plains, the hairy mane is a symbol of prosperity, rugged territorial ownership and stability of his nuclear family. A lioness proudly keeps her mane shorn lest she faces excommunication from the pride, cast out for not showing piety and femininity.


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Do women have a right to attend the gym without shaving or even more shocking, give up shaving during a marriage or dating. The new millennials are pulling a Mary Tyler Moore and making a power move to suggest that yes, men no longer have authority to tell a woman to shave her arms, legs and secrets.

But this day and age, women argue against a man’s authority over her body and correct opinion on what fits the female best. When woman was created, she was created of the rib of Adam. This naturally gives men a birthright to make final decisions on what makes the most sense from women: in a way, men are just asserting the final say on what was borrowed from them, our DNA.

Modern women must be made to shave. If a woman were to show up to the workplace without showering for a month, the horrors of whatever monthly horrors take place in her whatevers and beyond, no one would bat an eye in saying she must override and stay kempt. Shaving falls into line with this.

So, do women still have a moral obligation to shave when their boyfriend or husbands command? The answer to this question has been proven to yes in this essay.


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